China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (ccpit) 2009 Preface

China Plastic Trading Town-Lecong, Guangdong

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8.6 China Plastic Trading Town-Lecong, Guangdong

Guangdong Lecong plastic market initiated from 1990s as one of the earliest plastic specialized markets formed spontaneously. At that time, plastics business mainly focused in Tengchong with only scattered berths. There were only over 80 business merchants around 2000 with mere influence. In 2002, under the support and guidance of Lecong government, guerilla-like plastic companies reorganized to be a group army. Led by Lecong government in the same year, the original Defu Furniture World was conversed to Lecong Defu Plastic Market for centralized operation and intensive development. Plastic companies increased to more than 300 after several months.

With ten years' operation, Lecong Plastic Market has established good customer foundation and business creditworthiness and outstood from domestic market. At present, Lecong Plastic Market covers a total area of over 600,000 m². There are over 600 companies and berths with an annual trading capacity of more than 2 million tons. The market has made great contribution to promoting market rational allocation rate of plastic material resources in Guangdong and even China and promoting balanced development of plastic processing industry. With the top total area, scale and sales volume in China, Lecong Plastic Market is among the largest plastic raw material distributing center and logistics center. Its sales network covers the whole country. There is a saying Lecong means plastics in south China. Currently, Lecong Plastic Market ranks first in plastic material trading volume. Its price quotations have become the policy making basis for the business insiders. The market is an important barometer of plastic industry in south China and the whole country. In October 2006, Lecong won the honorable title of China Plastic Trading Town issued by China Plastics Processing Industry Association Expert Group after assessment. Lecong plastic trading had opened a brand new era. The region brand gave rise to qualitative promotion.

8.7 China City of Hardware-Yongkang, Zhejiang

Located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, Yongkang City covers a total area of 1,049 square kilometers. Upgraded from a county, it now administers ten towns and economic development zone with 560,000 resident population. The city enjoys a very advanced and modern transportation network including Jinwen railway (from Jinzhou to Wenzhou), Jinliwen expressway, and 330 national highway. In this place in history, Ding was casted the Yellow Emperor; sword was forged in the Spring and Autumn Period; bow was created in Han Dynasty; bronze gun was made in Tang Dynasty. Yongkang is a hardware distributing center well-known at home and abroad. There is an old saying that hardware artisans go here and there and bring Yongkang hardware craft to everywhere. Yongkang has a long history of hardware dating back to the Yellow Emperor time, 5000 years ago. The Yellow Emperor lived on Shicheng Mountain in the south of current Yongkang. He made pills of immortality and casted the Yellow Emperor Ding. Since that time, smelting was planted as a seed in Yongkang till now. In Song Dynasty, there were a lot of coppersmith, blacksmith and tinsmith who traveled extensively. During the early days since foundation of P.R.C., 20,000 Yongkang artisans made a living on both sides of the Yangtze River and the Great Wall.

Yongkang industry is very developed. Non-public economy, including self-employed business and private sector, is vital and accounts for 9/10 of the overall economic aggregate. A modern industrial system is basically formed covering extensive fields, mainly entered in hardware, machine, trolley, diesel engine, electric tools, weighing apparatus, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, automobile fitting and motor fitting, household appliance and refined chemistry. China Science and Technology Hardware City has become the largest hardware distributing center with various functions and strong radiation ability. It will be the R & D and pilot base of China hardware science and technology, hardware product information center and technology exchange center. Hardware Science and Technology Industrial Park under construction will energize Yongkang economic surge.

The numbers and gross output of hardware mechanical enterprises account for over 80% in Yongkang. Hardware products reach 20000 (among which foreign exchange export products 1200) such as electric tools, hardware for daily use, construction and home use, hardware tools, garden instrument. It is well stocked with all kinds of things ranging from automobile, agricultural vehicle, walking tractor, and motor, to spoon, water faucet, vacuum cup, scooter and serial tableware. They are popular with customers at home and abroad for high quality, low price, beautiful appearance and utility. Some have become knockout products with regional features and enjoy high reputation in domestic and foreign markets, such as security door, electric tool, derivative agricultural transport trolley, copper product rolling, steel drum packing, automobile and motorcycle fitting, weighing apparatus and fittings, stainless steel product, vacuum cup and Yongkang four knives (rasp, scissor, kitchen knife and planer tool) etc.

8.8 China Capital of Kites -Weifang, Shandong

Weifang of Shandong Province is the Capital of Kites of the World and China. Long historic culture, simple folkway and beautiful scenery form a unique tourism style in Weifang. The Long Folkway Travelling Route in Weifang, together with International Kite Festival, is attracting more and more visitors.

Located in the middle of Shandong Province, Weifang enjoys very convenient transportation. There is Jiaoji railway in the south to Jinan in west, Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in east. Jiqing express crosses the north of Weifang downtown. It takes two hours from Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province to Weifang either by train or by bus.

On the Long Folkway Traveling Route, kites are the most eye-catching. Weifang's kites have a long history. According to The Record of Wei County, kites came into being and became popular as early as A.D. 960 in Song dynasty. Until now Weifang's kites have earned high reputation at home and abroad. In the book Science and Civilization in China by Joseph Needham, the famous Britain scholar, kites was listed as an important innovation from China to Europe.

After years' development, Weifang's kites become rich and varied. Simple household workshop turn to large scale kites production factories. The kite shapes vary from small animals like double swallows, eagle, dragonfly, and butterfly to vivid figures.

Weifang people are almost crazy about kites. Every spring, Weifang becomes a world of kites. In the sky, uncountable kites are flying with soft wind. International Kite Festival has been held here every year since 1984. In 1988, Weifang was elected "the Capital of Kites of the World." Then, in 1989, the headquarters of the International Federation of Kites was set up here. Weifang was more famous. The Festival attracts a lot of foreign and domestic visitors to travel and do business in Weifang every year.

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