Change perceptions. I think, it is focusing on adaptation for opinions, changing perceptions of audience of the topic

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informative presentation

Informative presentation is one of the type of presentations which often identified by its primary purpose or function. Informative presentations are often analytical or involve the rational analysis of information.

If we believe some sources, the verbal and visual equivalent of a written report was called 'Informative Presentation'. This theory means that this type of presentation must serve to present specific information for specific audiences for specific goals or functions.

However, they simply "report the facts" without analysis, but still need to communicate the information in a clear and concise format. While a presentation may have conclusions, propositions, or even a call to action, the demonstration of the analysis is the primary function.

Also informative presentations focus on helping the audience to understand a topic, issue, or technique more clearly. We can use eight functions, which facilitating audience meaning. There are: share, increasing understanding, change perceptions, gain skills, exposition versus interpretation, exposition, interpretation and bias and point of view.

Share. It is the process of understanding and sharing meaning or offerring to share with the audience which some of the information you have gathered related to a topic.

Increasing undestanding. There are two levels. The first is knowledge or key terms and ideas to the audience. And the second level is attention for your presentation. In that the audience must respond to your attention statement and keep interest till finish presentation.

Change perceptions. I think, it is focusing on adaptation for opinions, changing perceptions of audience of the topic.

When presenter informs, he or she may change the audience members' perceptions of your topic. For instance, presenter shows statistics about air pollution and wants to change common perceptions such as the idea that most of North America’s air pollution comes from private cars. But, he/she won't be asking people to go out and vote, or change their choice of automobiles, but presenter will help its audience change their perceptions of main topic.

Gain skills. It is increasing knowledge and sharing real-life experiences.

Exposition versus interpretation. When we share informal information, we often provide our own perspective for our own reasons. It means that informal speech or presentation is only own idea, opinion and attitude for situation.

Exposition. A public exhibition and display called exposition function in informative presentations. The main goal of this function is to communicate the topic and content to your audience in ways that illustrate and explain to make your topic more accessible to the audience. The audience wants to learn about your topic and may have some knowledge on it as you do.

Interpretation and bias. It is adapting to the information to communicate a message, perspective, or agenda. Your insights and attitudes will guide your selection of material, what you focus on, and what you delete (choosing what not to present to the audience). Your interpretation will involve personal bias.

Bias is an unreasoned or not-well-thought-out judgement. Bias involves beliefs or ideas held on the basis of conviction.

Point of view. It means controling on own creations. Every situation or every opinion have their objective and subjective causes. I think, during the speech and presentation, presenter must try to keep balance between positive and negative sides about some situation or subject.

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