Adult Irish Dance Classes Summer Session Jun 4 – Aug 20, 2015

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at the Argyle Park Activities Building

1030 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD
Adult Irish Dance Classes

Summer Session
Jun 4 – Aug 20, 2015

Including the Armagh. Blacktown, and Gortroe Sets
7:00-8:00pm 8:00-9:30pm

new dancers, basics advanced dances
one $40 fee for the full 12 week session

(mini-ceili on Jun 18, Jul 16, Aug 20 additional)

-- No advance registration – just show up --

for information call Paul O'Donnell at 301-649-6410

or visit the GWCC
located just off the Washington Beltway (I-495),
1mile from Georgia Ave. and Forest Glen Metro

Directions by car:
From the Beltway (I-495 and I-95):

Forest Glen Rd is an immediate right turn at the first intersection going north on Georgia Ave (MD 97). There is a right turn lane and a traffic light.

From Colesville Rd (US 29):

Turn right onto Sligo Creek Pkwy shortly after you pass over the Beltway.

Turn right onto Forest Glen Rd immediately after you pass under the Beltway.
From the north:

Take I-270 to the Beltway (I-495) and go south, or

Drive to Georgia Ave go south.

Note: you cannot turn right from Georgia Ave to Forest Glen Rd before 7pm.

Instead, you should turn left on Dennis Ave and then turn right on Sligo Creek Pkwy to Forest Glen Rd. Turn left onto Forest Glen Rd.
From Virginia:

Take the Beltway (I-495) to Georgia Ave (MD 97) north.

Rush hour traffic delays on Beltway can be significant, but alternate roads are also slow.

Public Transportation:
The Forest Glen station on the Metro Red Line is the closest stop to Argyle Park. This Metro station is less than a mile walk east on Forest Glen Rd. (past Holy Cross Hospital and across Sligo Creek Park) to the building in Argyle Park where the class meets.
Montgomery County Ride-On bus service is also available with the last bus leaving Forest Glen station at approximately 7:30pm on Thursdays. The number 8 bus route runs from Silver Spring to Wheaton by way of the Forest Glen Metro station. The bus from Forest Glen to Wheaton turns up Tenbrook Dr, just a couple blocks short of the park. The same bus when going to Silver Spring has a stop right at the park entrance.
For more information and other routes, see RideOn website --

Argyle Park is marked A on this map.

The driveway is on the right side going uphill.

(If you miss the driveway there is another just a little further along.)

Download 1.96 Mb.

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