All in… Fasting Summer Prayer and Fasting Emphasis – Week 2

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LifeGroup Discussion Guide July 25, 2010

ALL IN… Fasting

Summer Prayer and Fasting Emphasis – Week 2

Flint Hill Baptist Church – Life on the Hill

Isaiah 58
*Teacher Instructions: Try to keep the following approximate schedule in mind each week so that we can make sure that we stay balanced in our LifeGroup meetings…
9:45-10:00am - Refreshments and Greeting Time

10:00-10:15am - Life Together Emphasis

10:15-10:45am - Lesson: Recap, Discuss and Apply, Wrap Up
*Teacher Instructions: Before getting into the assigned small group material for the day, begin your group meeting with the following (informal and conversational)…
Share Together

  • Have a few moments for group members to share what is going on in their life currently (accountability, joys, sorrows, praises, fears, struggles, triumphs, etc.).

Prayer Together

  • Spend a few minutes going around the group and praying for one another.

Grow Together

  • Ask, “What has God been teaching you in your own personal Bible study time lately? Are there any theological questions or spiritual concerns that have been on your heart and mind as of late?” Have a few minutes of friendly conversation.

Show Together

  • Think together, “How can we, as a small group, show the love of Christ to the world? Are there any mission/ministry projects that we can begin planning/working on, etc?”

*Teacher Instructions: Walk your class through the primary points of the sermon while focusing on practical application. Recommended discussion questions are listed below each point. Feel free to eliminate some questions or to add questions of your own.

  • Begin by looking at Isaiah 58:1-9. Now, review the following points…


  • Focus on vs. 6-7.

Freedom from addictions (loose the bonds of wickedness)

--What addictions do you think Christians struggle with the most?

--What addictions do you struggle with?
Remove debilitating problems (undo the heavy burdens)

--What burdens are you carrying currently?

Deliverance of souls (let the oppressed go free)

--Who do you know that needs to be saved?

--What does it say about you if you don’t know anyone who needs to be saved?
Conquer emotional & mental torment (break every yoke)
Supply needs (share your bread)

--How can you be more giving, more generous, or more hospitable?


  • Focus on vs. 8-9.

Guidance (your light shall break forth like the morning)

--Do you have any big/tough decisions that you are faced with currently? If so, would you mind sharing? (Perhaps take some time here to pray for one another.)

Health (your healing shall spring forth speedily)

--Do you believe that God still heals today? Do you know of anyone who needs a special healing touch?

Testimony (your righteousness shall go before you)
Protection (the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard)

--It seems that in our day and age, people don’t really think about God’s protection unless they are really going through a difficult time. But, what type(s) of protection should we pray and ask God for on a regular basis?

Response (you shall call, the Lord will answer; you shall cry, He will

say, Here I am)

*Teacher Instructions: Offer any summary comments/discussion questions to bring the small group meeting to a conclusion. Make sure that you encourage your class to focus their mind’s attention and their heart’s affection upon the Lord and His message this morning in worship as you will be discussing the material during LifeGroup time again next week.

Download 48.5 Kb.

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