6-sinf uchun nazorat ishi

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2-Nazorat ishi
Mavzu: Radio and TV.

Nazorat shakli: Test.

  1. Choose the articles:

Today is … First of may … last month was April.

a). the/the b). -/the c). the/- d). a/- e). -/-

2. … last time I saw her at the station, she was … blonde.

a). the/the b). -/a c). the/a d). -/the e). the/-

3. Choose the prepositions:

The delegation came to the city … the invitation … government.

a). at/of b). for/of c). at/from d). from /at e). in/from

4. this song is extremely popular … our classmate.

a). among b). with c). for d). in e). at

5. Alice has fallen ill and now she is … hospital.

a). in b). for c). on d). form e). at

6. Choose the words:

We have … … in our school.

a). a lot of cars b). many sportsmen c). a school newspaper d). foreign reporters

7. On Independence day Americans have …

a). a theatre b). a holiday c). electricity d). celebrations.

8. I had never been in such … … before

a). place like a shop b). a big book c). a game show d). a big room

9. Choose the verbs:

Tom had an invitation to the rodeo. I …. with him.

a). go b). went c). gone d). will go e). have gone

10. In many countries people … St. Valentine’s day.

a). celebrate b). receive c). allow d). collect e). create.

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