Classification of pedagogical values

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Socio-pedagogical values function in various social systems, manifesting themselves in public consciousness. This is a set of ideas, perceptions, norms, rules, traditions that regulate the activities of society in the field of education.
« Classification of pedagogical values».

Personal pedagogical values act as social and psychological formations, which reflect the goals, motives, ideals and other worldview characteristics of the teacher's personality, which in their totality make up the system of his value orientations.

Group pedagogical values are a set of ideas, concepts, norms that regulate and direct pedagogical activity within the framework of certain educational institutions.

The totality of such values is holistic in nature, has relative stability and repeatability.

L-12 Answers the questions

  1. Give a definition of pedagogical values and describe them?

1.Pedagogical values are norms that regulate pedagogical activity and act as a link between shared values and the values that are formed among learners.

With the change in social living conditions, the development of the needs of society and the individual, pedagogical values are also transformed. So, in the history of pedagogy, changes are traced that are associated with the change of scholastic theories of teaching to explanatory-illustrative and later to problem-developing ones. Strengthening democratic tendencies led to the development of non-traditional forms and methods of teaching. Subjective perception and appropriation of pedagogical values are determined by the richness of the teacher's personality, the direction of his professional activity.

  1. Why is education a universal value?

2. No one doubts the recognition of education as a universal human value today. This is confirmed by the constitutionally enshrined human right to education in most countries. Its implementation is ensured by the education systems existing in a particular state, which differ in the principles of organization. They reflect the ideological conditioning of the initial conceptual positions.

The implementation of certain values leads to the functioning of various types of education.

The first type is characterized by the presence of an adaptive practical orientation, that is, the desire to limit the content of general educational training to a minimum of information related to ensuring human life.

The second one is based on a broad cultural and historical orientation. With this type of education, it is envisaged to obtain information that will certainly not be in demand in direct practical activities. Both types of axiological orientations inadequately correlate the real capabilities and abilities of a person, the needs of production and the tasks of educational systems.

  1. What personal and pedagogical values of teachers are more important to you?

3. In addition to the wonderful qualities mentioned in the report, I appreciate the sincerity, patience, culture (behavior) of the teacher, the ability to observe the child .
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