Application for Participation as a Peer Ambassador

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Application for Participation as a Peer Ambassador
UNL’s Study of the United States Institute (SUSI), a partnership between the Department of Political Science, the Department of Communication Studies, and the Center for Civic Engagement will bring 20 students from countries in southern Africa to learn about political culture and social activism in the United States. These students will be taking courses, visiting local civic organizations, and living in residence halls from January 10, 2015-February 14, 2015. We seek UNL undergraduate peer mentors to participate in some of the formal events and to informally socialize with Institute participants. UNL undergraduate peer ambassadors will be eligible for a $700 stipend to be applied to Education Abroad study.
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Email your electronic application to or drop off a hard copy at 439 Oldfather by November 15, 2015.
Name_______________________________________________________________________________________(please print)
Circle your class standing

  • First-year

  • Sophomore

  • Junior

  • Senior

Is your GPA above a 3.0? Yes No

I understand that, to be eligible for the $700 Education Abroad stipend, I am expected to participate by spending 4-6 hours a week with SUSI students, which may include helping them acclimate to life in Lincoln by taking them shopping, planning social events, and attending Welcome and Farewell dinners. I will check in regularly via email and will write a 1 page final report on my activities with SUSI students.

Signature: _______________________________________________________________

Briefly answer the questions on the back of this application.

1. Why do you want to study abroad? How do you perceive your study abroad experience fitting in with your larger educational goals or career path? Are you now planning a study abroad trip? If so, where?

2. What experience do you have with civic engagement (community service, leadership experience, or related internships)? Why might you be a good fit for this program?

3. Why do you want to participate in the UNL Institute for Civic Engagement? How do you see it fitting in with your broader educational goals or career path?

Are you interested in taking COMM 211, Intercultural Communication, also? _____yes ______no

Download 99.61 Kb.

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