Action resarch plan; ‘’ making use of available materials and resources’’ topic

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Action resarch plan;

‘’ making use of available materials and resources’’


The purpose of this study is to examine available materials and recourse. This study exaplains the importance of choosing suitable materials to create positive and interesting learning environment and to conduct the lesson effectively.

Research questions;

What is the importance of the choosing material according to lerning styles?

What are types of leraning styles?

Choosing the materials in accordance with student’s level?


Eleven second year students of UzSWLU will be participants in this research (the whole group).


As a reasearcher I will provide the students with the background information about the choosing materials and, in period of two weeks, I will suggest some tips for successful ways while opting for some recourse for the lesson.

Data collection

To begin with, before starting the main work on my research I will research I will sear on the internet and library books for some suggestions, clues on kinds of materials to use during the class; how to choose them; how to classify them according to age and level. Latter I will learn another teacher’s classroom materials during the lessons by observing her lessons, then I will compare it with the information I got from the internet. Consequently, the students will get acquainted with the results of my study. Certainly, we will exchange the impressions and ideas after completing the project.

Entry 1

(Identifying and limiting the topic)

Entry 2

(Gathering information and reviewing the literature)

Teaching materials

Teaching materials are the resources a teacher uses to deliver instruction. Each teacher requires a range of tools to draw upon in order to assist and support student learning. These materials play a large role in making knowledge accessible to a learner and can encourage a student to engage with knowledge in different ways.

Text books and journal articles are an important feature of any university coure. It is important that students with visual impairments or other print disabilities such as dyslexia have access to electronic versions of reading material. It is possible to make reading material easily available to all students by placing important chapters or journal articles on blackboard.

Flexibility in teaching materials and theuse of multimedia make it possible to reach out to learning styles. Multimedia via Blackboard or a course web site can provide the syllabus, assignments, discussion group, projects, class notes, video material and the powr point for the lectures. Links to other websites that can provide additional representations of a topic being discussed or as scaffolds or supports for student leraning can also be provided via Blackboard.

The Internet also provides opportunities to employ many different entry points to learning. Teachers can draw from written data, graphical, audio,and video. Podcasts can also be used.

It is important that electronic text is always provided either in Word format or as accessible text based PDF documents. Electronic reading materials can instantly be accesed by students with print disabilities and can be converted to large print or Braille via the services of the services of the Disability Support Service assistive technology lab in the Boole library. Electronic material can also be accessed via portable devices such as iPads, other computer based tablets, Android smartphones or iPhones.

It is essential for students withprint disabilities to receive reading material in an accessible format prior to class if is to be discussed in the classroom. Providing reading material prior to class encourages informed discussion in the classroom for all students.


  • To complete this report I used folloving literature and internet web-sites;

  • Establishing classroom rules and their importance. Article(online)

  • https;//;rules.html

  • Tursunova G. N. Polvonova M. F, 2017, Intergrated course of teaching foreign languages (collection of materials for the third year students) Part I.part II. Toshkent.

  • Yoqubov .I. Comparative methods of teaching Englis. Toshkent, 2014

  • Basta J, 2011. Classroom rules in communicative approach.

  • Milrud R. Maksymova I .2000, Modern conceptual principles of communicative foreign languages teaching.


  • Creating Classroom Rules Together By Linda SHalaway.

  • Hhtps;//

  • Articles>> Methodology; Establishing the ground rules

  • Hhtps;//


  • Hhtp;//

  • Classroom Management methods to Establish, Introduce Rules By;Janelle Cox

  • http;//www.teachhub.can/ classroom-management-method-establish-introducerules

  • handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching by Robert J. Marzano and L. Brown Module 17; ESTABLISHING AND MAINTAINING CLASSROOM RULES AND PROCEDURES.

  • HHTPS;//WWW.ased,org.publications/books/108049/chapters/Module-17@-Establishing-and maintaining-Classroom-Rules and Procedure.aspx

  • How to Create The Perfect set Of Classroom Rules, by Michael Linsin on July 18, 2015

  • Hhtp;// language teaching methodology,course book, published in 2015 written by J, J.Jalolov,G.T.Makhamova, Sh.S Ashurov. Press. House;” Fan va texnologya.”


(designing data collecting tools);

* Interview

* Questionnaire


*Case study


Content; teacher completed the lesson, gave feedback and home assignment. Students left the classroom

Interviewer; what do you think about the importance of the choosing material according to learing styles?

Teacher; there is a significant role of choosing materials according to students learning abilities. Some learn best by listening, some have to observe every step, while others have to do it to learn it. The fact is that individuals need all three modalities to truly commit information to memory; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. While most are typically stronger in one area than another, the trick is education institutions paying great to students’ learning styles to nurture them to be responsible towards their own leraning process.

1; Can you clarify features of learning styles?

T; Learning styles are often categorized and explained in the following way;

  • Visual; You learn well when aided by images, pictures, and spatial organization of elements

  • Auditory; You learn well when aided by music, sound, rhyme, speaking or listening

  • Reading/Writing; You learn well by reading or writing the material you want to learn

  • Kinesthetic; Youblearn well when you can move your body, and/or use your hands and sense of touch. Wirting or drawing diagrams are physical activies that can fall into ths category as well.

These categoires of learning styles were identified by Dr. Neil Fleming in the late ‘80s, and represent The VARK model of learning styles. Other educators and researchers have identified additional learning styles, with some models showing as many as 70 different styles.

1; How can you clarify students learning styles?

T; Firstly As a teacher, you should be attentive every one of your students. Or there are some questionnaire to identify their learning styles;

A website has a video showing how to make a special graph. There is a person speaking, some lists and words describing what to do and some diagrams. You would learn most from;

You want to learn a new program, skill or game on a computer. You would;

You are using a book, CD or website to learn how to take photos with your new digital camera. You would like to have;

< a chance to ask question and talk about the camera and its features.

< cler written instructions with lists and bullet points about what to do.

You are helping someone who wants to go to your airpoty, the center of town or railway station. You would;

< goo with her.

1; what can you say about the age of students while choosing material?

T; certainly , when we are choosing suitable materials for the lesson we should take into considerations student level, learning style and theirnage of course. If the learners are primary school pupils we should choose visual aids, book with a lot of pictures. Furthermore it should be easy yo understand so that pupils get thhe main point easily.

1; can you recommend one strategy that is suitable for all learners?

T; swot strategies

Referred to as SWOT(“Study Tears”), Flemings provides advice on how students can be their learning modalities and skills to their advantage when studying for an upcoming test or assignment.

Visual SWOT Strategies:

  • Utilize graphic organizers such as charts, graphs, and diagrams.

  • Redraw your pages from mmemory.

  • Replace important words with symbols or initials.

  • Highlight important key terms in corresponding colors.

  • Oral SWOT Strategies

  • Record your summarized notes and listen to them on tape.

  • Talk it out. Have a discussion with others to expand upon your understanding of a topic.

  • Reread your notes and/or assignment out lound.

  • Explain your notes to your peers/fellow aural learners.

Read/Write SWOT Strategies

  • Write, write and rewrite your words and notes.

  • Reword main ideas and principles to gain deeper understanding.

  • Organize diagrams, charts, and graphic organizers into statements.

Kinesthic SWOT Strategies

  • Use real life examples, application and case studies in your summary to help with abstract concepts.

  • Redo lab experiments or projects.

  • Utilize pictures and photographs that illustrate your idea.

I; it was very pleasant and beneficial to talk to you . and , of course thank you for sharing such informative and effective iddeas with me! Thank you!

Questionnaire for students

Dear students,

We are working on research on the classroom rules in creating positive and effective classroom atmosphere. Your answers will be treated in confidence. There are no rights or wrong answers. Please answer all the questions. It should take you approximately 15 minutes.

Name (optional)


Gender; male female

Native language; Uzbek Russian

1 Why do we need rules in classroom?

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2 Who should create the classroom rules? Teacher /students/together? Why?

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3 How to establish rules in foreign language learning classroom?

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4 Give some tips for encouraging students to follow the rules!


Questionnaire for students

Dear students,

We are working on research on the classroom rules in creating positive and effective classroom atmosphere. Your answers will be treated in confidence. There are no rights or wrong answers. Please answer all the questions. It should take you approximately 15 minutes.

Name (optional)


Gender; male female

Native language; Uzbek Russian

5 Do we need authentic materials in the classroom? Yes No

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6 Do you think exercises may help to improve the students’ awareness? Yes No

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7 Watching video materials may address the students’ attention? Yes No


Questionnaire for students

Dear students,

We are working on research on the classroom rules in creating positive and effective classroom atmosphere. Your answers will be treated in confidence. There are no rights or wrong answers. Please answer all the questions. It should take you approximately 15 minutes.

Name (optional)


Gender; male female

Native language; Uzbek Russian

8 What kinds of materials are appropriate for students learning?


Aucantic matrials



Text books

9 Which part of the lesson you can use exercises?

Beginning stage





10 From where do you take materials?

Web –site





Classroom Observation From

Instructor ;______________________ Course_____________

Peer/Observer;___________________ Date and Time_________

Use criteria that apply to format of course observed.

Review Section



(shows good command and knowledge of subject matter; demonstrates breadth and depth of mastery)


(organizes subject matter; evidences preparation; is thorough; states clear objectives; emphasizes and summerarizes main points, meets class at scheduled time, regularly mointors on-line course)


(hold interest of students; is respectful, fair, and impartial; provides feedback, encourages participation; interacts with students, shows enthusiasm)


(uses relevant teaching methods, aids, materials, techniques, and technology, includes variety, balance, imagination, group, involvement; uses examples that are simple, clear, precise, and apporopriate; stays locused on and meets stated objectives)


(establishes online course or classroom environment conducive to learning; maintains eye contact; uses a clear voice, strong projection, proper)

Review Section


Enunciation, and standard English


(uses time wisely, attends to course interaction; demonstrates leadership ability; maintains discipline and control; maintains effective e-platform management)


(exibits sensitivity to students’ personal culture gender differences and disabilities, responds appropriately in a non- threatening pro-active learning environment)


(assists students with academic problems)


(evidences self-confidence; maintains professional comportment and appearance)


State location and physical atteributes of classroom, number of students in attendance, layout of room, distractions if any, list any observations of how physical aspected content delivery)

Strengths observed;

Suggestions for imorovement;

Overall impression of teaching effectiveness;

Case Study

On day Asqar used different kind of materials and sources but, unfortunately, the teacher said it was not apporopriate to the topic. In fact he always confused to choose kind of proper for students and their levels. His teacher and friends did not want to help him as wellas he had not any knowledge about authentic material useage and what authenticity it was. Help him to be aware of appropriate material usage and line a lesson plan up.



(Giving feedback)


(Reflection on action Research)

Reflection on action Research

In this action report, I covered five entries ;in first part the explantion of the theme and topic, research questions are covered; second entry is devoted to the list if used literature; the next one includes observation, interview, questionnaire; fourth entry is feedback for teacher; the last one is devoted for reflection for my own research paper.

Classroom rules are the first line of defense against misbehavior. They should never be left to chance. Thet should never be created as an afterthought or copied fro the teacher next door. They must be created thoughtfully and in a way is relevant and meaningful to students. We know from talking with teacher that there is no small amount of confusion about how to do this. This purpose of rules is to proteet teacher and students from any and all misbehavior that disrupts learning. They act as an impenetrable wall, keeping interruptions out and inspiration in.

For completing the research I implemented some steps that lead me to completionof the study work. Firstly, I chose the topic named;’’How to establish and implement the classroom rules?’’, then limited my topic by choosing research paper, ass I took suggestions and advices from her. To collect data internet and methodlogical books played great role. By learning useful data I was able to observe theconcrete part of theaching procedure and fulfill the “Reference” part.

Consequently, I found a teacher who alloweer observing her lesson and the group to work with. As I mentioned above the lesson was absorbing, productive, and efficient for me! Only adapting to the strange atmosphere was difficult during the lesson. After the lesson I took interview from teacher. I hope I could open the main of my topic by asking questions. Questionnaire with students was very interesting all students wanted to wrir=te anonymously. Eventuslly, I completed my action research

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