Activities Three is a Lucky Number

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The Inside Story.

30.How do you think her story might help the police to solve the crime?

Her story which is based on real cases might help the police to solve the crime.

31.Find the words.

a)The earthquake caused a lot of damage in Turkey.

b)The detectives looked for a clue to help them find the murderer.

32.a) Which two events on the list below come from Sheila’s inside story? Cross them out.

1.Sheila writes a story.

2.Morse examines Sheila’s body.

3.Dr Grainger goes to California.

4.Lewis’s kitchen is repaired.

5.Morse reads Sheila’s story.

6.A letter is written with a green pen.

7.A woman is questioned in the Oxford Library.

8.Morse and Lewis talk to Dr Grainger.

9.Bayley meets Mrs. Grainger at a hotel.

10.Sheila goes to work for Mrs. Grainger.

11.A man and a woman die in a fire.

12.Dr Grainger returns to Oxford form California.

b)Put the orders events under the correct headings below, in the order in which they happened:

Before the story begins: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 11.

Monday: 4, 6, 7.

Tuesday: 8, 12.

33. Morse found many clues. Discuss what they were and which one finally led him to the murderer.

He found knife which is a crime tool, her pregnancy, the book of Thoughts on Writing stories, some picture postcards, an advertisements and Sheila’s story. Especially, Sheila’s story led the police to open the murdering.

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