Can we use authentic with lower-level learners? C yes! Grade the task, not the text

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Can we use authentic with lower-level learners?

C) Yes! Grade the task, not the text.

A direct face-to-face attempt to obtain reliable and valid measures in the form of verbal responses from one or more respondents. It is a conversation in which the roles of the interviewer and the respondent change continually.

A) Interview

Is authenticity important in the tasks too?

D) Yes, authentic tasks can be more motivating for the students

What do you understand by Physical organization of the classroom?

A) Classroom space organization and arrangement

Things such as extra recess time, serving as the hall monitor or cafeteria monitor, being the first in line, playing a game of checkers with the teacher or principal (again, only if the individual student finds this activity prestigious and desirable), and erasing the whiteboards in the classroom. What type of reinforcers are they?0

A) Activity reinforcers

Classroom rules…

B) All mentioned

Attempt to maintain neatness and organization in all areas of the room. A sloppy, disorganized room does little in the way of making students feel welcome. Ensure that all materials are ready to be used quickly and all mechanical and electronic devices are in good working order. Commercial curricula become tattered over time with use, but they should be kept clean and remain usable for as long as needed. Congestion in the classroom should be avoided. Use all available working space so that the density does not lead to distracted and disruptive behavior. These are the elements of _______

B) Physical environment

During … the teacher may assess students' background knowledge of the topic and linguistic content of the text.

B) post-listening

What kind of activity can be described as: students read brief restaurant reviews then discuss an order for a list of restaurants from the best to worst?

D) ranking activity


… reviews and checks the listening efficiency and result.

D) post-listening


The teacher should stand at the classroom door to welcome students into the room. Greet all students by name. Dale Carnegie, in his classic text How to Win Friends and Influence People, concluded: “Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Teachers should remember this sage advice from long ago in attempting to establish a respectful and sincere relationship with his or her students. Display students’ work for all to see in the classroom. These are the elements of _______

D) Social environment

Find the activity, which cannot belong to speaking activities:

C) questionnaire

Making changes to materials in order to improve them or to make them more suitable for a particular type of learner is called…

C) Material evaluation

Everyday instructional materials should be ready for all to use at all times of the school day. Tasks assigned to all students should be meaningful and at each student’s present level of performance. In other words, be respectful of what the student already knows, and what she or he needs to learn next in the sequence. An effective, respectful teacher should never hear a student say, “I’m not doing this because it’s baby work.” These are the elements of _______

C) Instructional environment

The four main types of ……techniques are the following: Skimming, Scanning, Intensive, Extensive.

D) reading

What is observation?

B) Collecting data tool in action research

What is reinforcement?

D) The process of encouraging or establishing a belief or pattern of behavior, esp. by encouragement or reward

________________whether it correlates well with a different type of instrument which is suppose to measure the same thing.

C) Concurrent validity

Two types of questionnaires are_____________ and ___________?

A) Closed or restricted and Open or unrestricted

These are activities in which the learners are asked to use the target language in order to achieve a particular outcome within a particular context (e.g. solving a problem; planning a meeting; selecting candidates for an interview) ….What is being described?

C) objectives

Things such as tokens (in a token economy system in a classroom), smiley face charms, poker chips, achievement stars, gift certificates, and points earned and saved that can be “cashed in” for something else more desirable and valuable. What type of reinforcers are they?

C) Exchangeable

Match the teacher’s instructions with the stage aims from different lessons.What words can you think of which are connected with the weather? With your partner make a list of as many as you can.

D) to encourage learners to recycle known vocabulary items

Types of interviews are …

D) structured, semi-structured, unstructured

Things such as watching television or a DVD, listening to music on an MP3 player, watching birds in a school courtyard, manipulating a toy that makes noise (e.g., rubber duck).

D) Sensory

How many different forms of triangulation do you know?

B) 4

________________________in which more than one observer contributes to the findings to gain more reliability.

D) investigator triangulation

How many stages of the action research don you know?

B) 4

Elements of a positive classroom climate…

B) All of them

PPP stands for…

C) Presentation, Practice, Production

The combination of multiple methods, data types, observers and theories in the same research study is called ___________________

C) Methodological triangulation

In which activity students are encouraged to act out roles of people in different spheres of society?

A) Role play

This term refers to the fact that the research procedures must be consistent, both over time and across a variety of people who might use them. It applies to both the data collection and data analysis of classroom research.

B) Reliability

Be consistent in responding to student misbehavior, do not take it personally, and return to the academic task at hand as soon as possible. In other words, try not to allow students to “get under your skin.” Do not ever argue with students, especially in the presence of his or her peers. When students behave appropriately, even if they have misbehaved a short time before, they should be reinforced and praised just as if the previous misbehavior never occurred. Many times a young student will go out of his or her way to do something appropriate immediately after displaying inappropriate behavior, so deliver the reinforcement for the appropriate behavior and do not hold a grudge against the student. These are the elements of _______

A) Behavior management environment

Students often lack the confidence to just … and not worry about making mistakes.

D) speak

How many types of validity do you know?

C) 4

_____________whether the procedure represents accurately the content it is supposed to measure.

C) Content validity

How is a paper, which describes the process of lesson outline, called?

D) Lesson plan

… is the main procedure of listening information input.

B) While-listening

_________________________refers to using different methods (for example, observation, analysis of transcripts and self-report surveys) to collect the data.

B) Methodological triangulation

Things such as candy, pretzels, ice cream, dry cereal, popcorn, and anything that a student can consume and that is liked, and that will have the student continue to display the target behavior. Some students may prefer ice cream, and others candy, so the informed teacher using R+ of any type should ask the student what he or she would like to earn for contingent appropriate behavior. Don’t assume that what you are fond of the student will similarly like. What type of reinforcers are they?

B) Edible

___________________ whether it represents accurately the theory of the variable which it measures

A) Construct validity

Things such as books, toys, pens, pencils, erasers, dolls, balloons, stickers, and anything that the student can hold, feel, manipulate in some way, and that the student likes. What type of reinforcers are they?

B) Tangible

_______________which means using a variety of sampling strategies, for example, data related to the time and social situations collected in different occasions to ensure that the objectives proposed are studied in more than one way.

A) data triangulation

The aim of ….. is for students to get to know one another so that they all feel comfortable with each other in the class.

C) Ice-breakers

Classroom arrangement is ____________.

A) arrangement of desks in a classroom

_____________________whether the measure can predict accurately a certain future vior

C) Predictive validity

… - objects from the outside world that learners can use to make the classroom feel more like an authentic, real-life setting

B) Realia

During … stage, teachers are not only supposed to check the answers, they also need to lead the students to consolidate the comprehension of the listening input.

B) post-listening

In … stage, teachers tend to arouse students' expectation and interest of the language text they are going to listen.

B) Pre-listening

How do we call the group of learners who have a preference for hearing the language?

A) Auditory

In general, … plays a role of warming-up and the main aim of this stage is to make students focus their attention on the following stage and decrease the difficulties of the text.

D) Pre-listening

Things such as smiles and a “thumbs-up” gesture by the teacher, verbal praise such as “good job,” “can’t fool you,” “that’s right,” and “good for you,” a soft pat on the back, a wink of the eye, and positive comments written on a student’s paper or work. What type of reinforcers are they?

A) Social

_________________demands that the researchers approach the data analysis with more than one perspective on possible interpretations.

D) Theoretical triangulation

Curriculum development in language teaching can start from ….

C) input, process or output

Find the activity which cannot belong to sample while-listening activities:

B) Reviewing vocabulary or grammatical structures

What is Questionnaire?

B) All mentioned

Find the activity which cannot belong to sample pre-listening activities:

A) reading something relevant

It is commonly recognized that … is a preparation of the listening class.

C) Pre-listening

The main purpose of teaching listening is to enable the students to … spoken English better.

D) Understand

__________________is a technical construct in experimental studies.

B) Validity

__________________ whether the items and questions which appear on the instrument are difficult or easy, and whether they discriminate among the subjects of the research.

D) Item analysis

What kind of activity can be described as: in small groups, students put forward their ideas about global warming and what should be done about it?

A) discussion

The text which is not written or spoken for language-teaching purposes is called …

A) Authentic

Anthropologists have borrowed this term from land surveying to suggest that at least two perspectives are necessary if an accurate picture of a particular phenomenon is to be obtained. (Denzin, 1970:472). This is a definition of a _____________________

C) Triangulation

How is it called when observation of a teacher or trainee is conducted by a colleague of equal status?

C) Peer observation

What does ELT stand for?

A) English language teaching

Uniformity of questions in the questionnaire - Each respondent receives the same set of questions phrased in exactly the same way. Questionnaires may, therefore, yield data more comparable than information obtained through an interview. This is one of the ____________of it.

A) No answer

Define the term EGP.

A) English for general purpose

How is called a textbook which provides the core materials for a language-learning course?

D) Course book

What does the word “beckon” mean?

C) to make a signal to someone with your hand or arm

Which stage does this activity belong to: Students infer the meaning of selected words and expressions from the context?

A) Pre-reading

Which stage does this activity belong to: before reading the teacher introduces some new words?

D) Pre-reading

Which stage does this activity belong to: Students write a paragraph, which could come immediately before the beginning of the story?

A) Pre-reading

The activities chosen during … may serve as preparation for listening in several ways.

A) Pre-listening

An information form that attempts to measure the attitude or belief of an individual. How one feels or what he believes is his attitude, which can’t be measured or described.

A) Opinionnaire
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