Choice mini-Grant Funding Request

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CHOICE Mini-Grant Funding Request




To provide mini-grant funding for programs and projects offered by agencies, organizations, community groups, or individuals providing services and resources for our community are in fulfillment of the goals and objectives of the Measure O Transaction and Use Tax Ordinance, and the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership (“The Partnership”).

Funding Amount:

The maximum allowable grant award is up to $5,000. Agencies may only apply once per fiscal year. Applications are accepted year-round, and funding is offered until available grant funds have been exhausted within the City of Santa Rosa’s current fiscal year from July 1 – June 30. Funding will not be awarded for costs incurred prior to the grant award. Note: Services funded by Measure O must be provided within the city limits of the City of Santa Rosa or must serve Santa Rosa residents.

Matching Funds: All grant award recipients are strongly encouraged to include a match (cash or in-kind).

Funding Requirements:

  • Applications will be considered based on the degree to which the program or project aligns with one or more of the goals and objectives outlined in The Partnership’s Strategic Plan (the plan can be found at

  • Funded programs or projects must serve the populations identified in Appendix B.

  • Funds must be used for costs directly associated with the program or project (i.e. training, materials, supplies and equipment) and cannot be used towards indirect and/or ongoing costs (i.e. ongoing staffing costs, furniture, fundraising, and rent).

  • If awarded, the program or project funded by the mini grant must be completed within one year of the date of the award letter.

  • If awarded, a final report and photos highlighting the outcomes of the program must be submitted to The Partnership within 30 days of program or project conclusion. See Appendix A for the final report template. The City reserves the right to use photos, quotes, and/or testimonials to promote The Partnership.

  • To view examples of previously funded mini grants, please visit

Eligibility: (Note: awarded agencies/organizations will be required to submit a new or updated W9)

  • Agencies or organizations that have not submitted a successful mini-grant application within the same fiscal year. Agencies or organizations may only be awarded once per fiscal year.

  • Mini grants are intended to be awarded once for the same purpose. Agencies or organizations may submit an application for the same program or project as long as the purpose of the funding is different from a previous mini grant award.

  • Community-based organization (with 501(c3)) or public organizations, including school districts.

  • Individuals or community groups that are working with a non-profit, public institution, or private corporation that serves as their fiscal agent (manages the grant money and reporting activities).

Application and Review Process:

  • Each application must include a completed application form and narrative. Narrative and budget must not exceed three pages and should be in a 12-pt font with 1.5-line spacing and 1” margins. All applications must be submitted to Serena Lienau, Program Analyst, at

  • A committee consisting of 4-5 City Staff, Police, and a representative from the Policy Team will review applications. A determination letter will be sent to the applicant outlining the committee’s decision, funding amount (if any), and next steps (as applicable). Applications may be awarded full, partial, or no funding.

  • Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Applicants should be aware that the City will typically approve or deny the application within 30 days of submission.

  • The City reserves the right to waive minor defects or follow up with the applying organization for minor clarifications and application modifications.

  • The City reserves the right to award funding for applications which, in its sole judgment, best meets the needs of the City.

Selection Criteria:

The Partnership will be looking for program or project applications that:

  • Have a clear program or project description and focus;

  • Identifies clear and reasonable outcomes to be achieved by the program or project;

  • Addresses a gap and/or community need by a program or project that is not being served by current CHOICE grantees;

  • Fulfills the goals and objectives of the Measure O Ordinance and The Partnership’s Strategic Plan; and

  • Demonstrates capacity building for the organization to deliver ongoing services to our community (i.e. training/conferences for staff or individuals served by the program, equipment, supplies, etc.).

Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership

Mini-Grant Application Form

Applicant Information:

Name of Agency:

Name of Program or Project:

Amount requested:


Agency Tax ID #:

Agency Mission:

Agency Website:

Contact Information:






Funding Request and Budget:

Provide an itemized program budget and delineate what will specifically be funded with CHOICE mini grant funding. Include any matching costs and source(s) of funds.



Mini Grant

Matching Funds

Budget Narrative and Source of Funds

(please describe the use of the funds and include the source of matching funds, and whether cash or in-kind)


Application Narrative

Provide a description of the overall program or project administered by the agency or organization and clearly articulate the specific purpose of the mini grant request. The narrative may not exceed three (3) pages in a standard 12-point font with 1” margins and 1.5-line spacing.
Section One: Description of Program or Project

  1. Describe the program or project, including the served population(s), ages, timeframe, and location.

  2. Describe how the program or project contributes to the City of Santa Rosa’s youth and gang violence prevention and/or intervention efforts? Include how the program or project aligns with The Partnership’s Strategic Plan.

Section Two: Mini-Grant Request

Clearly state the purpose of the specific component of the program or project to be funded by the mini grant and why it is needed, and include the following:

  1. Projected number of people served

  2. Specific date(s) of component to be funded, including date of completion

  3. How will the mini grant funding benefit the program or project and target population?

  4. What outcomes are expected? Include how the outcomes will be measured.

Appendix A

Final Report Template
Per the requirements of the mini grant, a final report is required within 30 days of completion of the program or project.  The final report should be a maximum of three (3) pages, 1.5 line-spacing, in a standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri). Please include 2-3 photos. The City reserves the right to use photos, quotes, and/or testimonials to promote The Partnership.
Please submit the final report, match documentation, and invoice to Serena Lienau ( within 30 days of the conclusion of the program or project funded by the mini grant program. Below are the requirements for the report.

Program Narrative: Provide a narrative about the program or project and include the following.

  • Numbers of participants and location(s) served

  • What was accomplished with the funding

  • Highlight any successes, challenges, and lessons learned

  • Include 1-2 quotes and/or testimonials from participants served by the program

Outcome Results

  • List the outcomes identified in the mini grant application, indicating the results and source of measurement, and discuss the degree to which the desired outcomes were met or unmet

Final Budget Summary

  • Describe how the funds were used and how they benefited the program

  • Include the actual expenditures for the mini grant award as compared to the approved budget

Appendix B

The Partnership Populations
The Partnership focuses on providing services for youth ages 0-24, and their family, exhibiting the escalating risk factors defined below that lead to youth and/or gang violence. The mini grant program uses common definitions for participants. The following categories are designed to help describe services delivered to participants residing in Santa Rosa and are not intended as “labels” or exclusionary definitions.
Definitions of Populations:

  • Demonstrates early signs of academic and school attendance issues

  • Resides in high-need/gang impacted neighborhood

  • Exposure to childhood trauma

  • Comes from low-income family


  • Self-identifies with a gang (i.e. tattoos, clothing, peers)

  • Has been arrested or had contacts with law enforcement

  • Regular alcohol/drug use

  • Low level of “protective” factors and support


  • Has been involved in gang activity

  • Uses violence as a method to resolve conflict

  • Come from multi-generational gang family

  • Has been incarcerated in juvenile hall, jail or prison

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