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How’s Your Mother?

10.How is life in a small village different form city life? What are the advantages and disadvantages of village life, do you think?

I think village life is interesting, peaceful, more clearer air to breathe than city and almost everywhere is green because plants, flowers and trees are planted and grown in land. Also, there are many advantages of village life like fresh air, less cars, less noise and peaceful, interesting, you can grow any plants and keep animals which you need. But I don’t think that there are disadvantages because I have grown in the village.

11.Find these words and answer questions:

Bury- we bury somebody after they die.

Sergeant- it is more important than an inspector.

12.Answer these questions:

a) What does Patridge tell the villagers about his mother?

He tells that she is 86-years-old, doesn’t go out much because her friends has already died, has been in bed since they moved here.

b) How do we find out who really lives in Patridge’s house?

One day, it is fire at his home and Reg Carter who is postman put the fire out, then he can’t find Patridge’s Mother to help her and Patridge has to tell that she died 2 days before. But Postman says about it to people, as a result, whole village finds out.

c) When does he decide to leave his job and go to Canada?

After winning a large sum of money in a competition.

d) What makes Sergeant Wallace think that Patridge murdered his mother?

Because of sudden leaving to Canada, no having documents of her funeral and what kind of disease which she was dead, also there is depth in the garden.

e) Why does a woman visit him one cold, dark eveving?

She hears about his arresting then freed from prison and winning a large money from newspaper, also she wants him to look after her.

f) When Patridge goes to the police station to tell his story, Sergeant Wallace does not believe him. Why not? - Because there are some facts his mother leaves at his early age and is living in Liverpool, also nobody sees this murdering so that there are no any evidence which prove his murdering so that Sergeant accepts it as a joke.

13. Why Patridge invented a mother. What part did she play in his life?

He used to hate people who were always asking questions, wanted to come house and to take out for drinks. He can’t stand it, so he just wanted to be alone.

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