7-sinflar uchun test savollari -1

Match the two halves of the sentences

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. Match the two halves of the sentences. We should leave at 7:00pm so that……

A) I have bought rice B) we are on time for the time C) I can read

14. I have bought rice, carrots, onions and meat so that…….

A) tomato, potato, water B) we are on time. C) you can make plov today

15. Please write neatly so that………..

A) I can read your work B) you can write a letter C) you can make a plov.

16. We are going to buy a new sofa so that…….

A) it is made of silk B) it is made from wood C) we will be comfortable when we watch TV.

17. Choose the right adjective. Guzal is……..in your family.

A) the youngest B) younger C) beautiful D) young

18. The ………..activity for boys is watching TV.

19. It’s ………than I expected.

20. This tree is not ……..that one.

21. Their house is…………ours.

22. In autumn the apples in our town…….. delicious.

23. Make up sentences. home, stayed, at, I, yesterday.

24. Make up sentences. usually, I, at, 7, get, up.

25. Make up sentences. have, language, pupils, six, classes, times, a week .
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