Activities for Teaching Writing to Young Learners

Picture stories using PowerPoint

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Picture stories using PowerPoint: Students select a series of pictures that convey their story, and then draft simple sentences for each slide to add information. This can also be done in a digital storyboard app or an ebook creator if you have access. The point is that students are able to draw on their full imagination to tell their stories rather than just on their limited second language vocabulary and grammar resources.

  • Make your own manga: Make Beliefs Comix and other comic-creation sites provide structure and images, which students can use to put together as they wish; they then add dialog to complete their stories. Even low-proficiency learners can make simple dialogues using language they have learned in class; kids are often able to combine everyday dialogues in humorous ways when they can put them together with pictures.

  • Download 17.5 Kb.

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