7-sinflar uchun test savollari -1

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7-sinflar uchun test savollari -14

Choose the right answer.

1. What is the capital of Australia?

A) England B) Washington C) Canberra D) South Wales

2. What is the official name of Great Britain?

A) UK B) USA C) Great Britain D) Scotland

3. What is the capital of Great Britain?

A) England B) London C) New York D) Northern Ireland

4. Who is the head of state in Great Britain?

A) King Arthur B) King Lir C) Princess Diana D) Queen Elizabeth II

5. Australia and New Zealand divided in …….

A) territory B) region C) states D) territories

6. The capital of New Zealand is……..

A) Wellington B) Dunedin C) Christchurch D) Hamilton

7. The ……….is the national emblem of New Zealand.

A) fish B) kiwi bird C) kiwi D) whale

8. The largest state is…….. A) Michigan B) Great Lakes C) Alaska D) New Jersey

9. Complete the sentence. Michigan is situated in the valley of the ………..

A) Montana B) Great Lakes C) Alaska D) New Jersey

10.California is situated on the………. A) West coast B) East coast C) East west D) Florida

11. Complete the sentence. California is famous for ………

A) Bollywood B) Indians C) Hollywood and films D) sheep and cows

12. Complete the sentence. What Montana is famous for?

A) Bollywood B) sheep and cows C) Hollywood D) -----

13. Complete the sentence. Montana is also land of………

A) trees B) mountains C) rodeo and sheep D) cowboys, Indians

14. Complete the sentence. The …..you talk about the wedding the …… I like it.

A) many/ less B) more/ little C) much/ less D) more / less E) much/ least

15.We know the houses of Parlament in London to be one of the most……. building in Europe.

A) ugly B) beautiful C) comfortable D) popular E) modern

16. Choose right form of (to be). Karim, Pulat and Zokir…..in Tashkent last year.

A) is not B) is C) was D) are E) were

17. Complete the sentence. Many different languages….. in America.

A) are spoke B) are speaking C) are D)was

18. Choose the article. …. Severn is………longest river in G.Britain.

19. Choose the article. ….USA is…..country. it is in North America.

20. Choose the preposition. What countries does France border…..?

21. Fill in the sentences with the right word. There …..many apple trees near the village.

22. In autumn the apples in our town…….. delicious.

23. There…….. a lot of pupils at school.

24. The school …….. far from my house.

25. The village ………. an interesting place because there ……. a big old tree …… .

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