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4. Guru Search For Yoga Study. 11

5. Peace Invocations Shanti Path 14

6. Eight Steps Of Yoga In Brief. 16

Section : II

Ashtang Yoga.
7. Step no. 1. Yama. 20

8. Step no 2 Niyama 23

9. Step no. 3 Asana (Static Postural Exercises) 26

Part-i. Seven golden rules of asana and pranayama.

Part-ii. Savasan, Padmasana, & Surya Namaskara.

Part-iii. (A) Asana for limbs.

Part-iv. (B) (i) Asana for backward bending of spine & neck

(ii) Asana for forward bending of spine

(iii) Side bending and rotation of spine

Part-iv. (C). Asana for vital systems

10. Step no. 4 Pranayama. 48

Breathing exercises. Pranayama cures Blood

Pressurein 90 % of cases.

11. Step no. 5. Pratyahara. 61

Part-1. Third eye of Shiva is within you.

Part-2. Knowledge is Highest Wealth of Individual.

12. Step no 6. Dharana. 68

Part-1. Four goals- Dharm, Artha, Kama And Moksha

Part-2. Sanyasa. Search of Self, God and Yoga with

God is only Desire of remaining Life.

13. Step no 7. Dhyan. 76

Dhyan = Fullest (100%) Attention, Awareness

and Concentration in Present Activity only.



14. Step no 8. Samadhi 83

15. What is Hath Yoga? 88

16. What is Kundalini and Aagna Chakra? 92

Part-1. Kundalini power means a three-tense

Time and Place sense (Tri-kal-Gyana). Perfect Awareness of Time-Place. Part-2.

Scientific meanings of Kundalini & Agna Chakra.

17. Diet and Yoga 99
Section : III

Additional Informative Articles.
18. Sanatan Dharm in Yama Niyama 101

Lesson 1. Yama Niyama & Sanatan Dharm

Lesson 2. Ten practical points for a happy life.

Lesson 3. Yoga is science of Self study Atma-

Gyana, Swadhyay and Art of living

a Perfect Divine Life.

19. Art and Science of Meditation 110

Article 1.. &

Article 2.

20. Self-Realization Write your Autobiography. 117

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. (Who am I?)

Sample by Author: Dr. H. K. Gandhi.

  1. Begger of Knowledge (Upanishad Story). 139

  2. One infinite God of Universe (prayer-1) 144

  3. Jesus & Mahatma Gandhi are

Immortal souls (prayer-2) 146




27. What is I.G.D.S ? 164

28. Dictionary of Common Sanskrit Words 167

Section: I

The April, 23, 2001 issue of TIME weekly presents a fair picture of Yoga practices in USA.

Nearly 15 million Americans Practice Yoga. There are Eight major schools of Yoga, from Bhakti, which is mostly about prayers and mantra chanting, to Tantra, which is largely about sex.

Most Yoga studios and fitness centers in America teach some type of Hatha yoga, the Yoga of activity. Hatha comes in hundreds of different flavors - each emphasizing different body postures and breathing techniques.

These are some of the most popular:.

Easy: (1)Iyanger; (2) Kripalu; (3) Kundalini & (4) ViniYoga.

  • Moderately Difficult:- (5) Shivanad Yoga

  • Challenging:- (6) ASHTANG YOGA (Power Yoga);

(7) Jivanmukti; (8) Bikram or Chaudhury (Hot Yoga)”.

(Shopper’s Guide - page 63)

* * * * *

One observes in above list names of teachers attached with Yoga Schools. These Yoga schools are of popular Yoga business teachers. There is vague or only partial knowledge of ASHTANG YOGA in USA and India also.

To refer to an age old “Art and Science of Patanjali’s Ashtang Yoga” as “Power Yoga” by a magazine like TIME is very wrong.

Similarly understanding of word, ‘Hath’ is incorresct.

(Ref Chapter on ‘What is Hath Yoga?’ in this book).
There is unimaginable interest and curiosity about Yoga in Western countries. In many libraries of Western countries one finds 50 to 100 books on Yoga. All Yoga books describe some postural exercises (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama - the 4th step of Ashtang Yoga), relaxing techniques, and age old tricks of Chanting OM mantra and a few well-known tricks of meditation.

Yoga books on Hath-Yoga describe more difficult postural exercises and a few higher steps of meditation. But the real Hath Yoga is quite a different and difficult subject.

Definition: The noun Yoga roots from a verb YUJ. The word Yoga can be traced to ancient Vedas like Yajur-Veda, five millenniums BC (approx). YUJ means to unite with, to join, to meet, to live together, to get welded to, to merge with etc.

Yoga is an art of uniting with people and living together in harmony and co-operation in family, society and the State. The word Yoga is better understood by its opposite word - Viyoga.

Viyoga means separation, divorce, staying away from, etc.,. Instead of teaching noble attitudes of family unity and love, respect towards elderly and women, fellow human beings, friends and relatives, most Indian Gurus teach – total detachment from family life and family members (Viyoga), isolation, idleness, inaction, apathy towards wealth, neglect of socio-political events and rejection of progress of science. They live a sort of idle life and have negative attitudes. This is very wrong according to the Gita and Ashtang Yoga.
Buddhi-Yoga. (Nyaya-Darshan)

Human body is equipped with a unique gift of God- Intellect (Buddhi) or common sense. It is not found in other mammals, animals and plant kingdom. It is with INTELLECT that we Think, Judge and Reason.

When real curiosity (Jignasa) arises in intellect of a Scientist, he tries to find “Root Causes of Effects observed in the world of material things”.

A Yogi by Self-meditation tries to find the “Root causes of events occurring in daily life. He searches Self or ‘Who am I?’, conscious mind, intellect and God hidden within as Soul and Universal Love”.

Healthy Mind dwells in Healthy Body; and Healthy Mind keeps Body Healthy.

Yoga is a perfect science of physical and mental health. Mind, Intellect, Ego, Desires and Knowledge are different aspects (areas) of human brain. Mind is called the sixth sense organ in the Gita. Different levels of consciousness in mind are studied in last five steps of “self-meditation” in Ashtang Yoga.

Yoga study is an important part of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm). It teaches search of own Self (Atma), Soul (Bhraman) and Creator God of Universe.

Yoga is useful at all places and at all times for every individual of global mankind. It is applicable to all, living in any part of the world, speaking any language and believing- or even not believing - in any secular religion, faith or God. Yoga is useful for all, but one has to learn Yoga with interest and real curiosity.

Yoga is Wisdom of Sages of India since Ages.
We speak and hear sentences like 'Be Yourself', 'Help yourself', 'God helps those who help themselves' etc. The roots of all such sentences could be traced to spiritual scriptures of India, called Upanishads and six Hindu Darshans. A Yoga student has to study other Darshans like Sankhya and Vedanta, and a few chapters of the Gita after Yoga study. All above spiritual scriptures deal with a common subject of Self-Knowledge (Adhiatma Vidya).

The Gita describes nearly 18 types of Yoga, like Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Dhyan Yoga, Sankhya Yoga Etc. Yoga and Gita teach true religion. It leads to Vision of One Universal God (Vishva- Roop Darshan). Yoga study removes inferiority complex and creates self-respect (Swa-maan), Self-confidence (Atma-Shraddha), mental courage and true pride or self-esteem (Gaurav).

Theoretical knowledge of Ashtang Yoga is needed for its practical application in daily life. A Yogi inspires others to do divine benevolent deeds. This brings good name and joy for all. Yoga gives power of positive thinking and creates compassion towards all living creations of Mother Nature.

First Introductory Theoretical course of Ashtang Yoga is like an entry step for sailing into ocean of great psychic powers, hidden within human Mind. Most psychiatrists, psychics, Spiritual healers and Indian Yoga Gurus do understand Mind, Subconscious Mind (Chitta), Intellect (Buddhi) and Ego-Self (Ahamkar) filled Selfish Desires (VAsana) but vaguely.

Yoga students and teachers will notice a scientific approach to Yoga in this book. Any open minded reader will learn some new points about Ashtang Yoga, which will benefit him/her in life’s journey.
Section: I

Yoga study is an important part of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm), Buddhism and Jainism in India. Yoga is a perfect Science of Spirituality, art of health of body, blissful mind and true religious life. To remember the purpose and scope of Yoga,

Remember Alphabets of YOGA.

Y. YourSelf. This is a study of Self knowledge or Who am I? Search God by self-realization and changeless soul within. I am Brahman, Immortal Soul is the final point to be reached by meditation.

O. Find Zero of Time and Space.

This brings an understanding that Perfect Laws of Mother Nature (Prakruti) govern universe and all living beings in a perfect and equal manner.

G. Good thoughts and actions (Karma), for living a perfect divine life.

A. Achieve Four Goals of 100 years of life; Dharm, Arth, Kama, & Moksha.


We start this study with a nice Prayer of a Western Philosopher.
Oh God, give me the Serenity of mind,

to understand things that I can Change;

Oh God, give me the Intellect

to understand things that I Can’t Change,

But above all give me the Wisdom

to understand the Difference between the two."
If this philosopher had studied the Gita and Ashtang Yoga, he would have got his answers.

In outer world we see many man made objects like clothes, books, utensils, houses, furniture, temples and churches, roads and dams, cars, T.Vs and computers etc.,. These are non-living (Jad) man-made material things, valued by man-made money.

We also see living beings like insects, animals, birds, snakes, fishes and many aquatic creatures, trees and plants etc,. These are God made living beings. They are not man made.

We can know and understand with spoken human words, man made political rules, religious beliefs, preachings, traditions, social customs, etc.,.

All man made physical objects, laws and living animal bodies change with the passage of TIME.

There are non-living objects like land, water, air, light, heat or fire, sun, moon, space, millions of stars and galaxies in the universe. These are not man made. They appear more or less constant, but they constantly change their relative positions in this Dynamic Universe.

The above prayer could be answered like this.

Man can change man made laws and man made things, but a man cannot change God made things and God made laws.

Any great king or a highest military power cannot change the laws of Mother Nature (Prakruti or God). But any average man can change laws of countries made by politicians or kings. A man can alter or destroy roads, houses and any man made thing. Constitutions, social customs and religious beliefs of the past can be changed, and must be revised with progress of science and passage of time”.

(From Mahatma Gandhi -book By Dr. H. K. Gandhi)).

A physical scientist discovers the eternal laws of Mother Nature (or God) which govern all non-living objects. A biologist discovers biological laws governing all living creatures. By meditating upon Self and Death, a Yoga student learns that some invisible but perfect laws govern all material objects (Jad) and all living creatures (Chetan) in an equal manner. Then he feels the presence of God at all places, at all times.

This Vision of God comes by knowing ever-changing body, mind, intellect, knowledge, and various beliefs, but the changeless Soul (Spirit, Brahman, Atma) within.

Only a few individuals like Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammad and Mahatma Gandhi get divine vision of God. They declare “God Is One”. They revise old religious beliefs and wrong customs.

Dharm Sanstapanaarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge-

(Gita Ch-4 V-7,8).

God assumes human forms, at intervals of some centuries, to revise religions
The study of 8 steps of Ashtang brings this wisdom (Pragna) and leads to NIRVANA. The last five steps of Yoga meditation teach different levels of conscious and dreaming mind. Mind, Intellect, Ego, Desires and Knowledge are different aspects (areas) of human brain. Mind is called the sixth sense in the Gita (Ch-15).

Yoga has universal application. It means that the principles work at all times, at all places for all individuals of either sex, at any age period in any religion or a nation. Hence Yoga is becoming a popular business in recent times in America and Western countries.

* * * * *
Special Note:

Shri Aurobindo defines Yoga as methodological effort towards self-perfection and development of an individual's latent potential. Yoga is an art and science of living in harmony with Mother Nature and Universe.

  • Yoga has been appreciated in prevention of diseases and promotion of health by developing a perfect balance between body, mind, Ego-centric desires (Vasana), Divine Soul within and finally uniting with ‘God of Universe’.

  • Pranayam practices of Yoga improve oxygenation, rejuvenate brain cells and all organs, cultivate immunity to environmental pressures and thus impart vigor and vitality.

  • Psycho-Somatic Healing: Cures and heals many Psycho-somatic diseases like blood pressure, acidity, digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, prevents and cures heart diseases, bones and joints, excretory systems and bladder problems, diabetes, headeaches etc.,.

  • Yoga has great application in the modern times when depression, neurosis, frustrations, etc, have seeped into our daily life.

  • Helps in mental tensions, worries, and loss of sleep (insomnia); depressions, suicidal thoughts, frustrations etc,.

  • Develops art of making quick decisions and correct actions and “Will power in Mind” to control wrong habits like Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs etc, and food habbits responsible for over weight.

  • Removes Inferiority and Superiority complexes.

  • Controls Passions, Angers and sensual Temptations:

  • Creates Self-Confidence, Courage & ability of Reading Thoughts of all People.

  • Unfolds Holy Spirit (Self, Atman) and creats a sense of Human Equality.

  • Explains true and false Religious Beliefs and need of a true Religion in life.

  • Karm Yoga teaches noble behavior. It brings worldly Fame & Material Successes.

  • Preaches “Universal Religion”. It is a path of knowing Relationship between Self and God.

  • Removes fear of Death.

Section: I

Prior to the period of Lord Buddha (6th Cent BC.), and Saint Patanjali (? 2nd Cent BC), many Yoga practices were going on in India since Vedic times. There was a Chatus-Pad (4 step) Yoga, with about 200 verses (yog-sutras). Its four sections were known as Samadhi-Pada (51 Verses), Sadhan Pada (55 verses), Vibhooti Pada (56 verses) and Kaivalya Pada (38 Verses). All these sections were jointly called Yoga Sutra*
It appears that Saint Patanjali has revised above Yoga study. He had developed it into a perfect art and science. From the above Yoga Sutra, Patanjali had picked up important 8 Sanskrit words Yama, Niyama, Asans, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhayana and Samadhi, and arranged them into a ladder of 8 steps of Morals, Yoga Postures and self-meditation.

This revised 8 step Yoga is the Real Astanga-Yoga. It is also called “Raj Yoga’, or Patanjali Yoga or ASHTANG YOGA.

A Yoga student learns each step slowly under the guidance and supervision of a well-read, self-realized and non-greedy Guru.

Yog-Sadhna (study) is a part and parcel of religious and cultural heritage of India. In the Ten Words of first two steps, there is root and perfect science of world religions. There is similar message in Old Testaments, New Testaments of Christianity, Jainism, etc., and these first two steps of Ashtang Yoga.

In USA and India a rare Yoga teacher may be teaching these ‘Ten Yoga Words’ of Eternal Religion of Humanity (Sanatan Dharm) to his students.

To Remember Benefits of Yoga Study Remember the spelling of P A T A N J A L I

P eace of Mind. No angers, no fears and no worries, no tensions, no stress, no depressions, no unwanted elations. Never think of suicide.

A waken Kundalini Shakti. This develops wonderful memory power, Three Tense Vision (Tri-kal-gyan). Imparts ability of making correct and quick decisions and actions with self-confidence and courage. Kundalini imparts hopes of bright future.

T IME-PLACE Awareness. Desh-Kal Smruti or Chitta-shakti. Memory of past events (Smruti), awareness of present problems, and clear vision of future goals and dreams, with perfect Time-Place Sense.

A agna Chakra: Develops Leadership (Gan-pati) qualities, Ability and Wisdom of giving correct commands, Power of Mass Hypnosis and ability of reading thoughts and intentions of people. It is called Par-Kaya Pravesh. Many intellectuals like teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc, are unaware of such hidden powers of mind. They become blind followers of many Hypnotizing and money minded Indian Gurus.

N irvana. The ultimate goal of life is Nirvana, Moksha or Kaivalya. Freedom from all material desires, worldly bondages and true liberty. This is like Salvation. A Yogi gets Moksha, meaning liberation from a birth-death cycle of soul. This is a popular belief in Jainism and many Indian religions.

J oining with Good People. Sat-Sang. Company of good learned people brings correct knowledge, name, fame and many material achievements.

A rt of finding a way-out in difficult situations with “Clear and Firm Mind”. Times of unhappiness come to every body, rich or poor, a king or a prisoner. Yoga knowledge helps one to firmly face all adverse situations. He never gets frustrated, depressed or thinks of committing suicide.

L earn Moral Duties Dharm.

Without knowledge of obligatory duties (DHARMA) towards SELF, family, society, country and entire mankind, and mother nature; any person lives an animal life of sensual joys at mind level and behaves worse than an animal like a devil (Rakshasa).

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