A call for Nominations Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce Community Excellence Awards

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A Call for Nominations
Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce

Community Excellence Awards

The search is on for Front Royal-Warren County’s outstanding businesses and community leaders whose ingenuity; hard work and perseverance have created and sustained successful, growing business ventures. We’ll present the following awards to deserving business and individuals at our Annual Dinner on Thursday, April 27th at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club.

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: Recognizes an outstanding business in the community.

• Business must exhibit community spirit.

• Business must provide a positive economic impact.

• Business must exhibit leadership with their employees and clients.

• Business must be a member in good standing of the Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce.
CITIZEN OF THE YEAR: This person should have made a significant contribution to the Front Royal-Warren County community through their business and/or volunteer efforts. This individual should also display high ethical and personal integrity and a commitment to volunteer service.
EDUCATION CONTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR: Recognizes a person or business that has made an unusual impact or contribution to education in Front Royal-Warren County.
ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR: This award recognizes outstanding achievement by an individual who has, as Founder/Owner has successfully launched a productive and viable business. This business must have been in operation for at least two years and must be licensed to do business in Front Royal-Warren County. This award is a partnership between the Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce & Front Royal Warren County Economic Development Authority.
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR: Honors a non-profit organization (501c3 or c6) that makes a significant impact on the community through their efforts. Nominee must have shown exemplary support to the local community through contributions and support of the community while adhering to the non-profit’s mission statement.
PUBLIC SAFETY AWARD: Salutes an individual or organization that has contributed to the safety of local businesses and/or the community in an extraordinary way.
Eligibility Requirements

  • Nominee must be a member is good standing with the Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce.

  • A representative from the business must be present at the event to win.

  • Must not have won in any category in the past 5 years.

A business/individual may self-nominate. The committee reserves the right to move the business into another category during judging.

Don’t Delay! The deadline for nominations is: Friday, March 31, 2017.

CHECK NOMINATION: _____Education Contributor

_____Entrepreneur of the Year

_____Business of the Year

_____Non-Profit Organization _____Citizen of the Year

_____ Public Safety of the Year
Nominee’s Full Name_____________________________________________________________________
Nominee’s Address_______________________________________________________________________
Nominee’s Phone________________________________________________________________________
Nominator’s Full Name____________________________________________________________________
Nominator’s Phone_______________________________________________________________________

  1. Reason. Explain why this nominee deserves recognition.

  1. Please include any statements or endorsements by others, which will help the committee in the selection process. You may attach clippings, letters of support, listing of awards, volunteer work, etc.

Submit nominations and supporting information to the Chamber of Commerce,

201 E. 2nd St., Front Royal, VA 22630 /FAX: 540-635-9758 or info@frontroyalchamber.com.

For information call the Chamber at 635-3185.

Don’t Delay! The deadline for nominations is: Friday, March 31, 2017.

Download 78.5 Kb.

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