4. Complete the following sentences. Use the appropriate form of the word in brackets when given

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4. Complete the following sentences. Use the appropriate form of the word in brackets when given.

10. a) I wish scientists _______ (discover) meat culture decades ago! It _______ spared the planet much irreversible degradation.

b) The first cultured meatball _______ (make) in 2016 by an unknown company _______ manager is a young bio-engineer in her twenties.
c) Some believe that cultured meat is one of _______ (relevant) discoveries in recent times for _______ (defeat) some world problems.
d) Nowadays, _______ (be) a vegetarian is becoming a far more popular option _______ it used to be a few decades ago.
(Fancy a Lab Grown Burger?)

11. a. Before …………. (become) king of England, George the V had a dragon tattooed on ………………. arm.

b.“………………. does the word ‘stigma’ mean?” “It means ………………. mark or sign or shame.”
c. Winston Churchill’s mother, …….…. wrist was tattooed with a serpent, tried to cover ………………. with a bracelet when in public.
d. In the past, tattoos ………………. (link) to criminals, but today the tattoo………………. (wear) proudly by celebrities.
(Skin Art)

12. a) Air-conditioned clothing is often used _____ workers at hot construction sites. Last summer, many of Sony’s employees _____ (wear) Kuchofuku jackets.

b) Temperatures in Iraq range from 48 degrees _____ the summer _____ below freezing. Soldiers operating in this kind of environment would benefit _____ (great) from air-conditioned clothing.
c) Another Japanese company, _____ name is Cool Biz, is also manufacturing air-conditioned clothes.
d) Have you ever _____ (think) about _____ (buy) an air-conditioned jacket?
(Air-conditioned Clothes in Japan)

13. a) The manager of Star Drop Tomatoes first _____ (think) of the idea 15 years ago, after she _____ (hear) about cows whose milk production went up after _____ (listen) to Mozart.

b) According to many reports, listening to classical music is highly beneficial. _____ has positive effects ______ both plants and humans.
c) In 1996, a farmer in Spain said that his Mozart-listening cows produced 1 to 6 liters more milk per day _____ other cows.
d) Oranges have been grown in Brazil _____ the 16th century and many people think that they are the _____ (good) in the world.
(Mozart Bananas)

14. a) Experts say that _____ you want to enjoy a nice cup of tea, you _____ drink it without sugar.

b) Since the 19th century, tea _____ (become) the most popular drink _____ the British.
c) The art of _____ (make) tea was _____ important for George Orwell that he wrote about it in London´s Evening Standard in 1946.
d) Complete the following sentence to report what was said.
“What would you like to do when you finish High School?” Mary asked her son.
“Let´s have some tea” → I suggested ________________________
(Cup of Tea)

15. a)Students _______ have many social contacts over the Internet are at risk of_______ (lose) opportunities when it comes to finding a job.

b)As every minute 240,000 pictures _______ (add) to Facebook, career advisers suggest that we _______ (use) social networking wisely.
c)Peter asked: "How long _______ (have) a Facebook account?"
Molly answered: “_______ I was 18 and I’m 22 now.”
d)Complete the following sentence to report what was said.
“Do not post these photos on Instagram.”
My mother told me_______________________________________
(Friends Forever?)

16. a) Sunburn _______ (cause) by overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, _______ can damage your cells.

b) Tanning-beds are even worse _______ the sun, so you should use them with care to avoid _______ (expose) to huge levels of ultraviolet rays.
c) We must do everything we can not to get _______ (burn) by the sun. Sunscreen is important because it helps to protect skin _______ harmful rays.
d) Complete the following sentence to report what was said.
“Mary, do not expose yourself to the sun so much”, said Peter.
Peter told Mary _________________________________________
(Sunbathing Can Stop You Gaining Weight)

17. a) You _______ not wear too much perfume in places such _______ hospitals or classrooms.

b) My sister can’t help _______ (cough) every _______ she smells my favourite perfume.
c) This particular perfume _______ (forbid) in Britain last month, but at home we had been using it _______ fifteen years.
d) I must remember _______ (buy) shampoo at this shop, _______ owner is always kind to me.
(The dangers of perfume)
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