Appeal of Representatives Of Non-Governmental Organizations

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Appeal of Representatives Of Non-Governmental Organizations

in Azerbaijan Concerning the Threat Of Passage of

The Law That Will Severely Limit The NGO Activity In The Country
Dear Sir\Madam,
We, the representatives of Azerbaijani NGOs are appealing to you concerning the amendments to the Law on NGOs (Funds) that is to be discussed in the parliament of the country in June 19th. The proposed amendments will severely limit the independent activity of NGOs and in general puts the mere existence of the Civil Society in the country under a big question.
On June 8th the Presidential Office, without any public discussion, submitted amendments to the Law "On NGOs (Funds)" to the Parliament of Azerbaijan. On June 9th the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy (chaired by MP Ali Huseynov) in one day adopted the mentioned amendments. A session of the Parliament of Azerbaijan Republic is due on June 19th to approve the decision on introducing amendments to the Law "On NGOs (Funds)" and it is expected that the Parliament, which is totally controlled by executive power, will gladly accept the amendments which is similar to those that was passed in Belarus and Uzbekistan
Summary of Amendments:
● Non-registered NGOs will be banned and administrative action will be

brought against their founders (i.e. fine in for of Euro 50 000 and probably

● The NGO could be registered only after the confirmation given by Ministry

of Interior and Ministry of National Security.

● If an officially registered NGO does not have branches in one third of

administrative districts of Azerbaijani Republic, it will not be allowed to

hold any activities in the districts of the country.
● NGO’s budget must be ensured by the foreign donors not more than by 50%

and as almost all inner resources controlled by the government this implies

that no one civil society support project can be conducted without the

permission from the government.

● Foreign NGOs can operate in Azerbaijan only after bilateral agreement

between Azerbaijan and their countries.

Dear Sir\Madam,
We, the representatives of the Civil Society of Azerbaijan today have united

in a collation to defend the Civil Society and freedom of association in our

country. We urge you also to voice your concern in defense of these mutual

for all of as values.

We ask you to use all means necessary and take all possible measures

subsequent to agreements signed between our country, your organizations and

the countries which are part to the agreements of partnership, human rights

and development of civil society.

We ask for your appeal to the Azerbaijani officials with the statement of

inadmissibility of the abovementioned amendments to the law of NGOs and

their non-adherence to the membership of Azerbaijan on OSCE, CoE and

participation of the country in the development programs such as EU’s “Eastern

Please send your statements to the following addresses:
Mr. Iham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan,
Mr. Ogtay Asadov, Speaker of the Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of the

Azerbaijani Republic,

Mr. Elmar Mammedyarov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of


1.Leyla Yunus, Director of Institute of Peace and Democracy

2. Mirvari Gahramanli,  Chief of Committee of Protection of the Oil Workers


3.Hafiz Safihanov,  Chief ofAzerbaijan Campaign to Ban Landmines

4.Matanat Azizova,  Coordinator of Woman Crisis Center

5.Emin Huseynov,  Director Institute for Reporter Freedom and Safety

6.Hikmet Hadjy-zadeh, Deputy of Director Far Centre

7. Anar Mammadli,  Chief of Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center

8.Hilal Mammadov,  Chief of the Committee for the protection of rights of

Novruzali Mammadov

9.Rahaman Badalov, Academia of Science of Azerbaijan, professor

10. Intigam Aliyev,  Director of the Legal Education Society

11. Matlab Mutalibov ,  Chief of the International Law Organization

Protection of Freedom and Peace

12. Yusif Aghayev, Transparency Azerbaijan

13.Azer Ahmed,   general director of newspaper “Azadllyg”

14. Alovsat Aliyev,  Chief of the Azerbaijan Migration Centre

15.Vafa Djafarova,  Chief of the “Dalga” Youth  Movement

16. Leyla Alieva, Chief of the Center for National and International Studies

17.Elchin Behbudov,  Chief of the Committee against touches

18.Alekper Mamedov , Director of the  Centre for Civil Control over Armed

Forces of Azerbaijan

19. Ramiz Mamedov  , member of Bar Association  of Azerbaijan

20. Chingiz Sultansoy, Azerbaijani Investigative Journalists Network

21. Hamid Khalilov, Training-Monitoring Centre on Socio-economic Rights

22.Himajt Ismaylova ,Himayadar Humanitarion Progres Public Union

23.  Shain Gadgiev, Foundation of the name Nadgaf Nadgafov

24. Arzu Abdullaeva,  Azerbaijan National Committee of the Helsinki Citezen’s


25. Orhan Gafarli,  Azerbaijan Youth Platform

26.Vafa Gafarova,  “DALGA” Youth Movement

27.lgar Mirza, “STIMUL” Youth Association

28.Sardar Yusifoglu, Youth Scientific Cultural Development Organization

29.Rashad Shain , BIrliye Dogru Youth Organization

30.Nargiz Eyvazova, AGAT Youth Organization

31.Ramil Hadgili, “Democracy School” Youth Academy

32.Sebuhi Gafarov ALGA Youth Organization

(and more than 70 additional NGOs)
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