Activities Three is a Lucky Number

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34. Write one of these letters.

Kinsey is explaining how she found the man in her letter.
,,Mrs. Spurrier.

I determined a lot evidences by questioning peoples and investigating crime and as result, I have found a person who killed your daughter. It is Tom Layton who was boyfriend of your daughter and brother of Judy Layton who was roommate of Caroline. They quarreled with each other sometimes and Caroline decided to go away from him. Thus she was murdered by Tom with handgun. Also he did some other crimes like giving false information to police and stealing the plates of other car. But, unfortunately, during the period of arresting, he was killed in the car accident. This case was closed.

Detective, Kinsey Millhone.”
35. Write different ending for one of these stories, starting from the line that is given here.

-What makes you think I buried Emily?- Albert said. I left them and returned home.

But Albert was trying to hide the evidences which could prove Emily’s dead body which was buried in the forest. Also, Millicent tired to supervise control him.

One day, Millicent found out gun which Albert had hidden in his bedroom and informed about it to the police. But, Albert had already run away.

A few months later, the police arrested him on the another crime which was related to robbery bank.

He was questioned by police about murdering and robbery. After that, he was sentenced to restrict his freedom for 20 years and was sent to prison according to the decision of court.

But, after 7 years, Albert died from hearth attack in prison.

36. Write one of these newspaper reports.

A report of the discovery of Frosby and Skip’s bodies, and the connection between them.

Yesterday, on 31 st of October, the dead body of Skip was found in his own house. It has been proved as suicide (killing himself). Some facts have been discovered about his suicide due to the primary evidences. A few months ago, Frosby was disappeared. Yesterday his body was found in the Skip’s corn filed. Because of some disagreements with Frosby, Skip shot him when he came Skip’s house and Skip disappeared all evidences. He made scarecrow with Forsby’s body and buried the things which belonged to Frosby, also he drove Forsby’s car to the forest and left it there. It is presently information about the situation. Now, investigations are being carried out by police, also the witnesses are being questioned yet.

,, The New York Times”
37.Give a short account of how V.I. At the Old Swimming Hole and Morse in The Inside Story solve their crimes. Include some of the similarities and differences between their cases.

Similarities of stories are ended murdering, found out murderer, both sacrifices are women, some crimes are occur to hide the first one.

Differences of stories are the purpose of murdering, detectives who are women and men, evidences and facts which are keys to find, murder tools like knife and guns and ways to kill, witnesses, actions,
38. Which of the stories do you think is closest to real life?

I think “The Inside Story”, “At the Old Swimming Pool” and “Full Circle” are closest to real life.

39. Which of these stories do you think has the most satisfying surprise?

I think “The Inside Story” and “Three is a Lucky Number” are have the most satisfying surprise.

Kamalov Sag’inbay.
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