2 Journeys and business

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1.If Theng had reached America first ,he would have seen incredible size of country and the riches on the ground.He probably would returned with moremen and maybe gone to war with Native Americans in order to steal their land.If the Chinese had won, they would have become rich.The new Chinese colony would have grown and grown,and perhaps they would have later spread to other lands.

2 Journeys and business

Nowadays,Journeys and business are very important in our life. Tera are a lot of people and tradesmen and businessmen now .For example,Mask, Bill Gates, Robert Tory Kiyosaki,Jeff Bezos,Jek Ma,Alisher Usmonov and others.Trading and Journeys are very, very significant for the business and businessmen.People organize business by towards, products ,and services. So People need to ships , airplanes, cars ,trains and other technologies because people carry things and pessengers by these things.At first, People travel to journeys and carry products and they meeet many humans ,animals and others.in the last , they sell their towards in the market or cherry their products to factories.Christopher Columbus also traveled journey and Continent America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.This voyage was very considerable for the humanity. That is why in my opinion, we don’t imagine our life and our industry without trading and travels.
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