Activities Three is a Lucky Number

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Three is a Lucky Number

1.Why is it important to be careful about the use of electricity in the bathroom?

It is important to be careful not to hit electricity and as a result of it not to be dead.

2.Find these words in your dictionary:

Bubble- b) something you can find in a soap bath.

Funeral- a)an event after someone’s death. Inspector- c) a police officer.

Will – d) a document that people write to prepare for their death.

3. a) What was Ronald’s reason for marrying Mary, Dorothy and Edyth?

Because all of them agreed to make a will which left him all their money.

b) Why does Ronald fill the bath with bubbles?

Bubbles covers the little heater completely.

c) What does he expect to happen when he turns on the electricity again?

He expects that the heater to hit electricity for her, as a result of it, her death will happen.

d)Why does it not happen? - The electricity has gone off because of small explosion.

e) What makes Edyth go to the police?

He asks her to make will and starts making changes to the bathroom. That’s why she starts worrying about his actions.

f) What do the police ask Edyth to do?

He must be given the opportunity to try to kill her and play her part of actions.

g) How does she escape from the bathroom? - She escapes over the kitchen roof.

h) Whose footsteps does Ronald hear at the end of the story?

Ronald hears the police’s heavy footsteps.

i)What do you think happens next?

He will be arrested for his 2 murdering and preparing 3 murdering with evidence by police and will be sentenced in prison by court.
Full Circle.

5. What qualities and skills does a person need to be a private detective, do you think? Would a man and a woman be equally good at the job?

A person need physical strong, experience, knowledge in any subjects like low, criminology, chemistry, biology and etc, hardworking, sociable, deep thinking, responsible for his work and sociable.

A man and a woman would be equally good at the job If they had the skills and qualities which I emphasized above.

6.Find these words:

Freeway – a) A freeway is a narrow road for people to walk on.(False)

A freeway is a narrow road for cars to drive on.

Lane – b)Roads and swimming pools are dived into lanes.(True)

Lieutenant- c) It is a title for an American police officer.(True)

7.Match the cars with drivers.

Green Ford – Terry Layton. First blue Tayota – Terry Layton

Volkswagen – Kinsey Millhone. Second blue Tayota – Ron Cagle.

Small white car – Caroline.

8.Who is speaking, who are they talking to, and who or what are talking about?

a) She seems to be alive. – Terry Layton says to Kinsey Millhone that Caroline is alive.

b)They’re calling it murder now.- Michalle Spurrier says to Kinsey Millhone that the police are calling it murder.

c)The man in the Tayota gave a false name and address. – Emerlad, who is the secretaty of Lieutenant Dolan says to Kinsey Millhone that Terry Layton gave a false name and address.

d)He used to follow her around in a green Ford car. – The manager of restaurant says to Kinsey Millhone that Terry Layton used to follow her around in a green Ford car.

e)She went her way and I went mine. – Judy Layton who was a roommate of Caroline says to Kinsey Millhone that Caroline went her way and Judy Layton went her.

f)Somebody stole your plates, but and put these in their place. - Kinsey Millhone says to Ron Cagle who is owner of other Tayota that Terry Layton stole his plates and put these in their place.

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