Activities Three is a Lucky Number

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At the Old Swimming Hole.

14.Read first sentences of the story and the questions below.

,,I was sitting on a wooden seat at the University of Illinois indoor swimming pool, and I was not enjoying myself”.

  1. Where is Illinois? – It is situated in the USA.

  2. Why is the woman at the pool? – She has come to watch a swimming competition because her old school friend Alicia Dauphine is attending to it.

  3. Why is she not enjoying herself? – The air is hot and wet, the seats which she is sitting on are hard and the noise are making her head ache.

15.What gamblers do?

Gamblers play gamble which is a against law and put money and other valuable things on a game.

16.Number these events in the order in which they actually happened.

1. .h) Tom borrows a large sum of money. 6. j) Alicia tells her story to V.I.

2. g) Tom steals Alicia’s disks.. 7. d) V.I. visits her old school.

3. a) Louise is shot. 8.f) Tom and his friend go to the school.

4 b) V.I. is shot in the shoulder. 9.c) Alicia is shot.

5.e) Alicia goes to the school. 10. i) Tom tells his story to the police.

17. Who do you think is the most guilty person in the story? Why?

Tom who is brother of Alicia is the most guilty for crime because he plays a gamble and loses everything which he has, also he steals the disk of design that is very important secret to state. In addition, he wants Smolensk to kill Alicia not to find out of losing disk. As a result, some crimes occurs.

18. V.I. tries to help her friend. How successful is she?

Her affairs to help for her friend failed. The reason of failure, Alicia doesn’t want to inform about Tom’s crime for FBI, as a result she is killed by her brother Tom.

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