7-sinflar uchun test savollari -1

-sinflar uchun test savollari -3.1

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7-sinflar uchun test savollari -3.1
1. Fill the sentences using the right word. 60 % of your ……. is water.

A) feet B) body C) teeth D) blood

2. You have more than 600………. in your body.

A) muscles B)head C) hand D) hair

3. Children have 20……… but adults have 12 more.

A) teeth B)feet C) blood D)hair

4. Your…….. works hard in most people it beats 100000 times a day

A) hair B) hand C) head D) heart

5. I have got a ……. on my finger.

A) ache B)cut C) sore D)pain

6.Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. Nargiza is brushing her long………….

A) teeth B) legs C) hair D) dress

7.When you are cold you should cover your ………..

A) haed B) chin C) cheek D)knee

8. Which one of these can’t be broken?

A) arm B) leg C) stomach В) nose

9. Doesn’t ache. A) stomach B) throat C) head D) ear

10. It is not usually inside your body ?

A) heart B) hear C) brain D) stomach E) hair

11. Do you usually have more than two of?

A) legs B) ears C) thumbs D) toes

12.is not usually examined by a doctor

A) teeth B) heart C) stomach D) back

13. Complete the sentence. To see paintings you should visit……

A) a theatre B) an art museum C) a stadium

14. To see lots of wild animals you should visit…….

A) a zoo B) a botanic garden C) a history museum

15. To see lots of exotic plants you should visit……..

A) a circus B) a zoo C) a botanical garden

16. To watch a sport events you should go to ………

A) a stadium B) a circus C) a theatre

17. To watch a play you should go to …..

A) a park B) a theatre C) a cinema

18. The capital of Great Britain is ………

19. There are …… countries in the United Kingdom of G. Britain.

20.Shakespeare came from ……

21. I have got something in my ……. and I can’t see .

22. Anvar broke his……. last week and he can’t walk.

23. Most adults have thirty- two…….

24. Choose the correct form of the verb. Many years ago people……… funny clothes.

25. Choose the right synonym. To finish

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