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Make a good first impression

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Make a good first impression.

  • Make a good first impression.
  • Come in with enthusiasm and show you are excited to be there.

"Hi everyone. Just let me put my things down here and we'll get started."

  • "Hi everyone. Just let me put my things down here and we'll get started."
  • "Morning. Not many people here yet? / Where is everyone?"
  • "Okay everyone, file in quietly and take a seat please
  • "Hi. Come in. Take a seat/ Sit anywhere you like "
  • "Please put your bags on your pegs/ in your desks/ on the back of your chairs/ on the stage/ in a pile by the door/ "
  • We're going to do pairwork, so you need to sit closer to each other
  • "Can the last person in close the door?"
  • "Please stop talking and be quiet" / "(Can everyone please) settle down so we can start."
  • "Okay, I'm glad you're excited, but let's calm down a little, shall we?"
  • "I'm still hearing some noise at the back"/ "What's going on back there?"
  • "We have the same thing every week. What am I waiting for?... For you to be quiet, that's right."
  • "They'll be plenty of time for speaking once the class has started."

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