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4 - Nazorat ishi.
Mavzu: Shopping and customers right

Nazorat ish shakli: Diktant
Shops and shopping.
Shopping is a part of our daily life. Many people do shopping at the market. There, farmers sell vegetables and fruit that they grow themselves. They sell meat, milk and other things too.

Big shop with many departments are called stores. In stores we can buy almost anything we like. In the windows we see all the things that they sell: food, suits, dresses coats, boots, shoes, radios, TV sets and many other things.

When we want to buy clothes, textiles, linens and jewellery are sold.

I am regular customer at one of the big Fergana stores. My friend and I decided to do some shopping on Sunday morning. There are always many people at the department store. We enjoyed wandering from one department to another, looking at various articles on the counters. We spent a lot of time at ready-made clothes and bought a nice dress for me. My friend chose a pair of shoes and a blue scarf for herself.

We both returned home quite happy but rather tired. I like to shop at the department store because you can find anything you like there.

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