7-sinflar uchun test savollari -1

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7-sinflar uchun test savollari -12

1. What is the most popular meal in Uzbekistan?

A) borshch B) hamburger C) palov D) porridge

2. What about the popular meal in Kazakhstan ?

A) borshch B) moshkhurda C) palov D) beshbarmak

3. What is the best-loved meal in your family?

A) kabob B)palov C) porridge D)pudding

4. what’s the popular book in the USA?

A) the Constitution B) Qur’on C) the Bible D)many books

5. What’s the popular book in the Islamic world?

A) the Constitution B) Qur’on C) the Bible D)many books

6. Where is the Father’s Day celebrated?

A) in Great Britain B) in Uzbekistan C) in the United States D) in all countries

7. In what countries do people celebrate the Independence Day?

A) in G. Britain and Canada B) in China and Japan C) in the USA and Uzbekistan

8. What holiday is the Independence Day in the USA?

A) religious B) secular C) regional D) ethnic

9.How many times a year do people in Uzbekistan celebrate New Year’s Day?

A) once B) two times C) three times D) don’t celebrate

10. Translate the proverb. “ O’z uyim, o’lan to’shagim”.

A) Well begun is half done B) East or west home is best C) Business before pleasure

11. Choose the antonym. Where is you little sister.

A) kind B) fine C) big D) small E) elder

12. Choose the antonym. Your answer is wrong.

A) right B) fast C) near D) slow E) nice

13. Choose the adjective. Our house is …..than that house.

A) big B) the biggest C) bigger D) biggest E) a big

14. Complete the sentence. The …..you talk about the wedding the …… I like it.

A) many/ less B) more/ little C) much/ less D) more / less E) much/ least

15.We know the houses of Parliament in London to be one of the most……. building in Europe.

A) ugly B) beautiful C) comfortable D) popular E) modern

16. Choose right form of (to be). Karim, Pulat and Zokir…..in Tashkent last year.

A) is not B) is C) was D) are E) were

17. Complete the sentence. Many different languages….. in America.

A) are spoke B) are speaking C) are D)was

18. Choose the article. …. Severn is………longest river in G. Britain.

19. Choose the article. ….USA is…..country. it is in North America.

20. Choose the preposition. What countries does France border…..?

21. Fill in the sentences with the right word. There …..many apple trees near the village.

22. In autumn the apples in our town…….. delicious.

23. There…….. a lot of pupils at school.

24. The school …….. far from my house.

25. The village ………. an interesting place because there ……. a big old tree …… .

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