A shared Vision for East Allegheny July 1, 2007

Parties Responsible for Plan Implementation

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Parties Responsible for Plan Implementation

The parties ultimately responsible for plan implementation, and the cooperative advancement of this plan’s objectives, action steps, and capital improvements are the Borough Councils and Township Board of Commissioners. The municipalities will appoint members to a joint planning commission, namely for purposes of joint zoning and subdivision ordinance development. However, the Commission should, in its annual report to the member municipalities, examine and evaluate the implementation of plan recommendations. The respective governing bodies should consider the report of the Joint Planning Commission in cooperatively advancing the projects and policies outlined herein. The respective bodies may then rely on their local Planning Commissions, civil engineer, staff, and consultants to accomplish the vision set forth in this document. Each section of this plan attempts to specify particular bodies responsible for the implementation of specific action items. The governing bodies, Councils and Board, will assume ultimate responsibility for the implementation of this plan and may formalize such commitment in a cooperative implementation agreement as authorized by the MPC.


Intermittent and Concurrent Steps

  1. Evaluate Street Construction Standards.

  2. Evaluate Erosion and Sedimentation, and Grading Standards.

  3. Adopt compatible and consistent standards in revised ordinances.

ITEM 1: Joint Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance

Project Summary: The municipalities will prepare and adopt both a joint zoning ordinance, as per Section VIII-A of the Municipalities Planning Code, and a joint Subdivision Ordinance adopted concurrently with a related intergovernmental cooperative agreement.
Implementing Actions:

  • Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) providing compatible residential and mixed use redevelopment (Housing Plan, Economic Development Plan)

  • Planned Residential Development (PRD) providing standards for and encouraging compatible redevelopment and new development to include housing choices, such as housing types and institutions for the aging. (Housing Plan)

  • PRD encouraging open space preservation (Conservation and Recreation Plans)

  • Protecting areas of steep slope and wooded hillsides. (Conservation Plan)


  • Include proper land development standards such as sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping. (Economic Development Plan and Housing Plan)

  • Include “access management standards” and encourage pedestrian connections to future and existing developments (as should the PRD provisions of the zoning). (Transportation Plan)

  • Include provisions for land dedication in North Versailles. (Recreation Plan)

  • Include steep slope and environmental constraints in general subdivision design standards (Conservation Plan)

The foregoing ordinances act as the key implementing tools of the Land Use Plan.

Timeline: 2007, ordinances to be adopted by end of year.
Cost: $32,000.
Funding Sources: State Land Use Planning and Technical Assistance Program, Local Government Academy, approximately $2,400 of local funding.
Local Funding Sources: General fund and planning monies.

Intermittent Steps

  1. Designate Blighted Areas

  2. Consider residential tax abatement for improvements

  3. Adopt property maintenance codes.

ITEM 2: Demolition and Property Maintenance Program

Project Summary: Coordinate the employment of third party individual or code enforcement firm to identify property maintenance code violations and seek remedy thereof. Seek County CDBG funding for properties in all three municipalities with an emphasis on properties near shared municipal borders and within areas identified as blighted.
Implementing Actions: Housing and Economic Development Plans.
Timeline: 2007 and ongoing.
Cost: $15,000 (Code Enforcement)
Funding Sources: DCED (Department of Community and Economic Development) County CDBG
Local Funding Sources: $7,500 as 50% match for DCED funding request. Monies to be allocated from code enforcement and general engineering local budget line items.

ITEM 3: Community Survey

Project Summary: Survey of business owners and residences as to level of interest in Neighborhood Improvement District participation.
Implementing Actions: Housing and Economic Development Plans.
Timeline: 2007 and ongoing.
Cost: $10,000 - $15,000.
Funding Sources: Duquesne Light of Heinz Foundation.
Local Funding Sources: In-kind and local staff time required.
Intermittent Steps

  1. Coordinate further studies with the municipal engineer in regards to needed future rights-of-way.

  2. Designate specific trails and properties for future parks as discussed in this plan.

  3. Consider future public and municipal facilities in relation to possible Neighborhood Improvement Districts and planned improvements.

ITEM 4: Official Map

Project Summary: Official map showing areas needed for future rights-of-way, open space, pedestrian and trail connections, and public facilities.
Implementing Actions: Housing and Economic Development Plans, Land Use Plan, Recreation Plan, Transportation Plan, and Public Facilities Plan.
Timeline: 2007-2007.
Cost: $6,000
Funding Sources: Local
Local Funding Sources: Local, general engineering budgets.

ITEM 5: Recreation Plan Development and Implementation

Item 5 A: Update of North Versailles Comprehensive Recreation and Open Space Plan to include East McKeesport and Wall Borough.

Project Summary: Update North Versailles plan to include an evaluation of East McKeesport Borough and Wall Borough.
Implementing Actions: Transportation and Recreation Plans.
Timeline: 2007 - 2008.
Cost: $20,000
Funding Sources: Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Local Funding Sources: East McKeesport and Wall Boroughs, cash match provided and shared over two-year period. Approximately$2,000 required provided as in-kind services by employees of all three municipalities.

Item 5 B: Federal Enhancement Funding, Wall Borough InterModal Facility, Viewing Dock

Project Summary: Dock facility for the viewing of intermodal facility activities.
Implementing Actions: Transportation and Recreation Plans.
Timeline: 2007.
Cost: To be Determined
Funding Sources: Federal Enhancement (80%)
Local Funding Sources: Wall Borough, monies allocated from the sale of former municipal park properties.

ITEM 6: Pedestrian Access and Sidewalks, Streetscape Improvements

Item 6 A: Sidewalk repair and reconstruction in existing residential neighborhoods and removal of “architectural barriers” relating sidewalk handicap access, with the goal of replacing two blocks per year for those sidewalk identified in the Transportation Plan.
Implementing Actions: Housing and Transportation Plans.
Timeline: 2007-2010.
Cost: To be Determined
Funding Sources: County CDBG
Local Funding Sources:
Item 6 B: Sidewalk, street tree, lighting, and associated amenities through Hometown Streets Program as specified in Transportation Plan for East McKeesport and Wall Boroughs. Safe Routes to School Application for Route 30 sidewalks in North Versailles per Transportation Plan and integrated with East McKeesport improvements where applicable.
Implementing Actions: Economic Development and Transportation Plans.
Timeline: 2007
Funding Sources: Hometown Streets (80%)
Local Funding Sources: General engineering monies, match to be requested from East Allegheny School District.

ITEM 7: Street Reconstruction

Project Summary: Reconstruction of streets noted in Transportation Plan.
Implementing Actions: Transportation Plan.
Timeline: 2007 and ongoing.
Cost: Variable, determined by Street Cited in Transportation Plan
Funding Sources: County CDBG funding.
Local Funding Sources: In-kind time and time of municipal engineer(s).

Long Term Projects

Intermittent Steps

  1. Coordinate Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement concerning Item 8 as discussed under the Public Facilities Plan.

  1. Prepare white paper and consider related CDBG funding.

ITEM 8: Joint Borough Municipal Complex and North Versailles Facilities

Project Summary: Construction of Joint Municipal Complex to house shared municipal administration, meeting rooms, police, and fire.
Implementing Actions: Transportation Plan.
Timeline: 2007 and ongoing.
Cost: $900,000 for Joint Complex, Plus Variable costs required for North Versailles expansions and repairs (as noted in Public Facilities Chapter)
Funding Sources: 50%, State Capital Budget Request.
Local Funding/Matching Sources: Associated CDBG infrastructure projects, shared local equipment purchases, revenues from the sale of former facilities where applicable, and North Versailles local library funding.

ITEM 9: Neighborhood Improvement Districts

Project Summary: Creation of Neighborhood Improvement Districts (commercial, mixed use, and residential)
Implementing Actions: Transportation Plan.
Timeline: 2008 and ongoing.
Cost: Variable, primarily start-up costs and staff time.
Funding Sources: 50%, DCED.
Local Funding/Matching Sources: Local funds typically budgeted for street lighting and those funds received through special assessments in each district.

ITEM 10: Trails, Open Space and Recreation Facilities.

Project Summary: East McKeesport trail (Morelle Avenue right of way), Wall Borough Park, North Versailles purchase of Community Park.
Implementing Actions: Transportation Plan.
Timeline: 2010 and ongoing.
Cost: To be Determined
Funding Sources: DCNR funding,
Local Funding/Matching Sources: County CDBG funding, local funding including fee in lieu of mandatory land dedication in North Versailles.

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