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Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

Overpopulation in cities and urban areas is a growing problem that governments and individuals have to take into account seriously. They should work together to reduce the inconveniences caused by it. This essay will examine what are the issues caused by overcrowding and discuss on solutions.

First of all, we can truly affirm that the first result of overpopulation in towns is without any doubts congestion and traffic jams which lead to serious pollution problems. Another inconvenience due to overcrowding is garbage from inhabitants. Many cities do not have the means to handle the charge of rubbish casting away by its habitants which lead to unclean cities.

The lack of decent accommodation is also a growing problem that cities must deal with. Many people are unable to find a place to live in which is a step back for cities’ development.

However and fortunately, if we sit down a minute to think about what each of us could do to tackle this problem it is not hard to find a solution. Individuals should use public transports as often as they can rather than using their own car and the government should build more roads and improve public transportation to address this issue.

To handle the garbage flowing in streets they should sort out rubbish they throw away. For accommodation problems, the poorest should establish the sharing flats system. The government can expand the area and can help building more building to handle the accommodation issue.

On its own side, governments might set a tax for car owners and develop public transports back with the earned money. For a cleaner city, they should create advertisements in order to educate its people about what to do with rubbish and give a fine to someone spotted for throwing a paper, rubbish or dust in the street. Finally, to overcome the accommodation problem governments should build more infrastructures for people in need.

To sum up, we all know that these problems are worrying and growing but if every one of us thinks about what they can do to make it better. I am sure that these issues could be solved.
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