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1. - Before making a decision Brian always thinks about the outcome.

A) Neither does she B) So does my sister Ann

C) So has Alan D) So is Mike
2. Janet's bought this CD only because of the cover picture.

A) So was Nelly C) So did Mike

B) So has Alan D) Neither did Ben
3. You've had a great time in the mountains…you?

A) weren't B) hadn't C) didn't D) haven't
4. We've met before, . we?

A) haven't B) aren't C) didn't D) don't
5. What a pleasant holiday this one has been,… it?

A) hasn't B) isn't C)wasn't D) doesn't
6. He played well yesterday, ... ?

A) isn't it B) didn't he C) doesn't he D) had he
7. Ann and Mary work together, ... they?

A) do B) don't C) aren't D) are
8. You do have sugar in your coffee, ... you?

A) aren't B) don't C) isn't D) haven't
9. ... were you all night? I was really worried about you.

A) When C) Where B) What D) Why
10. … is the library! I want to borrow some books during the break.

A) Why B) When C) How D) Where
11. … is your mother? Is she feeling any better now?

A) When B) Why C) How D) What
12. ... don't you like your present? I thought that's what you asked for this year.

A) What C) Why B) When D) Where

13. ... are you bringing an umbrella? It's bright and suny right now.

A) How C) Why B) What D) Where
14. Laziza can come by tomorrow, ...

A) can't she C) could she B) can she D) couldn't she
15. There aren't many guests here yet, ...

A) are there C) aren't they B) aren't there D) are they

16. You still want to meet with him, .. ?

A) do yoou C) will you B) don't you D) can't you

17. Anvar's taken my bag, … he?

A) doesn't C) hasn't B) didn't D) isn't
18. I'm not invited to the wedding, ...

A) are I B) aren't I C) am I D) don't I
19. They will wash the car,...?

A) will it B) won't they C) wouldn't it D) will they
20. That's the shop where you used to work,..

A) isn't it B) isn't that C) is it D) is that
21. ...is largest city in the world?

A) Who C) When B) Why D) What
22. ... is the most stupid thing you have ever done?

A) When C) Why B) What D) Who
23. … is the easiest way for learning English?

A) Why B) What C)Who D) When
24. …camera is this? Is it yours?

A) Where C) When B) Who D) Whose
25. Develop your personal plan, ..?

A) don't you C) will you B) shan't D) shall you
26. I'l let you know tomorrow, ...?

A) didn't I C) don't I B) will I D) won't I
27. She would like to visit Khiva in spring ,..?

A) couldn't she B) doesn't she

C) didn't she D) wouldn't she
28. There was a big party last Monday, ... ?

A) was there C) isn't it B) was it D) wasn't there
29. He has been playing tennis since 8 o'clock, .. ?

A) hasn't he C) isn't he B) is he D) has he
30. You have to tidy the house, .. you?

A) hadn't C) haven't B) don't D) didn't
31. I like to attend evening lectures, and what about you, Feruza?

A) She likes too C) Neither do I B) So do I D) So does she
32. - My brother is a member of the sports club.

A) So I am C) So my brother is

B So are we D) Neither are we
33. - I'm having lunmch with Jane tomorrow.

A) So amI B) I like it too C) Neither is Pete D) So will he
34. On Monday evening I'm going to a disco with my friend Lucy.

A) So will she C) Neither is Pete

B) So am I D) I like it too
35. Mike was allowed to see him for a few moments yesterday.

A) Neither was Pete C) Nor Sam did

B) So was Sally D) So did Jim
36. - Her son has to wear a uniform in his new school.

A) So Hoes Jim C) Neither have they

B) Nor is Peter D) So has Mary
37. - Sue's children were allowed to watch the film on TV last night.

A Nor was Sam C) So was Mary

B) So did he D) Neither did I
38. Until the 19th century, the Europeans could travel freely between most countries without a passport.

A) Neither did the Africans B) Nor the Australians could

C) So did the Americans D) So could the Asians
39. Jane's got a terrible pain in her back.

A) Neither have we C) So was Jim

B) So did Sally D) So have they
40. - Dalida doesn't go to school on Sunday.

A) So was Nelly B) Neither do we

C) Nor Vasila did D) So does Jim
41. James Smith wasn't at home at 10 o'clock yesterday.

A) So was Jane B) Nor Mike was

C) So did the Alimovs D) Neither were the Brannons
42. - Mike's never seen an octopus.

A) Neither have we B) Nor did Samuel

C) Neither does Harry D) So has Nora
43. - Janet with her friends came to John's party on Friday.

A) So did we B) So does Mr. Alban

C) Nor did Alice D) Neither was Jim
44. By eight o'clock I'd finished my work.

A) Neither was Sam C) Sohad Melany

B) So did Peter D) Nor has Jim
45. I have four meals a day, and what about

you, Malika?

A) So do I B) So has she

C) Neither does Peter D) So do they
46. - My father has dinner in the canteen, and what about your father, James?

A) Neither does my father B) So do I

C) So does he D) So has she
47. - Mike's tired because he has written twenty-five letters today.

A) So had Janet C) Neither has Peter

B) So am I D) Nor is Helen
48. - Yesterday I had an appointment with the dentist.

A) Nor was I B) So did John

C) So had I D) Neither had Rafael
49. I'm going to visit my friend tomorrow.

A) So am I C) Neither are we

B) Nor did Peter D) So does he
50. Sam's going to buy a new printer.

A) Neither will I B) Neither is Sue

C) So is Ben D) So does Jim


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