C. august 1970 Assignment: Earth #3 ‘My Name Is Legion’ pg. 21 1

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C. APRIL – 1968

Assignment: Earth #1 – ‘Brighter Than A Thousand Suns’ pg. 1 concurrent with the epilogue of ‘Assignment: Earth’.

C. JULY – 1968

Assignment: Earth #1 – ‘Brighter Than A Thousand Suns’ pgs. 2–22 – 3 months after ‘Assignment: Earth’ which is set in April 1968; so c. July 1968. Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln stop the detonation of an enhanced fusion bomb called ‘Hercules’. A similar device destroyed the entire civilization of Delphi Centaurus VI.


JULY – 1969

Assignment: Earth #2 – ‘Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow – Concurrent with the events of ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’. Told from the perspective of Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. Think ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’. July 1969.


MAY – 1970

Assignment: Earth #3 – ‘My Name Is Legion’ pgs. 1–20 – Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln have been on campus three weeks at the beginning of the story. Professor Eckhart and General Cory have created an army of clones to ‘sweep across Southeast Asia and drive the enemy into oblivion’. The clones, all 250 of them, are transported to an Earth-like planet in the Vega system and General Cory and Professor Eckhart have their minds erased. (Note: Both ‘Star Trek: Crew – Shadows Of The Past’ and ‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor – Ghosts’ say that this issue takes place in 1969. However research on the Illinois State University website says that the only major protest to occur on the campus was during the week of May 4-8, 1970 in response to the Kent State killings as noted by Roberta’s boyfriend Curtis. Gary Seven asks what will happen when the clones turn on the General after they realize that mankind is an imperfect specimen. This could be taken as an oblique reference to the upcoming Eugenics Wars, which Seven might have some foreknowledge of.)

C. AUGUST – 1970

Assignment: Earth #3 – ‘My Name Is Legion’ pg. 21 – 1st Epilogue – 3 months later – c. Aug. 1970. Curtis joins the army and is shipped to Vietnam.

C. DECEMBER – 1970

December 21–24, 1970 – Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln are taken from this point in time and transported to Alpha Tau IV according to ‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #4 – Hosts’.


C. OCTOBER – 1971

Assignment: Earth #4 – ‘We Have Met The Enemy . . .’ pgs. 1–20 – Takes place approximately 3½ years after ‘Assignment: Earth’; so c. Oct. 1971. Gary Seven receives a prerecorded message from Agents 347 and 201 who were killed 3½ years ago, shortly before ‘Assignment: Earth’. An advanced alien race known as ‘Counter-Strike’ is approaching Earth. They scour the galaxy looking for planets that have advanced too far too fast with their technology and destroy them because they pose a threat to their way of life. It turns out that ‘Counter-Strike’ is a renegade faction of the Aegis, the aliens that Gary Seven works for. It’s the second time Gary Seven has been shot.

Assignment: Earth #4 – Epilogue: ‘Isis’ pgs. 21–22 – Takes place a short time after ‘We Have Met The Enemy . . . ‘

C. FEBRUARY – 1972

Assignment: Earth #5 – ‘Too Many President’s’ Prologue pg. 1 – A day before President Nixon’s arrival in China. February 20, 1972.


Assignment: Earth #5 – ‘Too Many President’s’ pgs. 2–18 – Takes place during President Nixon’s visit to China – February 21–28, 1972. The Chinese have taken a Soviet citizen and after two years of plastic surgery and conditioning have created an exact duplicate of President Nixon. During the ensuing struggle to switch Nixon’s, one of them is killed and with Gary Seven’s portable Beta Five unit being destroyed Gary Seven is unable to tell if it’s the real President Nixon that was killed. Gary Seven plants a post-hypnotic suggestion in the President that sets Watergate and Nixon’s resignation in motion thus depriving the Chinese and Soviets of an agent in the White House.


AUGUST – 1974

Assignment: Earth #5 – ‘Too Many President’s’ Epilogue pg. 19 – Takes place during President Nixon’s resignation speech – August 8, 1974.

Assignment: Earth #5 – ‘Ah Ha!’ pgs. 20–22 – Takes place a short time after President Nixon’s resignation speech.


Assignment: Earth #3 – ‘My Name Is Legion’ pg. 22 – 2nd Epilogue – 38 years later – December 24, 2008. Roberta Lincoln is visiting the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. with her granddaughter. Curtis died in Vietnam Christmas Day 1970.

C. 2242 – 2243

Star Trek: Crew #1 – ‘Shakedown’ – (Number One) is a cadet. NX-0002 (Enterprise) is on a premature shakedown cruise before commissioning. The shakedown cruise was supposed to happen in 5 weeks. Constitution NCC-1700 launched without the Klingon’s knowledge.

C. 2244 – 2245

Star Trek: Crew #2 – ‘The Bottle’ – Ensign (Number One) has served on the USS Fortune for approximately 1-2 years since graduation. USS Fortune is about 50 years old. Fortune destroyed by a Ferengi Marauder. Pages 5–6, 10–12, 1–4, 7–9, 13–22.

C. 2247 – 2248

Star Trek: Crew #3 – ‘Ghosts’ – Pgs. 1–22 – The sleeper ship with five hundred colonists left Earth two centuries ago at the end of the Eugenics Wars. The colonists ranged in age from 19-31. Although long -range scans taken before launch showed a habitable planet it was in fact locked in a permanent ice-age. With no way to get back to Earth the colonists used the sleeper ship to create a domed environmental habitat. In the first year more than one hundred colonists killed themselves by walking out into the frozen wastes. After three years it was discovered that the planet had rendered the colonists sterile and no children were being born. After the last colonist died it took 50 years for the last android, D-12, to terraform the planet and build androids based on the colonists.

Star Trek: Crew #3 – ‘Ghosts – Epilogue’ – Pg. 23 - 3 months later; Deep Space Station G-6 – Lt. j.g. (Number One) is promoted to full Lieutenant and transferred to the Enterprise as helmsman.
Star Trek: Crew #4 – Shadows Of The Past – Lt. Commander Pike is the Enterprise’s 2nd Officer. (Number One) hasn’t been on the Enterprise is 5 years since ‘Shakedown’. The Enterprise discovers the clones transported by Gary Seven on the planet Alpha Tau IV in the Vega System. The clones were created in 1969. The 20th Century is said to be ‘hundreds’/‘centuries’/’two hundred years’ ago. Unable to cooperate with one another the clones have split into five factions each with about 50 individuals and are at war with each other. It should also be noted that all the clones are male and since they don’t reproduce what’s been keeping them alive and the population stable at 250 for the past 300 years? The planet is declared off-limits and will be observed regularly for signs of progress. Back on the Enterprise (Number One) looks into the files of Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. While in her seventies Roberta Lincoln, with the help of her granddaughter, wrote a series of novels based on her exploits with Gary Seven. They were initially thought to be works of fiction until historians uncovered the truth. (Note: These could be the same records that Spock accesses at the end of ‘Assignment: Earth’ when he says that Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln will have a great many adventures together.) Roberta was last seen in 2039 a week before her 91st birthday walking off into the night carrying a black cat.
C. LATE 2250 – EARLY 2251

Star Trek: Crew #5 – The Ends Of Eternity – (Number One) has been on board the Enterprise for three years, she has refused every promotion offered to her. Pike is the First Officer. Spock is an ensign. The Enterprise is transported 100 billion years into the future. The Enterprise is severely damaged and will require several months of repair. (Note: The implication being this is when the Enterprise returns home to Earth and Captain April is promoted to Commodore and Pike is promoted to Captain of the Enterprise.)


APRIL – 2266

Alien Spotlight – Romulans Day One – Pages 1–14. ‘There has been so much chatter about these (Ghost Ships) in the past weeks’.

Alien Spotlight – Romulans Day Two – Pages 15–22. The Romulan Commander shall be gone ‘no more than three days’.

BALANCE OF TERROR – Stardates: 1709.2–1709.6

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #1 Pgs. 1–6. A short time after ‘Balance Of Terror’. The Romulan Praetor is introduced to Captain Koloth.

C. 2266 – 2267

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #1 Pgs. 6–7. An undetermined amount of time later. A statue honoring the Romulan commander killed in ‘Balance Of Terror’ is completed. I’m guessing the scene with Gaius and Areen happens shortly before Gaius takes a tour of the ‘Ghost Ship’ and is assigned to it.


C. MARCH – 2267

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #1 Pgs. 8–12. An undetermined amount of time later. The Praetor has ordered the construction of nine more ‘Ghost Ships’. The Romulan Commander’s son, Gaius is assigned to the newest ‘Ghost Ship’ to patrol the Neutral Zone. Date determined working backwards from ‘The Deadly Years’.

ERRAND OF MERCY – Stardates: 3198.4-3201.7
AUGUST – 2267

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #1 Pgs. 12–15. Lady Arenn, the widow of the Romulan Commander killed in ‘Balance Of Terror’ was elected to the Romulan Senate ‘6 months ago’.

THE DEADLY YEARS – Stardates: 3478.2–3579.4

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #1 Pgs. 16–18. Concurrent with ‘The Deadly Years’.

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #1 Pgs. 18–22. Gaius and the ‘Ghost Ship’ return home after 6 months of patrol along the Neutral Zone. Gaius left shortly before Lady Areen was elected to the Senate. She has accepted the Praetor’s invitation to become Queen. Gaius is promoted to Commander. Commander Kor has just arrived from Organia.

THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES – Stardates: 4523.3 – 4525.6

JULY – 2268

THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT – Stardates: 5027.3-5027.4
C. NOVEMBER – 2268

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #2 Pgs. 1–15. Commander Gaius has been given command of the Praetor’s new ‘K Ships’; a Klingon D-7 cruiser built to Romulan specifications and fitted with a cloaking device. The Praetor and Lady Areen have been engaged for a year; the wedding is in less than one month. According to Commander Kor, Captain Koloth is spending a year of exile/punitive duty after having his ship infested with tribbles. Lady Areen has spent more than a year acquiring the poison with which to kill the Praetor.

C. DECEMBER – 2268

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #2 Pgs. 16–20. Approximately one month later. The wedding of the Praetor and Lady Areen. Koloth has returned from his year of punitive duty. Commander Gaius is named heir to the Romulan throne. Death of Lady Areen and the Praetor.


C. MARCH – 2269

Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #2 Pgs. 21–22. 3 months later. Commander Gaius is the new Praetor. Gaius promises revenge against Captain Kirk and the Federation for killing his father.


C. JULY – 2270?

Star Trek: Romulans – Schism #1 – It’s at least 1 year/maybe 2 since the end of ‘Star Trek: Romulans – The Hollow Crown #2’ as Praetor Gaius has married and his wife is about to give birth. Evidence in the other issues supports a later date. The ‘Memory Beta’ timeline places the miniseries after Chapter 4 – the May to July 22, 2270 sections of ‘Forgotten History’. In absence of any other evidence I’ll place the miniseries there for now. The Klingons have been supplying the Romulans with ships and weapons circumventing the Organian peace treaty. The Romulans are now in a position to strike against the Federation. Kor is given ten days to complete the operation. The Federation has a cloaking device. Kloor is the Klingon ambassador to Romulus. Kloor has heard rumors that the Federation has obtained a cloaking device. Commodore (Number One) is in command of the USS Yorktown NCC–1717. Commander Kor’s ship is heavily damaged by the USS Yorktown. Commander Kor rams the bridge/primary hull of the USS Yorktown.

Star Trek: Romulans – Schism #2 – Commodore (Number One) is in command of the USS Yorktown NCC–1717. Cadet/Ensign Griggs from ‘Star Trek: Crew #1 – Shakedown’ and ‘Star Trek: Crew #2 –The Bottle’ is now a full admiral. The Romulan cloaking device has recently been installed on the USS Yorktown. Neutral Zone Monitor Base 108 has been in operation more than 100 years. Subspace chatter has been saying for a few years that Starfleet/Captain Kirk and the Enterprise captured one of the cloaking devices. (Note: The unnamed technician could be confusing/combining the events of ‘Balance Of Terror’ and ‘The Enterprise Incident’. If not, and John Byrne really meant for it to be a few years since ‘The Enterprise Incident’, then it’s about 2272.) The Praetor, Gaius, is in command of the newest flagship, named after his father. Gaius has claimed the space 3000 kilometers outside the Neutral Zone as well as a sphere extending 100 light years around Romulus. Captain Koloth is commander of The Blade of Kadoth. Captain Koloth discovers the remains of Kor’s ship.
Star Trek: Romulans – Schism #3 – It’s been six hours since the Praetor left for the Neutral Zone. Gaius and the crew of the Romulan flagship watch Commander Kor ram the bridge of the USS Yorktown. Gaius beams Kor and the Commodore/bridge crew of the Yorktown to the flagship. Captain Koloth watches as the Yorktown decloaks. Koloth mentions that he has heard rumors that Captain Kirk had stolen a Romulan cloaking device. (Note: It’s interesting to note that in Issue #1, Ambassador Kloor is unaware of who stole the cloaking device, while in this issue Koloth knows or at least suspects that Captain Kirk stole the cloaking device from the Romulans.) The bridge and primary hull of the Yorktown are destroyed/heavily damaged and Number One is running the ship from the auxiliary bridge. Klingon, Starfleet, Romulan reinforcements arrive and engage in combat until the Organians intervene and once more impose the terms of the treaty now to include the Romulans. The Praetor, his mind is destroyed and he slips into cationic when he learns the truth behind his father’s death. Commander Kor and Captain Koloth receive promotions after Kor lies and tells the Emperor that it was his daughter’s plan to manipulate the Romulans into a war with the Federation. On Romulus, the Queen announces that until her unborn son of Gaius reaches maturity she will rule Romulus. Ambassador Kloor and all other Klingons are expelled from Romulus and she declares the Klingon/Romulan alliance is at an end.

Lost Years, The – Chapter 1–2

MAY – 2271

Lost Years, The – Chapters 3 – 23, Epilogue

C. 2271

Mere Anarchy – Shadows Of The Indignant

DECEMBER – 2271 – JANUARY – 2272

Traitor Winds

MARCH – 2272

Federation – Epilogue

C. APRIL – 2272?

Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #1 – Weeds – McCoy has joined the Frontier Medics Program along with Jon Mikael Duncan and given a ship McCoy has christened ‘Joanna’ CRN–1841. Things were quiet the first few weeks until they discovered an Andorian stowaway, Theela of the House Trelahn. They are diverted to the colony Ophiucus III an Earth colony established 59 solar years ago. Population 15,791. After dealing with the emergency on Ophiucus III, McCoy allows Theela to stay onboard for one month on probation. I should point out that John Byrne draws three different types of Andorians, those seen in TOS, those seen in the movies and those seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

C. MAY – 2272?

Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #2 pgs.1–21 – Error – It’s been approximately one month or longer since ‘Weeds’. McCoy is telling Theela about the Mirror Universe. Duncan mentions that McCoy wrote his memoirs but he doesn’t believe half of what was written in it. The Joanna visits the planet Gamma Tarsus VII an ocean planet whose total land mass adds up to less than the island of Manhattan. They are going to be inducted into the Federation next year. On the planet they meet Montgomery Scott. Montgomery Scott has been working continuously on the Enterprise’s refit for the last 18 months since the Enterprise returned from its five-year-mission. Admiral Kirk ordered him to take some R&R. Instead he went to Gamma Tarsus VII to help an old academy friend with an engineering problem. While there they discover that the population of Gamma Tarsus VII is dying. It is eventually discovered that they have been using the local transporters to reset their biology each time they beam keeping themselves immortal/young and disease free. However their bodies are accumulating clumps of unliving atoms in their cells. McCoy had been working on the problem for over a week and each time he came close to a solution his mind was wiped and he started over again. The ruling council prefers not to tell its population that they’re facing extinction.

C. JUNE – 2272?

Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #2 pg. 22 – Error – Epilogue – The epilogue has Admiral Kirk on a holodeck version of the ‘TMP’ bridge adjusting the sight lines when Scotty walks in with a letter from McCoy. Kirk says it has been a few weeks since he last received a letter. McCoy sent Kirk a ‘fine old vintage’ on his last birthday. (Note: So March 22, 2272? It fits, it’s right after the Epilogue of ‘Federation’.)

JULY – 2272

A Flag Full Of Stars

C. APRIL – 2273?

Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #3 – Medics – Dr. McCoy, Duncan and Theela are dispatched by Doctor Cobb of Federation Headquarters to check up on Alpha Tau IV. The last inspection was ten years ago and the scans showed a level of technology comparable to Earth’s Bronze Age. Now scans are showing advanced industrialization. While approaching the planet the Joanna is fired upon and destroyed and McCoy and Theela are captured. Duncan goes missing. McCoy and Theela are rescued by Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln who have been pulled out of time from December 21, 1970. (Note: McCoy says that they last met ‘centuries ago’ and the Aegis checked up on the clones ‘a few hundred years later’.) While escaping they run into Duncan as well as a nursery full of toddlers and Gary Seven is shot (For the first time, from his perspective). They also meet General Kloor who fell from favor after being expelled from Romulus at the end of ‘Schism’. Kloor discovered the planet and its clones and offered them advanced weaponry as well as introducing female clones to the mix which in turn brought about children and an endless supply of entertainment for the Klingon’s war games. Kloor escapes in his ship and McCoy and the others are beamed aboard the Yorktown, now repaired from the damage suffered in ‘Schism’ and being commanded by Number One who has been promoted to Admiral. (Note: This would have been the perfect time for John Byrne to update the bridge of the Yorktown in order to reflect the ‘TMP’ era in which this story is set. Seeing as the crew are wearing ‘TMP’ uniforms. However he chose not to do that; instead we get a hybrid cross between ‘TOS’ and ‘TMP’.) After a brief firefight with the Klingon ship which eventually self-destructs, Duncan and Theela offer to remain on the planet along with some volunteers from the Yorktown to try and bring civilization to the planet. Admiral (Number One) makes mention of the fact that she last visited the planet 20 years ago when she served on the Enterprise. (Note: It’s closer to 25, but she could be rounding.) After the meeting McCoy goes to visit Gary Seven in sickbay and runs into Christine Chapel who is now a full M.D. and head of sickbay.

Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #4 pgs. 1–11 – Hosts – Picks up 12-24 hours later from the conclusion of ‘Medics’. Duncan, Theela and a handful of volunteers beam down to Alpha Tau IV. McCoy remarks that he can’t believe it’s been a year since he met Duncan and Theela. Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln return to their own time, which is Christmas Eve 1970. Gary Seven promised Roberta she could visit her boyfriend, Curtis, in Vietnam. (Note: While not mentioned in the dialogue, the unnamed transporter technician might be Lt. Arex from ‘The Animated Series’ or someone from his race.) After everyone has left, McCoy goes to sickbay to meet up with Dr. Chapel. There they meet Lt. M’Benga, Dr. M’Benga’s neice who is infected with an alien organism that was brought aboard when a landing party visited Sigma Thernia 38B two days earlier. The disease/organism has boosted her intelligence as well as others in the landing party. A temporary cure is eventually found and the Yorktown returns to the planet so that the infected crewmembers can rid themselves of the organisms.
Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #4 pgs. 12–21 – Scalpel – McCoy goes to visit his old school friend Alex Hathaway and his daughter Sophie on the planet Palvarlion IV. A planet where no crime has been committed in over 200 years. McCoy last saw Sophie when she was nine years old. Alex started dealing in antiques as a hobby ‘a few years ago’ and is now one of the richest men on the planet. Alex is suffering from Theising-Barre Syndrome a rare and fatal disease which has left him confined to a hoverchair. Alex shows McCoy a chamber carved out under the house that is at least 10,000 years old. The machines inside repair and renew themselves every 100 years or so. Using the machine Alex is able to show McCoy images from when Alex and his team of archeologists arrived 9 years ago. They were sent there to determine how human contact had interfered with the natural development of the planet as first contact had come before the Prime Directive. After two years of excavating they discovered the chamber. While Alex was examining the machine religious fundamentalists attacked the dig, killing everyone, including his daughter. Over the next two years they were hunted down and executed. At the same time Alex discovered that the machine could reach back in time and manipulate the thoughts of those he observed. He made it so that the father and mother of the man who murdered his daughter never met and when he returned home that night Sophie was there waiting for him. Over the years Alex was able to reach back in time and change the course of the planet away from war and religious strife to one of peace and enlightenment. Alex tells McCoy that the creators of the machine didn’t use the machine properly and ended destroying their civilization. Alex has brought McCoy to finish was he started. That night Alex dies and McCoy goes to the machine and the implication is that he undoes the work Alex started.
C. JUNE – 2273?

Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #4 pg. 22 – Scalpel – Epilogue – Admiral Kirk and Scotty are inspecting the new warp nacelles for the Enterprise. Once the units are shipped to Spacedock and installed the refit will be complete. Admiral Kirk’s aide, Lieutenant LaRoche interrupts to inform Kirk that she’s checked and there’s been no letter from McCoy in more than a month. Kirk tells Scotty that McCoy has been writing fairly regularly to Kirk for the past year and that the last letter he received was concerning what happened aboard the Yorktown. Kirk dismisses his concern and says that the reason McCoy hasn’t written is that probably nothing interesting has happened.

As an aside I can’t help but wonder if the miniseries was supposed to be longer, maybe five issues instead of four as both ‘Hosts’ and ‘Scalpel’ seem kind of choppy; as if they were both edited for space. ‘Scalpel’ seems especially choppy. We’re left wondering what exactly McCoy was going to do. Does he erase/reset the entire planet’s history or just the portions involving his friend Alex and his daughter Sophie. There’s never been any follow-up as far as I can tell.

Night Whispers

The Motion Picture
Okay here’s how I figured it: ‘The Lost Years’ has the Enterprise returning home from its five-year-mission in December 2270 as per Ryan and Christopher and the crew is given six months R&R except for Scotty who put in charge of the Enterprise’s refit/modernization. The rest of the story picks up six months after the Enterprise has returned home and runs for approximately 2 weeks after that, so mid-May 2271. In that six months McCoy has returned to Yonada to be with Natira only to discover that she has married in the interim. While on Yonada McCoy meets Dr. Keridwen Llewellyn and begins a relationship with her and they tour around the Federation giving lectures eventually winding up on Vulcan only to have it end tragically with her death.
‘Traitor Winds’ is the next novel in ‘The Lost Years’ saga and runs from December 14, 2271 – January 1, 2272 and features Kirk, Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov but no McCoy.
The next novel to feature McCoy is ‘Federation’, where, in the epilogue, Kirk and McCoy meet up at Christopher’s Landing on the moon. The date is given as March 19, 2270. VOTI adjusts this to March 19, 2272. So we’re still good. Kirk notices that McCoy has just started to grow his beard.
‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #1 – Weeds’ begins with Admiral Kirk receiving a letter from McCoy saying that he has joined the Frontier Medics Program. The first few weeks were quiet, then the story happens and McCoy puts Theela on probation for one month.
‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #2 – Error’ – It’s been approximately one month since ‘Weeds’. McCoy meets up with Scotty who hasn’t had a vacation in 18 months since the Enterprise returned home from its five-year-mission and work started on her refit. Working forward 18 months from the December 2270 date gives a date of May 2272. Subtract the one month of probation gives us a date of April 2272 which is a month or ‘a few weeks’ since the Epilogue of ‘Federation’. However if we were to include the 6 months of R&R plus the 18 months of refit work for Scotty, then we’re looking at 24 months so approximately November 2272 for ‘Error’ and late-September/early-October 2272 for ‘Weeds’, with ‘Medics’ in September 2273, which leaves no time for ‘Scalpel’ or ‘Recovery’. The earlier date is preferred.
‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #3 – Medics’. There is no date given, however in ‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #4 – Hosts’ which immediately follows ‘Medics’, McCoy can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Theela stowed away on the Joanna, so that must mean that it’s approximately April 2273.
‘Serpents In The Gardens’ which, although not a ‘Lost Years’ novel takes place in 2273, ‘only months prior to Earth being threatened by the massive machine life-form known as V'Ger’ according to the ‘Historian’s Note’ at the beginning of the book; and it does not feature McCoy, so it can be slotted between the bulk of ‘Scalpel’s’ main story and the Epilogue. So approximately May 2273.
The epilogue of ‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #4 – Scalpel’ has Admiral Kirk and Commander Scott inspecting the new warp nacelles of the Enterprise. Once the nacelles are shipped to Spacedock and installed on the Enterprise the refit will be complete. An aide interrupts Kirk and Scotty to inform the Admiral that there has been no word from McCoy in ‘more that a month’. Kirk tells Scotty that McCoy has been writing ‘fairly regularly for the past year . . .’ So again, if the first letter arrived in late-April/early-May of 2272 and it has been a year plus more than a month, the epilogue takes place in mid-June 2273. However the Memory Beta Chronology places these stores in 2271 before ‘Mere Anarchy: Shadows Of Indignant’ with the note – ‘Story is set following the events of ‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor’, due to references to McCoy’s post five-year-mission alien frontier practice’. Another way to interpret the data would be to suggest that the post five-year-mission alien frontier practice could be a reference to his six months on Yonada and after touring and lecturing. (I have the book on order at the local library, so I’ll check to see what the relevant passage says.)
The novel ‘Recovery’, which I haven’t read, but features McCoy on the cover must take place after the Epilogue of ‘Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor #4 – Scalpel’ but before ‘TMP’ as McCoy has returned back to Earth so that puts the novel in July-August 2273.
The ‘Enterprise Log’ short story ‘Night Whispers’ takes place 2 days before ‘TMP’ so late-September 2273.
Ryan and Christopher have ‘TMP’ taking place in late-September 2273 and Christopher has his novel ‘Ex Machina’ dated Oct.-Nov. 2273 beginning ten days after ‘TMP’ and running for approximately 40 days according to the annotations on his website.
It would be interesting to line up the dates of ‘Assignment: Earth’ with the dates given in ‘Assignment: Eternity’, ‘The Eugenics Wars: Volume One and Two’ and ‘Forgotten History. I don’t think that there’s anything contradictory about what occurs between the novels and the comics. Also at some point I think I’m going to try and add the dates from Greg Cox’s ‘To Reign In Hell: The Exile Of Khan Noonien Singh’ to the timeline. The only problem I see is trying to interpret what he means by ‘one planetary year later’. My guess is that when Ceti Alpha VI exploded it shifted Ceti Alpha V’s orbit making the year longer since Khan and Kirk both say 15 years have passed when in fact 18 years have passed. Unfortunately I’m not a mathematician so I can’t work out the 15 years/18 years ratio. There’s a difference of 3 years or 1095 days. Maybe Christopher can help out with that since he worked out the calendars for ‘Watching The Clock’ and ‘Forgotten History’. I’m also thinking about adding the ‘Blood Will Tell’ miniseries to the timeline as it tells the events of ‘Errand Of Mercy’, ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’, ‘A Private Little War’ and ‘Day Of The Dove’ from the Klingons point of view. The framing story would be set in 2293, between the explosion of Praxis and Kirk’s meeting with Chancellor Gorkon.

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