Abetment to suicide

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Case No.3


Forms of Violence : Caste Discrimination and Abetment to Suicide

Dalit Affected : B Anusha, D/o BVN Prasanna Kumar, Old MIG, BHEL,


Date of Incident : 5.11. 2009

Place of incident : Villa Marie College, Somajiguda, Hyderabad

Police Station : Panjagutta

District : Hyderabad

State : Andhra Pradesh

Main Accused : Nishita, Student of Villa Marie College

Nikhita, Student of Villa Marie College

Aishwarya, Student of Villa Marie College

Amrutha, Student of Villa Marie College

Details of FIR : Cr no: 1137/2009 u/s 306 r/w 34 of IPC

Charge Sheet : Filed

Case in Brief:

B Anusha, D/o BVN Prasanna Kumar, SC by caste, R/o H.No.650, Old MIG, BHEL, Lingampally, Hyderabad is studying final year B.Com (Foreign Trade) in Villa Marie College, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. On 3rd September, 2009, Anusha with her friends Nishita, Nikhita, Aishwarya, Amrutha went to see the dead body of the Chief Minister, Mr. YS Rajashekar Reddy. As Anusha did not return home till late in the evening, her mother Radha Bai called Nishita’s mobile and scolded them for being late.

Later her friends have come to know that she belongs to SC community. Since then these four girls began to harass Anusha. They used to comment her and alienate as she belonged to SC community. They did not allow the other class mates also to talk to her, sit or even eat with her. They also used to blame her saying that she has extra-marital relations. Unable to bear the harassment, she also avoided the special classes and informed her mother. Her uncle Rajender went to the college and informed her class in-charge about the harassment and requested for proper action, but in vain.

Since four days before the incident, the above mentioned four girls made Anusha sit separately in the class room. Though class in-charge was aware of this discrimination, he failed to take any action. On 5th November, 2009, Anusha went to college as usual. As soon as she went inside, the four girls started harassing her by commenting in front of all the other class mates. Anusha could not bear the humiliation and she said her friends that at least if she dies, they would come near her to see her dead body. Still, no one cared her. She sent a sms to her father’s mobile stating, “DAD BYE. I AM GOING TO DIE”. On seeing the message, her father and uncle tried to contact her over phone but her mobile was switched off. She ran to the top floor and jumped from there. The college management failed to take any step till her death and even after.

One of Anusha’s class mates called her uncle over phone at 09:45 am and informed that Anusha jumped off from the college building. The college management moved her body to Yashoda Hospital and left away immediately.
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