7-sinflar uchun test savollari -1

-sinflar uchun test savollari -9

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7-sinflar uchun test savollari -9

1. Find the words. Y e s p o l t e r A) policy B) polyester C) poetry D) poster

2. Find the word. f o r i m u n A) minuform B) form C) uniform D) unicorn

3. Choose the preposition. It’s made …..cotton. It is made…… Uzbekistan.

A) of/ in B) in/ at C) of/ from D) from/ of

4.Choose the preposition. She makes toys………wood.

A) of B)at C) in D)from

5. Choose the preposition. He makes bracelets, rings “ fenichka ”……….beads…… different colours.

A) from/ of B) of/ from C) from/ in D) in/ at

6. Choose the preposition. Munira makes animals and people ……national costume.

A) on B) from C) about D) in

7. Choose the right answer. My father’s mother is my……

A) grandparents B) aunt C) mother D) grandmother

8. Choose the right answer. My mother’s brother is my …….

A) grandparents B) aunt C) mother D) grandmother E) uncle

9. Choose the right answer. My sister’s daughter is my …….

A) nephew B) cousin C) niece D) mother E) aunt

10.Choose right profession. This is Mr. Martin. His brother is Pete. He works in a hospital. He is a …….

A) farmer B) teacher C) football player D) pilot E) dentist

11.Choose right profession. This is Martin’s little sister. Her name is Sarah. She works in the theatre. She is …..

A) actor B) teacher C) football player D) pilot E) actress

12. Choose the right workplace. This is Ann. She distributes letters. She works in a…….

A) factory B)kitchen C) theatre D)hospital E)post office

13. Choose the right workplace. My grandmother is a singer. She ………..

A) works in a shop B) sings at the opera C) play the piano D) works in a factory

14. Fill in the sentence with the right words. The Mamatovs have got a big …. with a…..

A) house/ garage B) to go/ to garage C) house/ football D)garage/ to sleep

15. Fill in the sentence with the right words. She cooks dinner in the …..

A) bedroom B) sitting room C) bathroom D) kitchen E) hall

15. Choose the pronoun. Some / any. I need……to write with.

A) anything B)everything C) pencil D) something

16. Choose the pronoun. Some / any. Can I have ……..milk for my tea, please?

A) some B)any C) anybody D)somebody

17. Choose the pronoun. Some / any . I don’t understand…….

A) anybody B)anything C)something D)someone

18. Choose the pronoun. Some / any. Is there………juice? No there isn’t any.

19.Choose the pronoun. Some / any . Is ……..happens, phone me.

20. Choose the pronoun. Some / any. There is………dangerous here.

21. Ann …….. a grammar book.

22. This floor …..

23. ……….yellow.

24. Bob ………….. is your apartment? Ann: It is on Forest Street.

25. Mike is ……….. engineer.

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