China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (ccpit) 2009 Preface

Cultural, educational and sports goods industry

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Cultural, educational and sports goods industry

  1. China First Pencil Co., Ltd

In 1935, China Standard Home Product Pencil Co., Ltd, the first omnipotent pencil enterprise of China, was established in Shanghai. The enterprise got new vitality for the hard works of staff and workers especially after liberation and was renamed China No.1 Pencil Factory.

After experiencing trails, hardships and flourishing over half of a century, China No.1 Pencil Factory was reformed into China First Pencil Co., Ltd, a joint-stock enterprise. Since then the company has become the first place of the same trade with the general advance of the excellent technology, high quality and wide varieties.

At present, China First Pencil Co., Ltd produces and sales stationeries of such as graphite pencil, color pencil and adjustable pencil marking with the brands of "Chunghwa" or "Great Wall", "Glamor" pencil machinery, "Good Student" eraser and "Alice" series of cosmetic pencil. The products with brands of "Chunghwa" and "Great Wall" are the most representative brands of the light industry of our country, are the first choice of working and learning goods for consumers.

In May 1992, with approval by The People's Government of Shanghai Municipality, China First Pencil Co., Ltd. was restructured into China First Pencil Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. of domestic and foreign investment, which started a new era for its blooming.

During the past half century, China First Pencil Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. has experienced hardships and frustrations as well as struggle and success. The founders of the company make concerted efforts with all employees. They have made great achievements with wisdom and painstaking effort. China First Pencil Co., Ltd. will lighten China's pencil industry forever.

      1. Huamao Group

Huamao Group was founded in June 1971 and located in Ningbo, a famous cultural city in the economic center in the south of Yantze River Delta. During over 30 years' development, Huamao Group stayed grounded in education and has developed a comprehensive industrial group. It mainly focuses on producing teaching aid, basic instrument, and popular science products, as well as running private school and education theory service, meanwhile concurrently engaged in international trade, real estate, financial investment. It owns 30 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries including Huamao Group Stock Co., Ltd., Ningbo Huamao Culture And Education Co., Ltd., Ningbo Huamao Foreign Languages School, American Huayuan Stock Co., Ltd. and research centers.

Huamao Group ranks first in the same grade for consecutive years in terms of business scale and overall economic results. It has won the honors of China Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, Top 10 Key Profitable Enterprises, Leading Enterprises of China Industrial Enterprises, Top 10 Competitive Cultural Products Manufacturers, The First of Top 10 Profitable Enterprises of Cultural Products Manufacturing Industry, Top 10 Effective Brands of China Private Education, AAA Enterprise of Quality, Service and Honor in China.

During the past 30 years, Huamao Group gradually developed in three jumps cause from education product to education practice and education ideas. Huamao adheres the corporate spirit of "faith is essential to survival; brand is essential to development; education is essential to business". It insists on the mission of "base on educating, support education as an honor" and forms a style of "pioneering, innovation, refinement, practicality".

Huamao education industry determined its strategic business. Huamao board of directors proposes a "3-3-1" development strategic goal: to set up 3 specials and create 3 projects. To make it more detailed, 3 specials refer to special corporate culture centered in "promoting economic benefit with social benefit", special industrial structure with education industry and business stimulating each other and special management system focusing on system over president; create the largest education product provider in China, create first rank Huamao Foreign Languages School in China and create an international education forum known at home and abroad. Huamao is aimed finally to build a brilliant Huamao of one hundred years' history.

      1. Taishan Sports Industry Group

Taishan Sports Industry Group, founded in June 1978, has now developed into a great national corporation group with the core of Taishan Sports Industry Group Ltd. it is the largest sports facilities provider for Olympics in history. The group has more than 2300 employees at present. It covers an area of 336,000 m² and the registered capital is 160 million yuan, the real assets 500 million yuan, the intangible assets of Taishan brand up to 11.8 billion yuan. The main products of Taishan Sports include artificial turf, plastic racetrack, sports equipment, serials of special protection mat, roadside gym equipment, track and field equipment, wrestling mats, judo mats, taekwondo mats, trampoline, springboard, artistic gymnastic floor, boxing ring, free combat platform, weight lifting platform, barbell, Wushu field, species of sports balls and various of assistant training equipments.

As a cooperator of International Gymnastics Federation and a member of both China Track and Field Committee and Chinese Athletic Equipment League, the group has already passed the ISO9001 Certification of Quality Management System, ISO14001 Certification of Environmental Quality System and the GB/T28001 Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System successively. Many special products have already passed the certification of International Gymnastics Federation, Field & Track Association, International Judo Federation, International Wushu Federation, International Football Federation, The International Federation, world Taekwondo Federation, China Track and Field Association and China Football Association.

Taishan Sports Industry Group has been awarded the following titles as "China Famous Trademark", "China Top Brand" and "National Products Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection". The group is selected as Shandong Province Credible and Law-abiding Enterprise and it is an AAA Credit Unit whose line of credit reaches 300 million Yuan conferred by Agricultural Bank of China. It is the appointed manufacturer of Chinese Athletics Association, Chinese Football Association, Chinese Gymnastic Association, Chinese Skill Association, Chinese Wrestling Association, Chinese Boxing Association, Chinese Judo Association, Chinese Weighing Lifting Association, Chinese Taekwondo Association and Chinese Wushu Association. Artificial Turf and the new type martial art field which under the brand name of "Taishan" are both the single recommended and appointed products by Chinese Football Association and Chinese Wushu Association.

As the manufacturer and supplier of excellent equipment, Taishan Sports industry group has already occupied more the 90% of China contest sports market. On the tenth national games of 2005, more than 92% of the equipments of athletics kinds were from Taishan group. Equipments and artificial turf under the brand of "Taishan" are exported to various nations and such as North and South America, EU, Russia, countries and regions in Southeast Asia and Africa. Cooperating with J&F Company in Holland, Taishan group became one of the suppliers for Athens Olympics in 2004 and Beijing Olympics in 2008.

      1. Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group

Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group is leading enterprise of China’s instrument, the largest piano manufacturer in the world, the only high-tech enterprise with national-class technology center in China’s instrument industry, China’s Outstanding Enterprise in Quality Management, National Culture Export Key Enterprise, one of 16 International Competitive Chinese Enterprises Marching to World Top Brands, and one of provincial government-supported 13 key enterprises to become world famous brand. In January 2006, the "Milestone Award" was conferred on the group by the International Music Products Association, the first time ever such an honor had been granted to a non-American musical instrument maker since the association was founded 104 years ago.In December 2007, Pearl River Piano Group won the honorable title Advanced Unit in China’s Light Industry.

Pearl River Piano Group has established a development course majored in piano, digital instrument and music education. At present, its annual output capacity reached 100.000 pianos. By early 2006, a total of one million pianos had been turned out by PRPG, which enabled it to be China's first piano builder with an output surpassing one million pianos.

By adopting the operating strategy of science and technology first, brand-driven and globalization, PRPG is dedicated on technology, quality and sales innovation. In the same industry in China, Pearl River Piano Group firstly established national-class enterprise technology center, provincial key project technology research center and large wood processing base. It took the lead to promote ISO9000 Quality Management System, ISO4000 Environment Management System and ISO10012:2003 Measurement Management System. It initially set up complete marketing network at domestic and overseas instrument market. It moved the first step to the world high-grade piano market. It developed successfully and promoted professional high-grade self-made piano brand Pearl River Kayserburg. It has upgraded the product and industry structure consistantly and improved its international competitiveness.

PRPG has so far more than 30 registered trademarks like Pearl River, Ritmüller, Hongmian and Xilinmen, of which Pearl River piano has been awarded the titles of Well-known Trademark in China, China Famous Brand Product, and Export Brand preferentially fostered by the Ministry of Commerce. Whereas, Ritmüller won the titles of Guangdong Famous Trademark, and Guangdong Famous Brand Product. Being listed as 2008-2009 national key new product, Pearl River Kayserburg high-grade piano brand has won priase from many piano masters such as Liu Shikun and Yin Chengzong. Pianos of the newly-developed Ritmüller Classic Series, Pearl River Master Series, Senior Series are highed regarded by consumers. The three brands of Pearl River, Ritmüller,and Kayserburg have taken up more than 20% of the domestic market share and marketed in more than 100 countries and regions all around the world and have led the country in terms of output, sales revenue, pre-tax profits, the rate of value-sustained and value-added (state-owned) assets and the contribution rate.

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