Community Clothing Resources

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Community Clothing Resources
Salvation Army at 339 W Broadway, 549-0710, has a free coat voucher program and a thrift store to check out.
On Tuesdays from 10am-2pm the Bethel Community Church, 1601 South 6th Street West, 721-2780, has a free Clothing Closet with items for the whole family that’s worth checking out. 
The Poverello Center at 535 Ryman, 728-1809, has a free clothing room (mostly adult clothing) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-2pm. 
The Christian Life Center has a Food and Clothing Pantry at 3801 Russell, 542-0353, and is another option.
Missoula 3:16 at 506 Toole Ave, 542-5240, has clothing to give out occasionally, so it could be worth a call to check.
Also, at Big Sky High School, 3100 South Ave. West, they have a thrift store called, the Eagle’s Nest in which if you call LanAnn at 728-2400 ext. 8627 and inform her that I sent you, Amanda Dellwo FIT Coordinator at Chief Charlo, she will let you shop and you will NOT have to pay for the items you find (in moderation)!  This is a great, free option and they have a lot so hopefully you can find items for the whole family there.
You should definitely check out the Missoulian Newspaper for free stuff, as well as Missoula Craigslist under free stuff at . 
River of Life Church, in East Missoula, 4007 Highway 200 East, 282-1765, has a free clothing program. You must call and set up an appointment first.
You can also call 211 (also known as First Call for Help) and check with them because when you call, they can put you in touch with some churches that may be able to assist as well.  Basically, when you call, let them know what your needs/wants are and they should be able to refer you to specific churches, additional organizations.
You can look at wanted/offered free items with FreeCycle at . 
Also, the YWCA has two thrift stores called Secret Seconds. One of the stores is at 920 Kensington (1 block north of Brooks on the corner with Stephens), 541-3210 and the other is located at 1136 Broadway Ave, 549-1610. You will not be able to get free clothing, but they have fairly priced items and usually a good amount in stock.
Goodwill, another thrift store at 2300 Brooks, 549-6969, is cheaper option. Again it will cost some, but they have a great selection of clothing and it’s pretty cheap.
Pass It On Missoula is also a community thrift store at 2426 W Central Ave, 274-6430, that has some great deals.

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