Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

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  • An officer of Tellson’s bank
  • A loyal friend to the Manette family.
  • Mr. Lorry shepherds the family out of Paris after the Doctor's release from prison and during the Revolution.
  • A beautiful young woman recognized for her kindness and compassion.
  • After being reunited with her father (doctor manette), she cares for him and remains devoted to him, even after her marriage to Charles Darney.
  • Lucie’s father.
  • A French doctor.
  • A prisoner of the Bastille for 18 years.
  • Suffers from mental trauma from the experience.
  • Loses his reason and thinks he is a shoemaker.
  • A Frenchman of noble family.
  • Real name Charles Evrémonde.
  • Lucie’s husband.
  • An unsuccessful lawyer.
  • Looks just like Darnay.
  • Loves Lucie.
  • Sacrifices his life to save Lucie’s husband.
  • The owner of a wine-shop in the poor Saint Antoine section of Paris.
  • He is a leader of the Jacquerie (a roving band of peasants) during the French Revolution.
  • Ernest Defarge’s wife.
  • Uses her knitting to write the names of the people that should be killed.
  • Lucie’s nurse, and housekeeper.
  • Remains Lucie’s devoted servant and protector even during the violent chaos of the revolution.
  • An ambitious lawyer.
  • Proves Charles Darnay’s

  • innocence in London.
  • Aspires briefly to marry Lucie.

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