China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (ccpit) 2009 Preface

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Food manufacturing industry

  1. Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Yili Group) was founded in 1993. There are five divisions liquid milk, ice cream, milk powder, yoghurt and raw milk. More than 1,000 series of Yili brand products, such as popsicle, ice cream, milk powder, milked tea powder, asepsis milk, yoghurt and cheese are made by 130 affiliated enterprises of Yili Group. In course of 15 years' development, Yili has always been devoting to producing 100% safe and 100% healthy dairy products, and spreading concept of nutrition and health for Chinese. Meanwhile, Yili has been serving for the consumers' health and happy life according to the highest worldwide production standards.

From 2003 until now, Yili Group has always been leading China's dairy with strong strength, and has become the industrial representative of sustainable development with its steady growing trend. Yili popsicle and ice cream remained the highest output and sales in China for 13 years, and UHT milk run first consecutive years in sales. Since 2005, the production and sales of Yili milk powder and milked tea powder have been keeping first in China.

In the first half of 2008, Yili Group reached 11.511 billion yuan in main business income, increased by 23.06% comparing with the same period of last year. The high-additional-value and high-tech products including milk powder, cold drinks and yoghurt have continually showed increasing trend this year. Among which, the sales revenue of powder reached 2.138 billion yuan, increased dramatically by 64.94% on a year-on-year basis; the sales volume of Olympic product low-lactose nutrition milk increased by over 30 times in the first half of 2008; Classic milk grew by 150% on a year-on-year basis. Up to 2008, Yili Group has accumulatively paid taxes over 7 billion yuan. Meanwhile, Yili successively launched many large-scale social commonweal actibities such as "Sunny Love Full of Tibet", "Love Illuminates Way Home" and so on, accumulatively investing 600 million yuan for the public service. Moreover, Yili provide over 32 billion yuan funds for the cow-raisers and nearly 2 billion yuan funds for the farmers to buy cows. With help of Yili Group, 5 million cow-raisers have cast off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity.

      1. Nanfang Lee Kum Kee Health Product Co., Ltd

Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. was founded is 1992, renamed from Nanfang Lee Kum Kee Health Product Co., Ltd in March 2009. The company is dedicated to R & D of traditional Chinese herbal health products to complete the second mission of Lee Kum Kee Group to make the Chinese tradition herbal medicine with five thousand years history to be health products with modern technology and spread to everywhere in the world. With the development over a decade, the company has become a large health products enterprise cooperating with many authoritative research institutions and academies, home and abroad. It has successfully launched 4 series of over 30 products including Infinitus health food, Zhiya necessities, Weiya skincare products and homemate household articles.

Infinitus strengthen oral liquid of Infinitus won the honorable title of Top Ten Health Products by China Health Care Association for 4 consecutive years since 2002. In April 2005, Infinitus won the award of The Best Employer in Asia and The Best Employer in China as the only one Chinese national company in health care industry in The Best Employer contest jointly organized by Hewitt Associates, the international authority of human resources consultancy and 21st Century Economic Report. In August of the same year, Infinitus brand was ranked at 62th on the list of 2005 China Top 500 Trademarks issued by World Brand Lab and the first in health care industry with a brand value of RMB 8.083 billion. In November 2005, the company won the top honor 2005 Corporate Culture Excellence Award in terms of enterprise cultural construction, jointly issued by China Association of Enterprises and China Entrepreneur Association. On November 17th 2005, it was cited as 2005 The Best Employer-The Best Place to Work in China issued by Fortune. In 2006, Infinitus Xinhui production base won the top honor of China Quality Ding and Chinese User Satisfactory Ding, which witnessed its outstanding achievements in quality management and customer services. In 6th International Health Festival in November, the company won The Best Enterprise and The Prize of Exhibition Achievement. Strengthen oral liquid and Changxinwei oral liquid both won the honor as The Best Products. In April 2007, Infinitus continued to hold the titles of 2007 The Best Employer in Asia and 2007 The Best Employer in China.

      1. Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1999 and with headquarter in the core of China Dairy Capital Shengle Economic Zone in Helingeer County of Huhhot, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. (Mengniu Dairy Group) has a total asset of RMB 8 billion and 30,000 employees, and the production capacity of dairy products reaches 5 million metric tons per year.

So far Mengniu Dairy Group has established over 20 production bases including Helin base in 15 provinces of China and owned 5 major series of products which are liquid milk, yogurt, ice cream, dry milk and cheese in which are incorporated over 200 categories. Relying on the supreme quality of its products, Mengniu's products cover all Chinese market and are exported to overseas market such as America , Canada , Mongolia Republic , Hong Kong , Macao and other Southeast Asian countries

By the end of 2007, the sales revenue had reached RMB 21 .3 billion with a CAGR of 121% which made Mengniu the first dairy company that exceeded RMB 20 billion sales revenue in China; the profit and tax payment of Mengniu had reached RMB 1.087 billion and RMB 1.035 billion with the CAGR of 159% and 138% respectively; the market share of main products had surpassed 35%; the sales of UHT milk had ranked No. 1 in the world and that of liquid milk, yogurt and ice cream No .1 in China; the export volume and the number of regions exported to also had ranked No .1 in China. According to the statistics of The 1 st Annual Competitiveness of Top 500 Large Corporations of China released by National Bureau of Statistics of China in September of 2006, Mengniu ranked 11 among the rivals. The 1 st Annual Charts of Top 500 Brands of Asia in 2006 showed that Mengniu ranked No.3 among the dairy enterprises in Asia (the No.1 and No.2 were all Japanese Companies). The latest data from 2008 Top 500 Enterprises of China showed that Mengniu ranked No.225 which was unparallel to Chinese dairy makers. China Mengniu Dairy's stock was selected by the world famous financial service firm Morgan Stanley as one of Global Top 50 Blue Chip until 2012.

In March of 2006, Mengniu Dairy Group gained the honorary appellation of The Most Creative Enterprise of China, which made Mengniu the only food product maker to win this glorious title. Relying on the overwhelming advantage in technology, brand, quality and processing compared to competitors, Mengniu's premier product Milk Deluxe finally won the Award of IDF New Product Development at the 27th Word Dairy Congress held in October of 2006, which realized a breakthrough from zero on international highest award record in China's dairy history. The breakthrough wins honor for the nation and adds glory to the Dairy Capital of China.

      1. Shanghai Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. (Bright Dairy) is a listed shareholding enterprise based on the multi-ownership of national, foreign and private capital. The company is mainly involved in the development, production and sales of milk and milk products, the raising and breeding of dairy cattle and bull, logistics and distribution, and the development, production and sales of nutritious health food. As one of the largest producer and sales enterprise in China, With the world-class dairy R & D center, dairy processing equipment, and advanced technologies, it is currently one of the largest dairy products producers and sellers in China, producing a series of dairy products such as sterilized milk, fresh milk, yoghurt, UHT, milk powder, butter, cheese and fruit juice and so on.

In 2000, Bright series products were designated as the exclusive dairy products for China's delegation to the 27th Olympic Games. In 2001, it was a candidate for the Top 50 Most Admired Companies in China. Since 2002, it has been listed as one of the Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai every year. It was successively made a candidate for Top 500 Enterprises in China, jointly organized by China Association of Enterprises and China Entrepreneur Association. In the Report on the Leadership of China's Stock Market in 2004 released by Fortune China, Bright Dairy was rated among the Top 20 Listed Companies with the Most Powerful Leadership in 2004. In 2005, it was granted as one of the National AAA1 Credit Enterprises by Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) under the Ministry of Commerce. In 2006, Bright products were granted as the independently innovated products in the conference which was organized by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and China Business Journal. In July 2007, Bright Dairy was granted as the most competitive brand by the Ministry of Commerce. In September of the same year, it won the title of Top Ten Food Safety Enterprises in China as the only enterprise in liquid milk industry jointly granted by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Security, State Administration for Industry & Commerce, and State Food Drug Administration. In October 2007, it passed the reexamination by review panel and won Shanghai Gold Prize for Quality.

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