Burlington Society Pub Rally VIII 2009

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Burlington Society Pub Rally VIII 2009
A few things before we begin. There are 9 pubs and a mystery pub, so the entire day could easily run to ten drinks. We test-ran the rally last week drinking halves in each pub, and were pretty hammered by the end of it. It’s no fun if you end up sick, so don’t say we never warned you to pace yourself! The entire route took us until about 10p.m. to complete, and we’re careful to point out places you can stop for food as you go.
Other than that, try your best to answer the questions along the way, there’ll be a prize for first and second teams, and it’s half the fun of the event! We’ve stuck a map on as well for if you get lost, and the route’s (roughly!) marked on. All Questions are in Italics!!

Most importantly of all, it’s not a race! You win the prize by getting the most answers correct, so take your time and have fun! As a rough guide, you’re safe to spend 30-40 minutes in each pub, which gives you enough time to wander between them and have something to eat along the way too.

See you at the end…

Before we get you going, let's explain the idea behind the mystery pubs – these are pubs along the way which we will not name or tell you explicitly to enter! The only way you'll know which they are is from the clues given on the page! Keep an eye open as you follow the rally for any pubs on the route which fit the clues, and when you go in you should see something that will confirm for you that you are in the right place...

Also, this year in each of the pubs you visit you will be able to find a characteristic animal. We've given you a list of animals below – your job is to tell us which pub each one is in, and whereabouts! Whilst some pubs might have more than one of these, we only want one pub per animal – it's your job to figure out which pairs enable you to complete the whole puzzle!
Dragon: _____________________________________________
Dachshund: _____________________________________________
Mouse: _____________________________________________
Penguin: _____________________________________________
Cat: _____________________________________________
Owl: _____________________________________________
Hedgehog: _____________________________________________
Panda: _____________________________________________
Lizard: _____________________________________________

Finally, around the route you might spot little mosaic video-game characters like this:

These are part of an international art project – there are 46 in total in Manchester although you won’t see all of them today, but you do get a bonus point for each one that you spot! Write their locations next to the photo above!

OK, ready for the main rally? Off we go! Head out of the Burlington Rooms and across the courtyard, walking around the edge of the John Rylands Library. What year was the John Rylands Library Erected?

If you take a right turn and go between the Library and the Mansfield cooper building, you should come to a car park on the left. Cut diagonally left through the car park and you’ll reach our first pub, the Ducie Arms. Along the way, see if you can get a photo clue:

What is this?

The Ducie aren't normally open on Sundays, so they won't be serving their regular menu, but they've opened today especially for our rally! Whilst you’re in the Ducie:
Whose place of residence lies between East and West?

Where is time frozen at 1:22p.m.?

Which locally famous publication, still in print today, was once to be found on cross street?

What effect will Roast Beef Mutton have on your day?

When you’re done in the Ducie, take a right turn as you come out of the main door and then turn right again when you reach Lloyd St.

In Manchester, all manner of religious groups may try and convert you, but here we’re looking for the reverse of the road to salvation – what is it?

Along Lloyd St., try these clues:

How much will it cost you to drink beer along this stretch of the pub rally?

What is this?

Beware the EN124’s – what are they?

Let’s say you wanted to get into the city centre from here – you know a bus is about to leave Whalley Range which travels at an average speed of 20 mph and goes along this road. Alternatively, you have a friend who lives in Chorlton, who has a car with average speed 30mph and could set out now to pick you up. Which mode of transport should you take to arrive most quickly, and when will you arrive in the city centre?

You’ll pass Burlington street on the left, which used to be a major thoroughfare past our building and make us the ‘place to be’ in Manchester of an evening, until the Library decided it needed to expand and built itself across the road. Which street would make a good shortcut if you're behind schedule?

A short distance past Burlington Street, you will come to a gate in the railings to your right. Go through it, and you’ll be on Coupland Street, which is within the University’s grounds. Head along Coupland Street, back towards Oxford Road. As you walk along Coupland Street:
What was the Thesaurus Man’s day job?

If you were a woman, what was a Physics degree good for in 1906?

As you get towards the top of Coupland Street, note Rutherford’s original laboratory on the left, where he discovered the nucleus of the atom, and also the Manchester Museum (free entry) just after it.

At Oxford Road, turn left, and head towards the city centre. See if you can tell us If you’d had your half hour in Waterloo, what would your job be now?

Our next pub is the Phoenix (affectionately known as the Yellow Pub by the committee), on the left just underneath the University Shopping Precinct centre. They will be serving food at very reasonable prices – we eat here often when on campus! Whilst in the Yellow Pub, Pick up a yellow card for a bonus point (show it to us when you hand in your sheet at the end)

What was wrong with the toilets in the Yellow Pub?

Where is Drogatampf?

What is your skin like?

Which animal might your virgin attract if you can hold off on the heavy petting long enough?

On leaving the Yellow Pub, turn left, cross the junction and carry straight on past the Royal Northern College of Music. How many strings does the harp have?

Note the Aquatic Centre to your right, which was built for the Commonwealth games, and is now available for use by students as a swimming pool and gym. An interesting piece of trivia: The strange angle of the roof has been modelled on the typical angle a swimmer’s arm makes on a stroke.
Carry on straight at the traffic lights. It’s enough to make you scream, but what has become of the Grosvenor Picture Palace?

You should now pass All Saints Park on the left, which was originally a burial ground, and the bodies are still underneath! Which mode of public transport keeps the park secure at night?

Heading onwards towards the BBC, note the 8th day Co-operative on the other side of the road, which is a very ethical place to shop. Note also the cash points, one by Kro2 and another a bit further up at HSBC if you're running a bit low! Which street near here is the one along which a confused broadcaster ran?

Opposite the BBC, you should reach Odder on the left, which is our next pub. Food is available here, along with a nice range of ciders! If you pick up a flyer we'll give you a bonus point.

Which is the oldest animal in Odder?

How many butterflies are secreted away around the bar?

Which continent is NOT represented on the drinks menu?

Which drink is made out of plumber's ear?

Finishing up in Odder, make sure all your bladders are empty, this next stretch is a slightly longer walk! The Mystery pub is also somewhere along the next leg of the rally – keep your eyes peeled for a slightly damp pub, a mixed up kingdom connected to Saudi Arabia, and soon to Qatar as well!

If you manage to figure out the mystery pub, write down its name here.

What function did the mystery pub serve in industrial Manchester?

Where is the brewery which owns the mystery pub based?

So, keeping your eyes peeled, Turn left on leaving Odder, and then after the Revolution pub, turn left down New Wakefield street (follow signs for Sound Control). There’s a cluster of pubs under the arch to your right worth pointing out – the Thirsty Scholar, the Grand Central, and the Salisbury, but we’re not going in any of them today – keep on going down New Wakefield St.

Which establishment will happily accept your flexible friend, even if it’s probably the only place in Manchester that still does?

Which Company was founded 100 years after the Victoria University of Manchester?

Turn right at the top of the road. What limits are there on the number of goats that can be nursed in this vicinity?

Head on along the tunnel under the bridge, towards the Ritz nightclub, which was originally a ballroom and boasts a wonderful sprung dance-floor, even though the only things that happen in there now are cheesy disco nights. What kind of thing is behind the green door?

Cross the road towards the Ritz, and head down the passageway to the right of it, and then turn left onto the canal. This is the part of the day where we send you on a scenic tour of Manchester's underside! As you can probably tell, we're quite fond of the canal - they cleaned it up quite nicely for the Commonwealth games in 2002, and it's one of the more romantic features of the city centre. Please try not to fall in, we accept no liability! The first clue we’ll ask for en-route, is what colour do unsung radicals become?

The canal opens out into a basin at lock 89, but you should carry on down the slope and keep following the canal. Which crown court personnel might you find on (or more likely off!) duty here?

What was the previous function of the apartment block on the left in this area?

Carry on strolling along the canal when you reach lock 90, we’re not ready for you to go back up just yet. You should pass Deansgate Locks which is a collection of bars that none of us ever bother with, and then when you reach the next lock you’ll have to keep right in order to head down and under the bridge. Which intelligent creature has decided to cut out the hard work by making its lair under this bridge?

Which canal are you walking along?

When you come out on the other side of the bridge, you should take the ramp up from the canal, which turns back on itself half-way and continues to rise. At the top of the ramp, you’ll be able to see the Castlefield area of Manchester laid out before you.

If you had water, coal and power, what would you have been able to build?

Head left up towards the traffic lights on Deansgate, and you'll find our next pub, the Knott, on the right under the railway arches, where you’ll probably find the committee drooling over all the fantastic fruit beers and good food.

What’s a duck’s favourite beer?

Which beer is good for boobies to drink?

Which lager is the only one sold at the Murderer's Arms pub?

Which part of an animal might you find dangerously drinkable if you lingered in here too long?

Pick up a postcard for a bonus point.

On leaving the Knott, head back to Deansgate, and then turn left. A matchstick-man has left his transportation in this area – what is it?

Follow Deansgate along for a while, paying attention to the following:

Which competition was broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester on April 21, 1987?

On the right, note the Beetham tower, which is Manchester’s tallest structure and sports a 23rd storey bar with impressive views, and one end of the AMC cinema, which is the more student-friendly of the two major cinemas in the city. Carry on along Deansgate for a few blocks, and tell us where the best place to buy a king-size bed is?

In what year did strange forces shoot along Deansgate?

Look out for an elephant, giraffe and pig along Deansgate and tell us where each is

Which letters correspond to 1.72727272727272727272727272727272?

You’ll reach traffic lights where Deansgate crosses Peter St – carry on across and keep going up Deansgate. Which buildings exhort you not to give up just yet?

Which Square is good to find?

Note the original John Rylands Library on the left, which some of you may need to use during your studies. At the next set of traffic lights, you’ll come upon Bridge street on the left – turn and go down it. Where might you get your television cleaned?

Turn right into the square when Bridge St. opens out at Saint Mary’s Parsonage. Our next bar, Mojo, is above Starbucks – the entrance is down the alley to the left of Starbucks. Mojo is a relatively new addition to the Manchester scene, and is a great place to have a cocktail or maybe a shot if you’re getting bloated! How many definitions of Mojo are there?

What line do the police patrol on the tube, and which station might hold you up on your train journey from Manchester to London?

If you mix me up a bit, in trench I farm. What am I?

On leaving Mojo, turn right and squeeze down the alley. Take a left at the end, followed by a right at the junction with San Carlos on the corner, leading you back to Deansgate. Carry on straight across Deansgate onto the pedestrianised King St, which is Manchester’s upmarket selection of shops. What natural disaster have the authorities set up next to?

Carrying on a short way along King St, you will come across St. Ann’s passage on the left, which leads under the shops. Go through it, come out at St. Ann’s Church, and then follow the church around to the right. Who founded St. Ann's Church, and when?

You will come out onto St. Ann’s Square facing RBS bank. Turn right, then immediately left down the back alleyway before Alliance & Leicester, in which you’ll find the entrance and steps down to our next bar, Corbières.

Start with a photo clue – where is this?

Then a Hangman-style clue – see if you can complete the missing letters:

_ _ o _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ s _ _ _ k _ _ _ _ _ _ t _ _ w _ _ _ _
Getting into Corbières requires going underground, and if you meet people coming the other way on the stairs you can easily get into the jam. What numbers could you use to catch a tube train to escape, and at what time would you need to do this?

Pick up a flyer for a bonus point!
On leaving Corbières, retrace your steps to RBS bank and St. Ann’s Square, then turn right and head straight through the square itself, towards the mini-roundabout on the other side. On your way through the square:

Who seems to find the trees in the centre worth pointing out?

You might not expect customer service from the counter in this shop. Which is it?

In 1901, it mattered how heavy I was, but it doesn’t matter today. What am I?

Carry on straight across the mini-roundabout and head down the side of Marks and Spencer, taking the pedestrianized road towards Harvey Nichols and Louis Vuitton. There’s another photo clue here –

What is this?

The pedestrianised road opens out into Exchange square, opposite our next pub, the Old Wellington, which shares a courtyard with Sinclair’s Oyster bar. We’d rather go in Sinclair’s, to be honest, but their winter opening hours on Sundays mean that they close at 7pm… Both these pubs were physically moved and preserved when the IRA bomb destroyed this area of Manchester some years ago!

Which king was in power when the Old Wellington was originally built?

Which book was written by the inventor of Phonetic Shorthand?

Which famous Prime Minister has visited the Old Wellington?

On leaving the Old Wellington, Note the Manchester Eye (the big wheel) – for the same price as a ride on it, we recommend going for a cocktail in the beetham tower instead, the view is much better and there’s no rush! Follow the square left around Sinclair’s Oyster bar, which will lead you to the Triangle, another upmarket shopping centre. What was the Triangle prior to its current incarnation?

What was this area before the building which is now the Triangle was built?
Which two types of electrical appliance are actually not sold in their respective stores nearby?
As you follow the square around, keeping the Triangle on your left, you will come to a set of traffic lights with the Printworks complex (notable for overpriced trendy bars and Manchester’s other major cinema) on the opposite corner. Note Urbis to your left, which is Manchester’s museum of urban life. Cross diagonally at the lights, to get to the Printworks, then head up Shudehill past Tiger Tiger. Note the legal gun shop a little further down on the left! Who else sells things in this area which could make people feel less scared of danger?

Carrying on, you should note the Paramount Bookshop on the left, which is one of Manchester’s best second-hand bookstores, and cross the tram tracks.

Where is this?

Now you should come upon the newly built Shudehill interchange, also on the left, which serves public transport to North Manchester. Opposite Shudehill interchange, you’ll see Thomas Street to the right next to a cafe, head down it. See if you can tell us What Sylvester might do to your skin nearby?

Along Thomas Street, you’ll find Trof on the right, our penultimate bar. Trof is superb for snacks, Sunday lunches, and indulgent smoothies.

Whilst in Trof, see if you can tell us where this photo clue is to be found:

What time is it?

Grab a flyer for a bonus point.
On leaving Trof, turn right and continue down Thomas Street. This is Manchester's Northern Quarter, and you will pass many interesting bars – we'd like to point out TV21 on the right, and also the Chinese arts centre on the left, which can occupy an interesting afternoon. Where might you have to hang on for dear life?

Time for another photo clue - where is the following landmark?:

Continuing straight ahead and crossing the road and you’ll pass more bars including Odd, the sister bar to Odder which we went in earlier – hopefully it doesn't seem like too long ago! Keep going towards the cross-roads with the United national bank on the corner. What equipment is available in this area for keeping the streets tidy?

We'd like to point out Matt & Phred's Jazz club which is off to the right down Tib St., a brilliant Jazz venue if a little hard to find. One for another time, though, maybe – for tonight keep going, following Hilton St. across Oldham St (you should see Fresh Bites on the corner). How many beers are there at the sex shop?

As you continue, Hilton St. should open out into Stevenson Square, and you'll see our last bar, No-Ho, over towards the right. A couple of final questions:

What are the prime factors of Television?

How much would you pay to get Pale Jim Pig Boot?

Well done if you made it this far, and thanks for coming along! Hopefully you’ve all had a grand day out! Hand in your completed sheets to the committee, and come along for free drinks (if you’ve recovered enough!) at the Burlington rooms on Thursday night to see if you won!

Notes on getting home:
Take a left out of No-Ho, and head back to Oldham St. Turn left again and Oldham St. leads down to Piccadilly Gardens bus station!

- -

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