A shared Vision for East Allegheny July 1, 2007

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1990-2000 Population Change

East McKeesport

North Versailles


Allegheny County













Table 8: 1990-2000 Population Change

The 1990 –2000 population loss for the entire planning area (approximately 10%), was two and one half times the population loss of Allegheny County as a whole. The rate of population loss within the boroughs was slightly greater than population loss within the township.

2005-2015 Projection Population Change

East McKeesport

North Versailles


Planning Area













Table 9: 2005-2015 Projection Population Change

Table 9 illustrates projections based on the modified population estimated previously illustrated. The modified population estimates project a decrease in population loss by approximately one half of the rate which occurred between 1990 and 2000. While these rates assume a stability of the current housing stock, they do not assume the new construction of addition housing units. North Versailles expects the construction of 89 condominium units in the southeastern portion of the Township and has also experied a constant rate of housing construction (infill housing) throughout the Township. Therefore, the population within North Versailles may become quite stable.

The preceding projections also do not account for changes in household size. Table 10 shows changes in average household size between 1990 and 2000. It illustrates that population loss, in part, is due to a decrease in household size. Families with less children and a greater portion of elderly householders living alone help to account for the trend. Allegheny County’s 2000 average household size was 2.31, exceeding those average household sizes within the planning area. Therefore, the planning area may see minor population increases due to increased household sizes. Such increases may occur as properties transfer and transition of elderly residents to younger familes.

Average Household Size


East McKeesport

North Versailles










Table 10: Average Household Size

Housing Plan

Vision Statement

The Township of North Versailles, and Boroughs of East McKeesport and Wall envision communities in which traditional single-family neighborhoods properly integrated with new development and multi-family alternatives offer a positive and stable image of the planning area. Such neighborhoods are linked to commercial areas and transportation corridors by safe pedestrian and vehicular routes. The residential districts within the planning area will be renewed and sustained by the revitalization and maintenance of existing single family structures, the construction of infill housing at a consistent scale, and new developments to include both linkages and buffers necessary to enhance the livability of the community and protect the integrity of existing neighborhoods.

Plan Introduction and Summary

The Municipalities Planning Code mandates that comprehensive plans address housing, at a minimum, as follows:

“A plan to meet the housing needs of present residents and of those individuals and families anticipated to reside in the municipality, which may include conservation of presently sound housing, rehabilitation of housing in declining neighborhoods and the accommodation of expected new housing in different dwelling types and at appropriate densities for households of all income levels.”
Therefore, this chapter will address the preceding requirements through the analysis of existing conditions, trends, as well as conditions and trends as they relate to the housing market within the planning area. This plan will analyze housing in light of its present ability to meet the needs of current and future residents, including specific segments of the population such as the elderly and younger families. The housing plan will explore relationships and impacts among various aspects of the planning area’s housing stock. The plan will draw conclusions and findings of fact for each municipality in the planning area and the area as a whole. Recommendations, based on the preceding analysis and public input are then outlined as goals, objectives, and strategies.

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