Content Outline & Prep Materials for Rocky Mount’s Living History Tour. (4th grade example), Up to 80 students, 2 5 hour total visit time

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Content Outline & Prep Materials for Rocky Mount’s Living History Tour. (4th grade example), Up to 80 students, 2-2.5 hour total visit time.

Tennessee Arts Curriculum Standards accomplished on-site or with pre/post visit lessons:


    1. Examine improvised or scripted scenes through the appropriate historical context. ,

6.1  Explore other art forms as they contrast and/or relate to theatre.

6.2  Explore dramatic media as a forum for the syntheses of all of the arts.

6.4  Understand the role of the audience and demonstrate appropriate audience etiquette.

7.1  Respond to selected theatrical experiences.

7.2  Examine creative drama and formal theatre, film and multimedia productions.

Visual Arts

4.1 Explore the relationship of art from different cultures, times, and places.

4.2 Examine and demonstrate how culture, history, and art influence one another

6.2 Compare and discuss connections between visual arts and disciplines outside the arts.

Itinerary and Tour Outline

  • Introduction (in theater): Time- approx. 20 minutes

    • The entire group is introduced by the Education Director to Rocky Mount, its role in Tennessee’s history, as one of the first farmsteads in Tennessee, The Cobb-Massengill family who built the home of Rocky Mount, William Blount who lived with the Cobb Family in 1791 in essence making Rocky Mount the Capital of the Southwest Territory.

    • 8 minute introduction film presenting information of Rocky Mount, history of the Cobb/Massengills as part of the Watauga Settlements, their role in the American Revolution and development of the Southwest Territory and eventual statehood.

    • Introduction to First Person Interpretation, audience etiquette and artifact care/preservation while on the historic site.

  • Living History Tour (groups of around 10 students, traveling to the following stations, approximately 10-12 minutes in each station or around 1 hour in total) visiting the original log home of Rocky Mount and reproduction outbuildings. First Person Living History throughout.

    • Great Room. Interpreter (portraying Mrs. Cobb or other member of the family) shows the room, furniture and artifacts focusing on the room as entertainment, describing rituals such as teas, quilting, dancing and music of the 18th century frontier.

    • Bedchambers. Interpreter shows the two bed chambers, furniture and artifacts, describing Governor Blount’s visit, games and toys, toiletries, rituals of preparing for bed and for the day, and folk arts such as cornshuck dolls, weaving coverlets, etc.

    • Office- Interpreter describes politics, formation of SW territory, land surveying, money, travel, writing with a quill pen and porta crayon, William Blount (Governor of Southwest Territory) Daniel Smith (Secretary of Territory) and William Cobb.

    • Dining Room. Interpreter shows room and furniture and artifacts concentrating on description of foods, meals, dinner rituals.

    • Kitchen. Interpreter shows room, furniture and artifacts; discusses slavery, discusses and/or demonstrates food preparation, cooking on a hearth, herbs, washing dishes and related topics.

    • Weaving Cabin. Interpreter demonstrates traditional textile arts, flax and wool processing, preparing fibers, spinning, weaving and natural dyeing.

  • Museum Galleries (small groups or classrooms) 15-30 minutes, or teacher discretion.

    • Current exhibits on folk arts include Appalachian Basketry, Music in the Mountains, Ceramics and glassware, Quilts and Coverlets, Weaving & Spinning, Lathes and Woodworking.

    • Tennessee History exhibits include Tennessee Timeline, Early Settlement, Mary Patton- Powder Maker, State of Franklin, Governor Blount, and Agriculture in Tennessee.

    • American History Exhibits include Woodland Native Americans, American Revolution.

    • Science & Technology Intensive Exhibits include: Geology of Tennessee, Architecture of a log Cabin, Archeology, Dendreoarcheology, Early Medicine

    • Other exhibits of note, Conestoga Wagon, 1903 Surrey made in Bristol TN, Domestic Life, Farm Tools, Chamber Pots, Time keeping (clocks & watches), Early American lighting, Cobb & Massengill Family History.

  • Pre-visit and Post-visit Teacher guide & Student Activity book provided with confirmation packet for additional activities/lesson plans.

Download 28 Kb.

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