Blockchain Revolution

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In this book, you’ll read dozens of stories about initiatives enabled by this trust
protocol that create new opportunities for a more prosperous world. Prosperity first
and foremost is about one’s standard of living. To achieve it, people must have the
means, tools, and opportunities to create material wealth and thrive economically. But
for us it includes more—security of the person, safety, health, education,
environmental sustainability, opportunities to shape and control one’s destiny and to
participate in an economy and society. In order to achieve prosperity, an individual
must possess, at minimum, access to some form of basic financial services to reliably
store and move value, communication, and transactional tools to connect to the global
economy, and security, protection, and enforcement of the title to land and other assets

they possess legally.
This and more is the promise of the blockchain. The stories
you will read should give you a sense of a future where there is prosperity for
everyone, not just more wealth and power for the wealthy and powerful. Perhaps even
a world where we own our data and can protect our privacy and personal security. An
open world where everyone can contribute to our technology infrastructure, rather
than a world of walled gardens where big companies offer proprietary apps. A world
where billions of excluded people can now participate in the global economy and
share in its largesse. Here’s a preview.

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