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ERIC PETERSEN (Shrek). Broadway: Shrek The Musical (Shrek Standby/Papa Ogre/Straw Pig). Other credits include: first national tour of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Barfee), many Theatreworks USA productions, readings of Zorba (with Antonio Banderas), Up Here, among numerous others. Regional: …Spelling Bee (North Shore/Barrington Stage), The Foreigner (Engeman Theatre), The Producers (Barn Theatre), Oliver! (Charleston Stage). TV: “Law & Order,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “As The World Turns,” “Evan & Gareth Trying To Get Laid” and an upcoming NBC pilot with Jimmy Smits. Eric is a proud graduate of Bradley University and member of Actors’ Equity. Thanks to God, BRS, the whole Shrek team, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Lisa and our new baby girl, Sophia. Check out more at

HAVEN BURTON (Princess Fiona) is elated to play a princess at long last and is stoked to return to her Shrek family. She loves singing, animals and is fluent in duck and squirrel. Originally from LA LA Land, she moved far, far away to Broadway where she was most recently seen in Shrek The Musical as Gingy and understudied Fiona and Teen Fiona! Other Broadway credits include Legally Blonde (Margot the dog whisperer/Elle) and Rent (Maureen). Greatest thanks to SCAW, my supportive and hilarious family and my dearest love, Denny. Thanks most of all to God. Shout out to Adam, Grammy, Cedwick and Dunstan!

ALAN MINGO, JR. (Donkey). Broadway credits: Sebastian in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, where he was an original company member; Tom Collins in Rent. Prior to joining Rent on Broadway he staged, choreographed and performed in the Italian version of Rent for Luciano Pavarotti. He also performed in both national companies. Other national tours: Seaweed in Hairspray and Simba in the Los Angeles company and the first national tour of Disney’s The Lion King. Regional credits: The Wiz at La Jolla Playhouse, A Christmas Story: The Musical at Kansas City Rep. TV credits: “Frasier,” “Law & Order,” “The Wayne Brady Show” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” M.F.A.: University of California, Irvine.

DAVID F. M. VAUGHN (Lord Farquaad) is thrilled to continue his Shrek journey, after being a member of the original Broadway company. Before he dove into the swamp, he was seen as Enjolras in the regional premiere of Les Misérables, and Riff in the New Orleans Opera production of West Side Story. David is also a composer, winning "Outstanding Music and Lyrics" for his work on Extraordinary! at the 2005 NY International Fringe Festival. Other composition credits include The Johnny, music for the web series "Weiner and Weiner," The Night, and upcoming Trip The Light Fantastic. B.A. from FSU. Thanks to Mom, friends, family, and peeps at TW; all who put up with my tomfoolery.

JOE ABRAHAM (Swing). Broadway: Hairspray, The Little Mermaid. Tours/Regional: Hairspray, Cats, Show Boat, Peter Pan, Funny Girl (among others). B.F.A. Penn State. Joe is thrilled to be on the road again… this time with his wife, Christine, and their own “baby shrek” named Cole! Overflowing love and thanks to family and friends everywhere!

KEVIN BOSEMAN (Sticks, Guard, Dragon Puppeteer, u/s Donkey). Favorites include: Broadway revival of Equus, national tours of The Lion King and The Color Purple, European tour of West Side Story, the Kennedy Center’s production of Ragtime and a concert version of Once On This Island for BCEFA. Thanks to the Divine, Mom & Dad and Mark.

HOLLY ANN BUTLER (Wicked Witch, Blind Mouse, Queen Lillian, u/s Princess Fiona). Broadway/off-Broadway/nat’l tour: Grease, Happiness (dir. Susan Stroman), Jersey Boys (Lorraine/Lead Angel), Anyone Can Whistle (dir. Casey Nicholaw). Regional: …Millie as Millie (Drury Lane); Urinetown, Hope (Carousel); Cats, Rumpleteazer (TUTS); Gypsy, Louise (Barn­stormers). TV/film: “Figure it Out,” “SeaQuest 2032,” Looking for Trouble. B.F.A: FSU. Thanks: The Mine, Jeff and my family.

CARRIE COMPERE (Dragon, Mama Ogre, Tweedledum) is elated to join the Shrek family! Past roles: Nell (Ain’t Misbehavin’), Aunt Em/Glinda (The Wiz) and Sheila (The Gift). She thanks: God, Jerry (hubby), Isaiah and Pneuma (children) and her hugely supportive family. Thanks Barry, Susan and Padraic! Dedicated to the memory of her mother—For you…Jeanne!

EMILY CRAMER (Swing) could not be more thrilled to be making her post-college debut in anything but the Shrek company! Originally from Boston, she is a 2009 graduate from the CAP21 program under the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Thank you Jeannie, Joel, Michael, Mum and Dad. I love you.

TYRONE DAVIS, JR. (Bricks, Guard, Dragon Puppeteer, u/s Donkey). Off-Broadway: Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe (Classical Theatre of Harlem). NY: Coriolanus (Judith Shakespeare Co.), The Rape of the Lock (JSC), Twelfth Night (Take Wing and Soar). Tours: The Mystery of King Tut (Theatre­works USA), King Lear (CTH). Regional: Pure Confidence (Vineyard Playhouse). B.F.A: New World School of the Arts. Thanks to family and Dan!

SANDRA DENISE (Sugar Plum Fairy, u/s Princess Fiona). Atlanta native, NYU Grad. National Equity tours: Rent, Happy Days (Pinky). Original touring companies of Parade, Saturday Night Fever, Hairspray (Penny), Jersey Boys. Regional: Happy Days (Goodspeed and The Falcon). Film/TV: “ER,” “That ’70s Show,” “Gilmore Girls,” Georgia Rule. Love and Thanks to Dad, Jenny and especially Mom…the brightest star in the heavens!

HAYLEY FEINSTEIN (Young Fiona, Young Shrek, Dwarf) is thrilled to be making her professional theatre debut in Shrek The Musical! Theatre: Little Mermaid Jr. (Sea Baby, Chef), Annie Jr. (Annie). TV: “3rd & Bird” on Playhouse Disney (Rudy, series regular), “Sesame Street”. Commercial and audio CD voiceovers. Special thanks to Abrams Artists, Amelia, and Gulnara. XXOO to Mom, Dad, and Tori.
DAVID FOLEY, JR. (Swing, u/s Shrek). Off-B’way: Forbidden Broadway, Evergreen (Prospect Theater Company). Regional: Guys and Dolls at STAGES St. Louis (Nathan Detroit), The Wild Party with freeFall Theatre Company (Burrs), Finding Nemo: The Musical (Marlin). David is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Fine Arts and a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association.

AYMEE GARCIA (Mama Bear, Gingy) is honored to be part of this amazing company. She is also ecstatic to be back on the road! Broadway: Shrek The Musical (Mama Bear), Avenue Q (u/s Kate Monster, Mrs. T and Christmas Eve), Les Misérables (Madame Thénardier). Television/ puppetry: “It’s a Big Big World” (PBS, Smooch). For Jade, Ruby and Kylie.

BRIAN GONZALES (Papa Ogre, Straw, Knight, Pied Piper, Bishop, u/s Shrek). Broadway: Shrek (Papa Ogre, Pig, Shrek u/s), 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Barfee, Panch, Coneybear u/s). Tours: 25th Annual…Spelling Bee. NYC workshops: The Road To Qatar (Michael), Rosa Parks (Clifford Durr). Regional: Various roles at theaters across the country. TV: “Law & Order.” Internship: Royal National Theatre—England.

LISA HO (Baby Bear, Blind Mouse). Original Broadway cast member of Shrek The Musical. Other credits: A Chorus Line (Broadway), Mamma Mia! (Toronto), Miss Saigon (Arts Club Theatre), High School Musical (NSMT), ABC/Disney’s Once Upon A Mattress, and the “53rd Annual Tony Awards.” Bachelor of Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. She dedicates performance to her mother, Maria Mimie Ho.

BENJAMIN HOWES (Papa Bear, Thelonius, Knight, u/s Lord Farquaad). Broadway: [title of show]. Off-B’way: Vineyard Theatre, Encores!, The Mint Theatre Company. TV: principal roles on “One Life To Live,” “Flight of the Conchords,” “Law & Order: CI.” Regional: The Old Globe, Milwaukee Rep, St. Louis Rep, Goodspeed and many more. For a biog visit Much love to Don and Disco.

SEAN McKNIGHT (Swing, Asst. Dance Captain) NYC/Tour: Curtains, Girl Crazy, Stairway to Paradise, The Producers, 42nd Street, Cinderella starring Eartha Kitt, Annie Get Your Gun (Tommy Keeler) and The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Kennedy Center: Ragtime, Carnival!, Mame. His choreography of Hot Mikado earned him nominations for both the LA Drama Critics Circle Award and the Ovation! Award. GO BLUE!
MARA NEWBERY (Swing, Dance Captain) is honored to be a part of this fabulous tour. B.F.A. University of Michigan. Much love to the best parents a girl could ask for, John, CTG and the big man upstairs. For my brilliant JPot. Proud member of AEA. Go Blue!

DENNY PASCHALL (Peter Pan, Guard, Dragon Head) is thrilled to be a part of Shrek The Musical on tour. Broadway: Beauty and the Beast, Chicago and Shrek The Musical. He enjoys being outside and is madly in love with a girl who talks to animals. Much thanks to God and my family for everything. I love you Monkey!

SARAH PEAK (Ugly Duckling, Teen Fiona) was last seen as Holly in the first national tour of The Wedding Singer and is happy to be back on the road! Favorite credits include Gypsy (June), Cabaret (Lulu), 1940s Radio Hour (Connie) Pinkalicious (Pinkalicious). NKU graduate. Lots of love to Mom, Dad, four sisters, one bro and Mark.

KEVEN QUILLON (Guard, Dragon Puppeteer). Broadway: Shrek The Musical (Pied Piper, Gnome), Grease (u/s Doody, Roger). Workshops: An Officer and A Gentleman (Troy), Leap of Faith. First national tours: Grease, Sweet Charity, Saturday Night Fever (Joey), We Will Rock You (Vegas), Irving Berlin’s White Christmas (L.A.). Thank you Tara Rubin Casting, the Shrek team and Mom!

MORGAN ROSE (Shoemaker’s Elf, Blind Mouse). National tour debut! Off-Broadway: Dear Edwina. Regional: Hairspray, West Side Story, …Millie (MSMT), Funny Girl (Westchester), George M! (TBTS). B.F.A. Music Theatre FSU. Many thanks to the entire Shrek team, Tara Rubin and MSA. Morgan’s work is inspired by her amazing parents and dedicated to the memory of her brother, Dustin.

JASON W. SHUFFLER (Big Bad Wolf, King Harold, Captain of the Guard, Knight) Jason is thrilled to be joining the Shrek family!  National Tours: Grease! and Smokey Joe’s Cafe. Favorite regional: Full Monty (Marriott), Jesus Christ Superstar (NSMT), Great Expectations (MMT). BFA: Penn State University. Special thanks to The Mine, Tara Rubin Casting, and College Football. To my family and friends, without you, I could not be! Thanks y'all!!!

DANIELLE SOIBELMAN (Young Fiona, Young Shrek, Dwarf) is very excited to be part of Shrek National Tour. Regional Favorites: Little Girl (Ragtime), Eve (A Pirate's Christmas), Kate (Annie). Television Credits: “Better Off Ted,” “Saving Grace,” “Californication,” and currently is a series regular on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader.” See Thanks Dad, Mom, Matthew and KSR.
BLAKELY SLAYBAUGH (Pinocchio, Knight) is elated to be playing America’s favorite wooden boy! Credits include: Mike (A Chorus Line), Emcee (Cabaret), Hot Blades Harry (Urinetown), Dean (All Shook Up), A-Rab (West Side Story) and Eugene (Biloxi Blues), among others. B.F.A: CCM. Thanks to the Shrek family, Tara Rubin Casting, Family at home and Gretchen!

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