Activities Three is a Lucky Number

Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

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Slowly, Slowly in the Wind.

19. Find these word:

Corn- b) something you can grow.

Scarecrow- a) something you can make.

20.Are statements true or false? Correct the false ones.

a) When her parents separated, Maggie decided to live with her father.( False)

Her father won in the court by the help of lawyers and according to the decision of court, she stayed with her Father.

b) Skip gave up works because of health problems.(True)

c)Frosby wants more money for the fishing rights.(False)

He doesn’t ever want to sell fishing rights.

d)Skip is very angry when he learns about Maggie’s marriage. (True)

e)Skip gives Andy a holiday because he wants him to enjoy himself.(False)

He has made a plan to kill Frosby so he gives Andy a holiday.

f)Skip plans murder carefully.(True)

g)Andy is shocked by the murder.(False)

He isn’t shocked by the murder. He agrees with Skip not to tell the truth to anyone.

22.Do you feel sorry for Skip? Why?

I don’t ever feel sorry for Skip. He doesn’t deserve it. He never likes losing, only he is used to win anything. It’s wrong. He should have got accustomed to Maggie’s marriage. Not only life doesn’t consist of plain, but also there are depression, unhappiness and misfortune. His behavior is bad-tempered, jealous, and unstable person. He doesn’t think about happiness of his daughter, only considers his only matters.

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