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Mavzu: Government and Political structure

Nazorat shakli: Diktant
The Queen and the Parliament
In Britain the Queen is the head of the State, but in fact she doesn’t rule the country, as she has no power. The Queen is a symbol of the country history and its traditions. She is very rich. She travels about the United Kingdom, meets different people and visit schools, hospitals and other special places. So do all members of the royal family: the Queen’s husband, her son Prince Charles and the Queen’s daughter Princess Anna, and Princess Margaret.

The real power in the country belongs to the British Parliament ant to the British Government. The British Parliament has two houses: The House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords doesn’t have much power but it is very important as it can offer and change laws, it can delay laws too. The House of Commons makes laws about the Policy of the country, taxes and many other things.

The members of the house of Lords are not elected. These members are permanent. They are often aristocrats, people of the church, lawyers and former politicians. The members of the house of Commons are elected. The British people elect 650 members of the House of Commons every Five years.

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