Access Statement for Elizabeth Castle Introduction

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This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Access Statement for Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle is a fortress set on a tidal island situated just off-shore in St Aubin's Bay on the edge of St Helier. The Elizabeth Castle Kiosk located on the quay at westpark slip, sells entry tickets for the Castle and the small amphibious ferries which run to and from the castle. The Kiosk is located at West Park Slipway, St Helier JE2 4ZT. It is opposite the Jersey Grand Hotel which is located on the Esplanade.

The ferry runs between the slipway and the castle approximately every thirty minutes during opening hours. The Ferry timetable is subject to change due to weather and tidal conditions, but runs approximately every half an hour to the Castle. In the event of poor weather conditions you can check if the ferry is running by calling the Ferry Kiosk: 01534 634048 or Jersey Museum 01534 633300.

Visitors can also walk to Elizabeth Castle at low tide. There is a cobbled slipway that leads from the quay side to a sandy and rocky beach and an uneven concrete causeway/footpath runs across the beach to the castle. It is 1 kilometer across from the Kiosk side of the beach to the Castle.

Elizabeth Castle is made up of three islands joined together through the years. Presenting history from St Helier, a hermit who lived on the furthest island in AD550 through to the Elizabethan period and to the second World war when the island was occupied. A number of Georgian buildings house exhibitions on two floors and a small cafe offers refreshments in the grounds. Ground floor toilets are available and visitors are met by a Visitor Service Assistant at a small ticket office and gift shop, which is located near the Castle Entrance. There is a small step up to the ticket office and shop. A Volunteer Hosts is sometimes available to offer information and assistance.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone Elizabeth Castle KIosk: 01534 634048 or Elizabeth Castle: 01534 723971.


  • The tide covers the causeway for a period each day at which times the castle is only accessible by ferry. Tickets may be bought at the Castle Ferry Kiosk.

  • The Harbour is a fairly short walk from the slipway and car ferries arrive at Elizabeth Terminal and smaller passenger ferries operate from Albert Terminal. To find out about passenger services contact Condor Ferries: 0845 6091027, www.condor or for local services visit

  • The airport is located in the west of the island, taxis and a regular bus service run from the airport to Liberation Station.

  • Buses in the Island run in and out of Liberation Station, most of the west bound buses run past Elizabeth Castle. The bus stop nearest the Castle Ferry Kiosk is called La Frigate and on the opposite side of the road it is the Jersey Grand stop. Bus numbers include: 7,8,9,10,12, 12a,14,15,22,28. To find out more visit: or phone: 01534 828555

  • All the buses are low floor so they are all fully accessible for wheelchair users, pushchairs, prams and some smaller mobility scooters (with a permit). Low-floor buses also help those who have other mobility impairments. Our buses handrails and steps are well marked to help people with a visual impairment. Wheelchair users: All our buses have easy-access ramps and a dedicated wheelchair space suitable for all types of wheelchair - up to a maximum laden weight of 250KG. We would ask that wheelchair users apply their brakes when in the wheelchair space. If there are no wheelchair users on the vehicle, this space will be available for other passengers - but we would ask any passenger to give up this space if a wheelchair user requires it. Mobility scooters: If you travel using a mobility scooter, we can accommodate some of the smaller varieties of scooter. First of all, the scooter will need a permit. These can be obtained through a brief assessment, trialling it on one of our vehicles to ensure you can travel safely. To arrange a scooter permit assessment, please call 01534 828550.

Car Parking and Arrival

  • 4 Disabled parking spaces are available on the West Park Slipway with a 3 hour limit, discs and disabled permits must be displayed. Parking bays are located along Victoria Avenue adjacent to the beach and close to the Castle Ferry Kiosk. Further parking on the opposite side of the road is located at the People's Park. Payment is by paycard available at the Castle Ferry Kiosk or generally in Island shops, garages and post offices.

Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area

  • The Castle Ferry ticket kiosk is situated at the top of the West Park Slipway and is accessible up two steps. Inside is a small retail area and a bench seat is available. There is a high level counter, but staff are happy to assist visitors and come out from behind the desk.

  • The castle can be reached on foot over a sandy and rocky beach and a slightly uneven causeway but this causeway is covered for several hours each day by the tide. Amphibious vehicles ferry passengers across throughout the day approximately every thirty minutes. Passengers must be able to walk approximately 20 metres to use the ferry and manage a short flight of steps.

  • The castle gates are approached by a short cobbled slipway leading to upward-sloping tarmacked and gravelled paths.

  • The small castle ticket office/shop is accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs, well lit with wide doors and a slate tiled floor

Attraction (displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

  • Costumed Living History Enactors are often on site to tell the castle's story. A Visitor Services Assistant will greet visitors on arrival and provide attraction information and volunteer guides and hosts may be available further to inform and guide visitors.

  • Museums and exhibitions are mainly situated around the parade ground and are on two stories the first entrances of some of the buildings are up two steps while upper floors are accessed by stairs. Floors are tiles, granite and wood.

  • Access to the breakwater to visit St Helier's Hermitage Rock is via a short flight of steps and there are steep steps up to the oratory.

  • The Upper Ward with the Governor's house and the German Fire Control Tower is accessible by climbing a number of sets of steps and offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

Public Toilets

  • Public toilets are located beside the café and in a separate building near the parade ground.

  • There is an accessible WC in each location with rails and emergency pull cords.

  • Taps are lever type, flooring is vinyl and each is well lit.


  • The small café, offering drinks and snacks such as soup and sandwiches, sausage rolls and cakes is located near the third gate.

  • It is operated by Empire catering on behalf of Jersey Heritage. If you have a specific enquiry or would like to make an advance booking please telephone Empire Catering 01534 729730 or 01534 280159 or email:

  • The cafe is approached by a gravel path and across a short wooden bridge. The cafe has two floors and has two outside seating areas, the upstairs area and cafe garden are accessed via a short flight of steep stone steps to a small garden which overlooks the bay. There is also a level terrace area to the front of the cafe on the ground floor with tables and chairs.

  • The cafe has a wide doorway and offers easy entry to the counter area and there is room inside for wheelchair and pushchair access.

  • Floors are tiled throughout the café and the floor is flat and even throughout the ground floor.

  • The cafe is well lit with over-head lighting.

  • Food is ordered and collected at the counter, but staff are happy to provide assistance.


  • The small ticket office/shop is located at the castle entrance in the original Port Gatehouse, just inside the Main Gate in the Outer Ward. The glass doors, while heavy, are generally kept open and there is wheelchair access. The shop floor is tiled but level. All shelving is easily visible and staff are happy to help if required.

  • The shop sells a range of gifts, books and souvenirs.

  • A guide book for Elizabeth Castle is sold in the shop.

Grounds and Gardens

  • The Castle is a large site and includes a number of different areas including buildings, monuments, battlements, beaches, steep paths and towers.

  • The main path from the castle entrance has a long gentle slope and leads all the way to the Parade Ground, which is a large open square.

  • A number of areas around the Castle including Fort Charles, all of the Upper ward and some parts of the Middle and Lower Wards are only accessible via steps. These can be steep and uneven in places.

  • There are large grassed areas at the Green and the Grand Battery.

  • Surfaces throughout the Castle are varied and can be rough uneven and slippery at times.

Additional Information

  • A wheelchair is available to borrow at the site please ring the Castle to book in advance or ask the Visitor Service Assistant on arrival.

  • We run a mystery visitor programme to measure and help maintain customer care standards.

  • We have a set of evacuation procedures – should you require it someone will assist you with evacuation.

  • Staff are happy to offer additional information on the surrounding area; restaurants / hotels / attractions / paces of interest

  • Our Visitor Guide leaflet is produced in English, French and German.

  • A Guide Book is available in English.

Contact Information

Address (Inc postcode):

Elizabeth Castle Kiosk, West Park Slipway, St Helier. JE2 4ZT Elizabeth Castle, St Aubin's Bay, St Helier, JE3 3NU


Elizabeth Castle KIosk: 01534 634048 Elizabeth Castle: 01534 723971


Hours Of Operation:

10am - 5.30pm daily 25 March - 1 November

Local Accessible Taxi:

Luxicabs 01534 887000

Local Public Transport:

Liberty Bus operate the local bus service in Jersey. To find out more about the service go to: or phone: 01534 828555 Via e-mail: to On twitter: @libertybusje In writing: LibertyBus La Collette Bus Depot St Helier Jersey JE2 3NX In person at our Customer Service and Information centre: Liberation Station St Helier, Jersey JE1 3AS Libertybus aim to provide a bus service that meets everyone’s needs.

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