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vol. 51, n. 6, 15 settembre 2000
Tangcharoensathien Viroj - Harnvoravongchai Piya - Pitayarangsarit Siriwan - Kasemsup Vijj, Health impacts of rapid economic changes in Thailand, pp. 789-807.

Hertzman Clyde - Siddiqi Arjumand, Health and rapid economic change in the late twentieth century, pp. 809-819.

Berkman Lisa F. - Glass Thomas - Brissette Ian - Seeman Teresa E., From social integration to health: Durkheim in the new millennium, pp. 843-857.

Seale Clive, Changing patterns of death and dying, pp. 917-930.

Doyal Lesley, Gender equity in health: debates and dilemmas, pp. 931-939.

vol. 51, n. 7, 1 ottobre 2000

Hertzman Clyde, Social change, market forces and health, pp. 1007-1008.

Eggleston Elizabeth, Unintended pregnancy and women's use of prenatal care in Ecuador, pp. 1011-1018.

Borg Vilhelm - Kristensen Tage S., Social class and self-rated health: can the gradient be explained by differences in life style or work environment?, pp. 1019-1030.

Kearns Robin A. - Collins Damian C.A., New Zealand children's health camps: therapeutic landscapes meet the contract state, pp. 1047-1059.

Grundy Emily - Holt Gemma, Adult life experiences and health in early old age in Great Britain, pp. 1061-1074.

Lee Albert, Lau Fei-Lung, Hazlett Clarke B. - Kam Chak-Wah - Wong Patrick - Wong Tai-Wai - Chow Susan, Factors associated with non-urgent utilization of Accident and Emergency services: a case-control study in Hong Kong, pp. 1075-1085.

Mead Nicola - Bower Peter, Patient-centredness: a conceptual framework and review of the empirical literature, pp. 1087-1110.

vol. 51, n. 8, 16 ottobre 2000

Blaxter Mildred, Medical sociology at the start of the new millennium, pp. 1139-1142.

Acevedo-Garcia Dolores, Residential segregation and the epidemiology of infectious diseases, pp. 1143-1161.

McLennan J.D., To boil or not: drinking water for children in a periurban barrio, pp. 1211-1220.

Seymour Jane Elizabeth, Negotiating natural death in intensive care, pp. 1241-1252.

Beagan Brenda L., Neutralizing differences: producing neutral doctors for (almost) neutral patients, pp. 1253-1265.

London Andrew S. - Robles Arodys, The co-occurrence of correct and incorrect HIV transmission knowledge and perceived risk for HIV among women of childbearing age in El Salvador, pp. 1267-1278.

vol. 51, n. 9, 1 novembre 2000

Siegrist Johannes, Place, social exchange and health: proposed sociological framework, pp. 1283-1293.

Cockerham William C., Health lifestyles in Russia, pp. 1313-1324.

Palosuo Hannele, Health-related lifestyles and alienation in Moscow and Helsinki, pp. 1325-1341.

Bobak Martin - Pikhart Hynek - Rose Richard - Hertzman Clyde - Marmot Michael, Socioeconomic factors, material inequalities, and perceived control in self-rated health: cross-sectional data from seven post-communist countries, pp. 1343-1350.

Kopp Maria S. - Skrabski Árpád - Szedmák Sándor, Psychosocial risk factors, inequality and self-rated morbidity in a changing society, pp. 1351-1361.

Carlson Per, Educational differences in self-rated health during the Russian transition. Evidence from Taganrog 1993¯1994, pp. 1363-1374.

Nazarova Inna, Self-rated health and occupational conditions in Russia, pp. 1375-1385.

Barnett Tony - Whiteside Alan - Khodakevich Lev - Kruglov Yuri - Steshenko Valentyna, The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine: its potential social and economic impact, pp. 1387-1403.

Mäkinen Ilkka Henrik, Eastern European transition and suicide mortality, pp. 1405-1420.

Rose Richard, How much does social capital add to individual health? A survey study of Russians, pp. 1421-1435.

vol. 51, n. 10, 16 novembre 2000

Pound Pandora - Ebrahim Shah, Rhetoric and reality in stroke patient care, pp. 1437-1446.

Thapa Narbada - Chongsuvivatwong Virasakdi - Geater Alan F. - Ulstein Magnar - Bechtel Gregory A., Infant death rates and animal-shed delivery in remote rural areas of Nepal, pp. 1447-1456.

Thompson Samantha J. - Gifford Sandra M., Trying to keep a balance: the meaning of health and diabetes in an urban Aboriginal community, pp. 1457-1472.

Folasade Iyun B., Environmental factors, situation of women and child mortality in southwestern Nigeria, pp. 1473-1489.

Baume Carol - Helitzer Deborah - Kachur S. Patrick, Patterns of care for childhood malaria in Zambia, pp. 1491-1503.

Cocks Michelle - Dold Anthony, The role of `African Chemists' in the health care system of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, pp. 1505-1515.

Uchoa Elizabeth - Barreto Sandhi M. - Firmo Joselia O.A. - Guerra Henrique L. - PimentaJr Fabiano G. - Lima e Costa Maria Fernanda F., The control of schistosomiasis in Brazil: an ethno-epidemiological study of the effectiveness of a community mobilization program for health education, pp. 1529-1541.

Siegel Karolynn - Schrimshaw Eric W., Perceiving benefits in adversity: stress-related growth in women living with HIV/AIDS, pp. 1543-1554.

Easthope G. - Tranter B. - Gill G., General practitioners' attitudes toward complementary therapies, pp. 1555-1561.

vol. 51, n. 11, 1 dicembre 2000

Dunn James R. - Dyck Isabel, Social determinants of health in Canada's immigrant population: results from the National Population Health Survey, pp. 1573-1593.

Schulz A. - Israel B. - Williams D. - Parker E. - Becker A. - Jam S., Social inequalities, stressors and self reported health status among African American and white women in the Detroit metropolitan area, pp. 1639-1653.

Scott Kate M. - Sarfati Diana - Tobias Martin I. - Haslett Stephen J., A challenge to the cross-cultural validity of the SF-36 health survey: factor structure in Māori, Pacific and New Zealand European ethnic groups, pp. 1655-1664.

Riska Elianne, The rise and fall of Type A man, pp. 1665-1674.

Terra de Souza A.C. - Peterson K.E. - Andrade F.M.O. - Gardner J. - Ascherio A., Attitudes as circumstances of post-neonatal deaths in Ceará, Northeast Brazil: mothers' health care-seeking behaviors during their infants' fatal illness, pp. 1675-1693.

Straughan P. T. - Seow A., Attitudes as barriers in breast screening: a prospective study among Singapore women, pp. 1695-1703.

vol. 51, n. 12, 15 dicembre 2000

Oropesa R.S. - Landale N. S. - Inkley M. - Gorman B.K., Prenatal care among Puerto Ricans on the United States mainland, pp. 1723-1739.

Williamson Deanna L., Health behaviours and health: evidence that the relationship is not conditional on income adequacy, pp. 1741-1754.

Nochi Masahiro, Reconstructing self-narratives in coping with traumatic brain injury, pp. 1795-1804.

Babrow Austin S. - Kline Kimberly N., From “reducing” to “coping with” uncertainty: reconceptualizing the central challenge in breast self-exams, pp. 1805-1816.

Krupat Edward - Fancey Marcella - Cleary Paul D., Information and its impact on satisfaction among surgical patients, pp. 1817-1825.

Källestål C. - Dahlgren L. - Stenlund H., Oral health behaviour and self-esteem in Swedish children, pp. 1841-1849.

Spazi della Mente. Teoria e prassi dell'agire in psichiatria. Rivista quadrimestrale di psichiatria e scienze umane

Centro studi di psicologia e psichiatria “Spazi della Mente”, c/o Dipartimento di salute mentale, DSB 50, ASL NA 1 (Napoli).

anno VIII, n. 19, gennaio-aprile 1997

Aurilio Rossella, La cronicità nella relazione terapeutica, pp. 61-64.

anno X-XI, n. 22, gennaio 1998 - dicembre 1999

Scala A., La cultura della diversità e la riscoperta dell'altro, pp. 11-16.

Imparato Antonia, Il paziente depresso: dall'approccio biologico al trattamento integrato, pp. 101-104.

anno XII, n. 23, gennaio-dicembre 2000

Barciulli E. - Fucci G. - Bandini E. - Galassi F., Il self-help: una autocura con valenza terapeutica, pp. 11-15.

Di Mezza F.R. - Filippelli E. - Volpe M., Tra le faglie della memoria e la produzione di pensiero: lo spazio transizionale nel rapporto con la persona affetta da Alzheimer, pp. 27-30.
Transcultural Psychiatry

(fino al 1996: “Transcultural Psychiatric Research Review”)

Division of social and transcultural psychiatry, Department of psychiatry, McGill University (Montréal, Québec).

vol. XXXVI, n. 4, dicembre 1999 [dedicato a Narrative therapy and religion]
Witztum Eliezer - Goodman Yehuda, Narrative construction of distress and therapy: a model based on work with ultra-orthodox Jews, pp. 403-436.

Seeman Don, Subjectivity, culture, life-world: an appraisal (Invited commentaries on Witztum & Goodman), pp. 437-445.

Rousseau Cécile, Playing around with a story, pp. 447-450.

Kirmayer Laurence J., Myth and ritual in psychotherapy, pp. 451-460.

Young Allan, Concerning the efficacy of focal narratives, pp. 461-463.

Witztum Eliezer - Goodman Yehuda, Further reflections on therapy, psychology, anthropology and the Haredin (Reply), pp. 465-475.

Yeung Frederick K.C., The adaptation of solution-focused therapy in Chinese culture: a linguistic perspective, pp. 477-489.

Loewenthal Kate M. - Cinnirella Marco, Beliefs about the efficacy of religious, medical and psychotherapeutic interventions for depression and schizophrenia among women from different cultural-religious groups in Great Britain, pp. 491-504.

Elliott Carl, Cultured minds, cultured morals, pp. 505-512.

Freedman Benjamin, Competence within a society of strangers: a midrashic note on the cross-cultural representation of madness, pp. 525-529.

Freeman Paul, The Marabout cult in Mexico, pp. 531-537.

vol. XXXVII, n. 1, marzo 2000 [dedicato a Indigenous peoples]

Spencer D.J., Editorial: anomic and demoralization in transitional cultures: the Australian aboriginal model, pp. 5-10.

Adelson Naomi, Re-imagining aboriginality: an indigenous peoples’ response to social suffering, pp. 11-34.

Kirmayer Laurence J. - Boothroyd Lucy J. - Tanner Adrian - Adelson Naomi - Robinson Elizabeth, Psychological distress among the Cree of James Bay, pp. 35-56.

Bonander Jason - Kohn Robert - Arana Belito - Levav Itzhak, pp. 57-72.

Munford David B., Culture shock among young British volunteers working abroad: predictors, risk factors and outcome, pp. 73-87.

Streltzer Jon - Rezentes III William C. - Arakaki Masa, Lack of association of psychosocial variables with natural killer cell activity in a native Hawaiian population, pp. 89-99.

Howard William T. - Loberiza Fausto R. - Pfohl Bruce M. - Thorne Peter S. - Magpantay Rio L. - Woolson Robert F., Logistical and methodological challenges in conducting a mental health survey of Mount Pinatubo disaster victims, pp. 101-118.

van Ommeren Mark - Sharma Bhogendra - Makaju Ramesh - Thapa Suraj - de Jong Joop, Limited cultural validity of the composite international diagnostic interview’s probe flow chart, pp. 119-129.

vol. XXXVII, n. 2, giugno 2000 [dedicato a Racism and psychiatry]

Moore Laurie Jo, Psychiatric contributions to understanding, pp. pp. 147-182

Swartz Leslie - Drennan Gerard, Beyond words: notes on the “irrelevance” of language to mental health services in South Africa, pp. 183-199.

Lashley Myrna, The unrecognized social stressors of migration and reunification in Caribbean families, pp. 201-215.

Ono Yutaka - Yoshimura Kimio - Yamauchi Keita - Asai Masahiro - Young Jerome - Fujihara Shigeki - Kitamura Toshinori, Somatoform symptoms in a Japanese community population: prevalence and association with personality characteristics, pp. 217-227.

Auerbach Judith G. - Goldstein Esther - Elbedour Salman, Behavior problems in Bedouin elementary schoolchildren, pp. 229-241.

Lester David, Suicide in emigrants from the Indian subcontinent, pp. 243-254.

Ryder Andrew - Bean Graham - Dion Kenneth L., Caregiver response to symptoms of first-onset psychosis: a comparative study of Chinese- and Euro-Canadian families, pp. 255-265.

vol. XXXVII, n. 3, settembre 2000

Zarowsky Christina - Pedersen Duncan, Editorial: rethinking trauma in a transnational world, pp. 291-293.

Brunner José, Will, desire and experience: etiology and ideology in the German and Austrian medical discourse on war neuroses, 1914-1922, pp. 295-320.

Abramson Henry, The Esh kodesh of Rabbi Kalonimus Kalmish Shapiro: a Hasidic treatise on communal trauma from the Holocaust, pp. 321-345.

Bagilishyra Déogratias, Mourning and recovery from trauma: in Rwanda, tears flow within, pp. 337-353.

Foxen Patricia, Cacophony of voices: a K’iche’ Mayan narrative of remembrance and forgetting, pp. 355-381.

Zarowsky Christina, Trauma stories: violence, emotion and politics in Somali Ethiopia, pp. 383-402.

Rechtman Richard, Stories of trauma and idioms of distress: from cultural narratives to clinical assessment, pp. 403-415.

Summerfield Derek, Childhood, war, refugeedom and “trauma”: three core questions for mental health professionals, pp. 417-433.

Atlani Läetitia - Rousseau Cécile, The politics of culture in humanitarian aid to women refugees who have experienced sexual violence, pp. 435-449.

vol. XXXVII, n. 4, dicembre 2000

Henningsen Peter - Kirmayer Laurence J., Mind beyond the net: implications of cognitive neuroscience for cultural psychiatry, pp. 467-494.

Bartholomew Robert E. - Sirois François, Occupational mass psychogenic illness: a transcultural perspective, pp. 495-524.

Haraldsson Erlendur - Fowler Patrick C. - Periyannanpillai Vimala, Psychological characteristics of children who speak of a previous life: a further field study in Sri Lanka, pp. 525-544.

Hollan Douglas, Culture and dissociation in Toraja, pp. pp. 545-559.

Ng Beng-Yeong, Phenomenology of trance states seen at a psychiatric hospital in Singapore: a cross-cultural perspective, pp. 560-579.

Somer Eli - Saadon Meir, Stambali: dissociative possession and trance in a Tunisian healing dance, pp. 580-600.

Kenny Michael, Setting a wolf to catch a wolf: psychiatry, Satanism, and the anti-cult movement, pp. 600-617.

vol. XXXVIII, n. 1, marzo 2001 [dedicato a Hispanic psychiatry: from margin to mainstream]

Alarcón Renato D., Hispanic psychiatry: from margin to mainstream, pp. 5-25.

Grace Janet - Lee K.K. - Ballard Clive - Herbert Michael, The relationship between post-natal depression, somatization and behaviour in Malaysian women, pp. 27-34.

Kahn Marc S. - Kelly Kevin J., Cultural tensions in psychiatric nursing: managing the interface between Western mental health care and Xhosa traditional healing in South Africa, pp. 35-50.

Morris Patrick - Maniam T., Ethnicity and suicidal behaviour in Malaysia: a review of the literature, pp. 51-63.

Cederblad Marianne - Pruksachatkunakorn Pairat - Boripunkul Teerarat - Intraprasert Suthi - Höök Börje, Behaviour problems and competence in Thai children and youths: teachers’, parents’ and subjects’ perspectives, pp. 64-79.

Prince Raymond - Beauchamp Lionel, Pioneers of transcultural psychiatry: Henri F. Ellenberger (1905-1993), pp. 80-104.

Tsang Hector - Chan Chetwyn - Chan Fong, Conjoint analysis: an alternative approach to studying stigma, pp. 136-139.

Chakraborty Ajita, Stigma in India, pp. 139-141.

Littelwood Roland, Stigma in India: a response to Professor Chakraborty, p. 142.

Ineichen Bernard, Religion and suicide rates, pp. 143-144.

vol. XXXVIII, n. 2, giugno 2001

Browne Kevin, (Ng)amuk revisited: emotional expression and mental illness in central Java, Indonesia, pp. 147-165.

Jirojwong Sansnee - Manderson Lenore, Feelings of sadness: migration and subjective assessment of mental health among Thai women in Brisbane, Australia, pp. 167-186.

Al-Krenawi Alean, Women from polygamous and monogamous marriages in an out-patient psychiatric clinic, pp. 187-199.

Sulaiman Sultana O.Y. - Bhugra Dinesh - De Silva Padmal, Perceptions of depression in a community sample in Dubai, pp. 201-218.

Qureshi Naseem Akthar - Al-Habeeb Tariq Ali - Al-Ghamdy Yasser S. - Abdelgadir Muzamil H. - Quinn John G., Delusions of pregnancy in Saudi Arabia: a socio-cultural perspective, pp. 231-242.

Dein Simon - Sembhi Sati, The use of traditional healing in South Asian psychiatric patients in the U.K.: interactions between professional and folk psychiatries, pp. 243-257.

vol. XXXVIII, n. 3, settembre 2001

Beyer Broch Herald, The villagers’ reactions toward craziness: an Indonesian example, pp. 275-305.

Elsass Peter, Individual and collective traumatic memories: a qualitative study of post-traumatic stress disorder symptom in two Latin American localities, pp. 306-316.

Giosan Cezar - Glovsky Viviane - Haslam Nick, The lay concept of “mental disorder”: a cross-cultural study, pp. 317-322.

Larson Ann - Frkovic Ivan - van Kooten-Prasad Marina - Manderson Lenore, Mental health needs assessment in Australia’s culturally diverse society, pp. 333-347.

Loiselle Carmen G. - Cossette Sylvie, Cross-cultural validation of the Toronto alexithymia scale (TAS-20) in U.S. and Peruvian populations, pp. 348-362.

Mirsky Julia, Psychological independence among immigrant adolescent from the former Soviet Union, pp. 363-373.

vol. XXXVIII, n. 4, dicembre 2001

Hinton Devon - Um Khin - Ba Phalnarith, Kyol Goeu (“Wind overload”) part I: a cultural syndrome of orthostatic panic among Khmer refugees, pp. 403-432.

Hinton Devon - Um Khin - Ba Phalnarith, Kyol Goeu (“Wind overload”) part II: prevalence, characteristics, and mechanisms of Kyol Goeu and Near-Kyol Goeu episodes of Khmer patients and attending a psychiatric clinic, pp. 433-460.

Boehnlein James K., Cultural interpretations of physiological processes in post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder, pp. 461-467.

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Hsia Curtis C. - Barlow David H., On the nature of culturally bound syndrome in the nosology of mental disorders, pp. 474-476.

McNally Richard, Kyol Goeu (“Wind overload”) in traumatized Cambodians: a variant of panic disorder?, pp. 477-480.

Moore Laurie Jo - Sager Dan - Keopraseuth Kham-One - Chao Loo Hang - Robinson Elizabeth, Rheumatological disorders and somatization in U.S. Mien and Lao refugees with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder: a cross-cultural comparison, pp. 481-505.

Ono Yutaka - Yoshimura Kimio - Yamauchi Keita - Asai Masahiro - Young Jerome - Fujuhara Shigeki - Kitamura Toshinori, Taijin Kyofusho in a Japanese community population, pp. 506-514.

Desjarlais Robert, Culture and consciousness in South Asia, pp. 515-520.

Carmaciu C.D. - Anderson C.S. - Markar H.R., Secondary Koro with unusual features in a Briton, pp. 528-533.

Tsang Hector, The Chinese version of the perceived family burden scale for individuals suffering from schizophrenia, pp. 533-536.

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