Asp. Net core- ga login asp. Net core In the development of asp. Net new period

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ASP.NET Core- ga login
ASP.NET Core - In the development of ASP.NET new period
ASP.NET Core is smaller than Microsoft from websites ranging from large web portals and web services until different kind of web applications Create for designed technology .
one hand , ASP.NET Core is an ASP.NET platform development more _ But other on the other hand , this simply next exit not . ASP.NET Core issue in fact all on the platform revolution , his quality change means .
On the platform development in 2014 started _ Then platform traditional was renamed ASP.NET vNext . _ 2016 _ June per month of the platform first version came out . And 2020 _ November In the month of ASP.NET Core 5.0 was released , it is in operation in the manual aks is added .
ASP.NET Core endi complete open source system . Frame for all source files are available on GitHub .
ASP.NET Core core famous operation on systems : Windows, Mac OS, Linux reciprocal activity platforms .NET Core Frames on performance possible . That's right thus , using ASP.NET Core , we cross - platform programs we can create possible . And Windows is still the program functional exit and distribution environment as column though , now we have this operation system with limited we will not stay . That is , we have web applications not only on Windows, but also on Linux and Mac OS possible . And web application placement for traditional IIS or Kestrel cross-platform from the web server you can use possible .
Frame modularity due to web application all required components Nuget package managers through separately module as download possible . From this in addition to the platform previous versions different as from the System.Web.dll library to use need no _
ASP.NET Core includes MVC functions , web -API and web pages unifying MVC scope enters . Of the platform previous versions this technology separately application reported and therefore for a lot repetitive functions there is was . Andy they are single ASP.NET Core MVC programming model merged . And web forms Entirely in the past remained .
Above technology one model merge with a row , to MVC a series additional features added .
Such features one this html syntax is C # code with without problems merge opportunity transmitter tags assistant _
ASP.NET Core Extension possible . Frame relatively independent components from the collection structured _ And we are this components installed from the program we can use or them inheritance from the mechanism used without expand or even own our functions with own our components we can create and from them we can use possible .
Also addiction _ management and of the project configuration simplified . This frame now addiction injection to do for his light container has and now Autofac , Ninject such as third side containers to use need will not remain . From them , if you will use to be continued you can possible though .
Development for tools package as we Visual Studio 2015 from Visual Studio last versions we can use possible . From this in addition , we are in the Visual Studio Code environment reciprocal activity platforms and run on Windows and Mac OS X. possible which was programs we can create possible . and Linux.
Now the HTTP pipe line Katana components and to the OWIN specification based on queries again performance for used . And his modularity your own your components add facilitates .
Conclusion so in other words , ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET previous versions between following basic differences determination you can :
new light and modular HTTP request line

  • application is also available for IIS placement in your process as well ability _

  • .NET Core platform use and his functionality .

  • Through NuGet platform packages distribution _

  • NuGet packages Create and consumption to do for complex help _

  • W eb UI and Web API combined one web developer exit package .

  • In the cloud simplified use for configuration .

  • The opposite injection for installed help _

  • Expansion .

  • Mutual activity platform : ASP.NET software on Windows, Mac and Linux functional exit and placement ability _

  • Development open source as , change openness _

This and other features and opportunities new programming models for basis was _
Download 16,01 Kb.

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