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Social Media Post & Caption Ideas


  • Live It, Love It

  • Living the Dream

  • FAll in LΦve

  • The FAbulΦus Life

  • Gotta Gotta Go APHI

  • The Best Things in Life are PHI

  • [school] Alpha Phi, the two best choices we ever made

  • Lucky to be Alpha Phi

  • The Ones To Be

  • Sweet Home Alpha Phi

  • Be Extrrdinary

  • Join the PHI-nomenon

  • Two Letters, One Choice, No Regrets

  • Some things are worth the wait, Others are worth the rush

  • Catch the Phi-ver

  • Be True, Be You, Be Alpha Phi

  • Rush It, Love It, Alpha Phi

  • The best is yet to come

  • All the best girls wear the ivy

  • Ivy League

  • Always Alpha Phi

  • Sisters make the best friends

  • Count down to recruitment

  • Here’s to you, here’s to me, here’s to being an Alpha Phi

  • Alpha Phi is the life for me!

Longer Examples:

  • There's only TWO days left until recruitment and registration closes tonight! Make sure you are registered to #GOGREEK and make college the best years of your life! REG LINK

  • Day one of recruitment was a blast! We had a great time meeting some amazing young women, and we can't wait for day two on Saturday!

  • Round One is complete! We so enjoyed meeting 1355 potential new members and cannot wait for philanthropy round tomorrow! 

  • Sisterhood is what Alpha Phi is all about. When you join Alpha Phi, you join a worldwide network of more than 160 collegiate chapters, 150 alumnae chapters and over 187,000 sisters! Today we are having such a blast sharing our sisterhood with all the potential members! 

  • Throughout your collegiate experience-and for the rest of your life-Alpha Phi will provide you with endless opportunities filled with friendship and fun. As a member of one of the oldest and largest women's sororities, you will form meaningful friendships and memories that last lifetime Round Three really could not have been better. We are so thankful for the Alpha Phi sisterhood!

  • Preference day is finally here. Reflecting back on an amazing recruitment, we feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to share Alpha Phi with so many wonderful potential members. Tomorrow, many of these women will start their journey with Alpha Phi which will not only last four years, but a lifetime. May the memory of today stay with you always 

  • It's a wrap! This was such an amazing recruitment. And we want to give a shout out to our seniors who we love so much! We could not have done any of this without your guidance and support! Tomorrow we get beautiful new members to carry on your legacy!

Philanthropy/Community Service:

  • Do your part, protect your heart

  • The cause is to live for, the dress is to die for

  • Saving hearts, one step at a time (Move Your Phi’t)

  • Changing women’s lives, one heartbeat at a time

  • The best muscle you can work is your heart

  • Alpha Phi wears red, and so should you

  • Saving broken hearts

  • Let’s get PHI-sical

  • #1 killer of women

  • Alpha Phi stands hand in hand in support of women’s heart health

  • Live a life of purpose

  • Do a good deed, stand up and lead

  • Kiss heart disease goodbye

  • Listen to your heart

  • Blood Drive

    • Just Our Type

    • Every Drop Counts! Give Blood

    • Help a Bud, Donate Blood

    • Give to Let them Live

Longer Examples:

  • Don't forget that tomorrow is national Wear Red Day! Please join us in wearing red to create awareness for women's heart health 

  • With the excitement of Red Dress Ball coming up this Saturday, we want to remind you all to please wear red tomorrow to support women’s heart health awareness day!


  • Holidays

    • HAppy HФlidays

    • WArmth, JФy, PEace

    • These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

    • The 12 Days of Christmas (12 Days of Alpha Phi)

    • MAking MemФries

Longer Examples:

  • From our family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holidays! 

  • Another holiday made brighter by having such awesome sisters. Lots of love to you and yours during this festive time!

  • We are thankful for our family, friends, and our wonderful sisterhood. Happy Thanksgiving from Alpha Phi!

  • Thanksgiving

    • Thanks for giving

    • Thankful for…

    • Today, Alpha Phi’s gather near and far with grateful/thankful hearts

  • International Women’s Day

    • Happy International Women’s Day! We are so lucky to be surrounded by all of these strong amazing women!

  • Mother’s Day/ Mom’s Weekend

    • All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother

    • The best kinds of mothers raise Alpha Phi daughters

    • You can’t mistake her for any other, it no wonder she’s an Alpha Phi mother

    • Home is whenever I’m with you

    • Home is where your mom is

  • Father’s Day/Dads Weekend

    • The best fathers raise Alpha Phi daughters

    • Takes the best to raise the best

  • Founders Day

    • 142 years, 10 women, 1 sisterhood

    • Chance Made Us Sisters, Hearts Made Us Friends

    • Honor the Past, Imagine the Future

  • Memorial Day

    • Land of the Free (Phi), Home of the Brave

    • Land of the Free, Because of the Brave

  • National Badge Day

    • Great women wear letters

    • Individually unique, together complete

  • 4th of July

    • A-Phi hearts beat true for the red, white & blue

    • Red, White & Blue, A-Phi is True to You

  • Labor Day

    • HArd wФrk, pays off

  • Homecoming

    • TrAditiФn

  • Halloween

    • May your HAllФween be Spooktacular

    • Happy HAllФween

  • New Year’s

    • The time is near for Alpha Phi to give a big cheer – Happy New Year!

    • An Alpha Phi Toast to the New Year

  • Spring Break

    • Hand in Hand, Through the Sand

  • Greek Week

    • In it to win it

    • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    • Taking the Opportunity to Help the Community

    • For Better Unity, We’re Helping the Community

  • Dance Marathon/Relay for Life/other big campus events

    • Relay for Life:

      • This All-Nighter is so much better than being in the library all night! We love Relay for Life!

      • We may bleed (School Color), but Tonight We Bleed Purple

    • Dance Marathon:

      • Alpha Phi is ‘All For The Kids’

      • Too Legit to Sit

  • Seasons (fall, summer, winter, spring)

    • Fall:

      • fAll in lФve

      • Alpha Phi says to have a good fall, y’all!

Longer Example:

  • It's that time of year again! We are so excited for pumpkin patches, football games, wearing sweatshirts with letters and the beautiful leaves falling all around SCHOOL. #fAllinlΦve #alphaphi

    • Summer:

      • Days of Summer / Endless Summer

      • Fun in the Sun with Alpha Phi

      • Catching Rays

      • Hello Sunshine!

      • Alpha Phi is So Bright, You’ve Gotta Wear Shades!

      • Summer Lovin’ - Havin’ an A-Phi Blast

      • Together forever & Never Apart, Maybe in Distance, but never at Heart

      • Life’s Better as an Alpha Phi

Longer Example:

  • Just because the school year ends, doesn't mean our sisterhood does! The Phis have had an amazing summer together

  • Keep up with the ladies of CHAPTER Alpha Phi this summer by following us on social media!

    • Spring

      • I believe in the friendships formed in the springtime of my youth

      • Happy Spring!

Longer Example:

  • Spring break is coming to an end but spring quarter is just about to begin! We are all excited to be back together and soak up the sun in INSERT SCHOOL!

  • School pride/football season/sporting events

    • Fight On

    • GAme Фn

    • Phis got spirit! Yes we do!

    • Alpha Phi Loves the (School Mascot)

  • Big/Little

    • The next best thing to getting my bid was getting my big!

    • It’s the LITTLE things that bake a BIG difference

    • Here’s to you, here’s to me, Big and Little we’ll always be

    • I’ll be there for you

    • The best thing in life to hold on to is each other –Audrey Hepburn

  • Posting formal recruitment dates and link to registration site

    • Alpha Phi Wants You To Go Greek

    • XX Days Until Recruitment [with link to registration site]

    • Count down to recruitment

  • Individual philanthropies (Cardiac Arrest, Mr. Greek, Move Your Phi’t, etc.)


  • Phi to Shining Phi

  • Phis Over Seas

  • Away We GФ!

  • Around the WФrld

  • Oh, the Places We’ll Go


  • Put the A in APHI!

  • bAck to schΦol

  • Giving a big A-Phi cheer for a new school year

  • CongratulAtiΦns!

  • It’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon!

  • Not four years, for life!

  • Forever a Sister, Always a Friend

  • Four years of memories. Lifetime friendships.

  • Forever I’ll be an Alpha Phi

  • Don’t worry, Be Happy! Finals are almost over!

Longer Example:

  • Congrats to all of our seniors graduating today! You have all been, and will continue to be, amazing sisters and role models! Although we wish you all could spend another 4 years with us, we know your future is bright. aoe.

Greek Events:

  • International Badge Day

    • International Badge Day was established in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference to sit aside a day for women- in all different sororities- to wear their badges in a celebration of our sisterhood. Today, and everyday, CHAPTER is proud to wear our letters on our heart.

  • Greek Week/Competitions

    • We are ready for INSERT EVENT and to rock the stage tonight!

    • We are all smiles after today's INSERT EVENT! Can't wait for the rest of the week! 

Drive traffic to other social media accounts:

  • Last week was filled with football games, philanthropies, concerts, big/little clues, and we found some more pics from Bid Day!! Check it out here: TUMBLR LINK

Weekly/ Days of the Week:

  • Throwback Thursday

    • In the middle of all this studying, we're just wishing it was Bid Day again

    • It’s fun to visit the past! Look at what Alpha Phi looked like in the 50’s!

  • Flashback Friday

    • Blast from the past!

  • Man Crush Monday

    • Our main man! (Ivy Man, Mr. Alpha Phi, School Mascot)

  • Sister Saturdays

    • Sisters before misters! [INSERT ACTIVITY HERE] on the [INSERT WEATHER] here!

  • Happy Monday! We hope everyone has a great week!

  • Happy Friday! We are so happy it’s Friday! Have a great weekend! Love, Alpha Phi

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