Answers: Exercise: A

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Exercise: A

  1. 100 million citizens of all ages

  2. An active expression of civic participation

  3. The European year of volunteering

  4. Many interested parties

  5. Different activities

Exercise: B

  1. The European Union

  2. For instance: in civil society organisations, youth clubs, hospitals, schools, in sport clubs, etc.

  3. solidarity and social cohesion.

  4. Because involvement in voluntary activities can provide people with new skills and competences that can even improve their employability.

  5. I would opt to reward and recognise volunteering activities, because when people are rewarded, they will contribute to the EU more.

  6. . The European Commission is also planning a range of activities. These include communication and

awareness-raising measures (EYV Tour, EYV Relay, EYV Website, Thematic conferences).

Exercise: C

  1. I can define volunteering as charity volunteering

  2. Firstly, people wants to get some facilities by being involved in activities, secondly, it will give them somewhat joy to participate in this kind of activities.

  3. It is up to the sort of the volunteering they are doing.

  4. I could get the new experience, discover new friends and be socio-active person.

  5. Nowadays , owing to the quarantine, a lot of young people and entrepreneurs are doing volunteer work just for their nation

  6. First picture, we see a lot of arms which has a meaning of solidarity and in the second one there are a lot of youth representing that together they are great power and can handle it altogether.

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