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May 8, 1945

World War II is over and Berlin is divided into 4 sectors:
the American, British, French in the West and
the Soviet in the East

June 30, 1946

At the instigation of the Soviet Military administration the demarcation line between East and West Germany is safeguarded

October 29, 1946

A 30 day valid Interzonenpass is required to travel between the sectors in Germany

June 23, 1948

Currency reform in Berlin, Berlin is divided into two different currency zones

June 24, 1948

Begin of the Berlin blockade

June 25, 1948

Berlin Airlift begins

May 12, 1949

End of Berlin blockade

May 24, 1949

Federal Republic of Germany is founded
(West Germany)

September 30, 1949

End of Berlin Airlift

October 7, 1949

German Democratic Republic is founded
(East Germany)

May 26, 1952

Border between East and West Germany and between East Germany and West Berlin is closed. Only the border between East and West Berlin is still opened

June 17, 1953

Uprising of East Berlin building workers against the imposition of increased working norms, suppression by Red Army tanks

November 14, 1953

The Western Powers waive the Interzonenpass, the Soviet Union follows but East German citizen need a permission to travel to the West

December 11, 1957

Leaving East Germany without permission is forbidden and violations are prosecuted with prison up to three years

August 13, 1961

The Berlin sectorial border between East and West Berlin is closed, barriers are built

August 14, 1961

Brandenburg Gate is closed

August 26, 1961

All crossing points are closed for West Berlin citizens

June 26, 1963

President J. F. Kennedy visits Berlin and says: "Ich bin ein Berliner." ("I am a Berliner.")

December 17, 1963

West Berliner citizen may visit East Berlin the first time after more than two years

September 3, 1971

Four Power's Agreement over Berlin
visiting becomes easier for West Berliners

June 12, 1987

President Ronald Reagan visits Berlin and urges Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

September 10, 1989

Hungarian government opens border for East German refugees

November 9, 1989

Berlin Wall is opened

December 22, 1989

Brandenburg Gate is opened

October 3, 1990

Germany is reunited






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